bra job

You are coming round to my place and we did agree to have sex,
it's 8 at night and you ring the bell.
I open the door and see you in your white sexy blouse and a short skirt.

You come in and sit down on the couch,
i go and make a drink and walt back into the room.
You just cross your legs and i see directy
between your legs that you don't wear any pants,
i tripp and know just in time to put the glasses on the table.

We did mail for some time and had some dirty moments behind the computer
so i do know your bra size. I grab behind the cauch and
take out a packedge and give it to you, I hope it fits i say!
Out comes a black half bra with only laced borders.

You don't even bother to drink your drink and stand up,
take off your blouse to try it on. You wiggle and grab your tits
and know it all to fit in, I had bought a different cup size
so your tits would look hot! Your tits are now up and pressed firmly together
and a hot cleavidge down the middle, girl it looks so damn hot on you.
You look down and see me lay my dick straith,
you press your body against mine and grab my dick.
In just a moment you unzipp my pants and out comes my dick
in full erection you go down to inspect the goods
and end up on your knees looking at it.

I'm looking down to your horny eyes and see your tits firmly pressed together,
my dick is trambling and wants to play. You start jerking it
and soon comes some pre cumm out, you take your finger
to spread it over my dick head. I lift you up and set you down on the cauch,
my dick straith forwards and shiny. I lift up your head and let you look at me,
with the other hand i jerk myself under your horny face.

I'm getting ready to cumm and i stick my dick between your tits
that are still pressed together in your new bra. I'm all wet and ready to cumm,
my dick between your tits. i press and know to get my dick head tight between your tits,
warm and soft and such a hot sight! I pull your hair and stick my dick
a little deeper between your tits, I'm exploding and my cumm shoots out.

Between, over, and under your tits does my cumm run
and i'm still fucking your tits, now it's warm wet
and so horny to see that i keep coming till my dick is shrinking again.
You fall backwards on the cauch and i get weak knees
and come and sit next to you, i look round and see you.

"that's what i was hoping for as i bought you the bra" i sayed!

80% (2/1)
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1 year ago
funny! nice story.