Our night before southern trip A slaves blurr

Well it has been a really busy past few weeks and I have been too busy to stay caught up in updating my slaves’ progress. I am going to take this time and kind of put it all together for everyone. I had a f****y emergency out of town and had to travel south for 3 weeks. It wasn’t such urgency as my s****r had the privilege of tending our mother after her hospital stay for the first couple weeks, so I was able to arrange flights and schedule time to be with my pet before I left. I chatted with her and the excitement grew in her voice at the thought of spending the entire night with me. I had to be very careful if I was to pull this off. I set my plane ticket for early in the AM the following morning, my slave arranged to work out of town that weekend, I arranged to be away from home as well so that our spouses would not find out. It was a little tricky but it did work out just right.

At any point this will go back a few weeks and my slave and I are really getting to know one another. I can text or call just about any time and her voice lights up when she sees it is I. I have made arrangements for her too meet me at a hotel not far from the airport when she got done at work. When I texted the address of the hotel where I was her text was immediately returned that she had about an hour left to finish and she would be over. She had arranged to stay the night as she had to work the following day as well and there was a storm approaching so rather drive home in it she said she was staying the night at a coworkers home close by. When she arrived she called me as to be sure it was the right place. I told her it was and to pull around the side and to park next to my car. I could hear the excitement in her voice as I went to the side door to let her inn. She was hoping up and down with excitement when I saw her through the glass door. I opened it and was greeted by the warmest most exciting kiss anyone could imagine. Her smile was so great that she could not even kiss without losing her smile. I mean she just could not stop smiling, I took her to our room and she said she wanted a shower as she was really feeling dirty from work. “Not to mention how dirty we are going to get.”

Well after her shower I had my computer on and I asked her if she was happy. I already knew the answer but it’s nice to hear it from her. She knew what was expected from her and she came right over after she was done drying to have her collar put on. Her wrist and ankle restraints were next and then it was time to undress me. She knew she was not to wear any clothing so she has learned this very well. She slowly undressed me and neatly folded and put away my clothing for the night. I asked her how her day went, the usual as in all jobs. I then proceeded to get on the bed, she was bold in coming right on after but I scolded her right away, you must first ask permission. Well I could hardly contain my own excitement as she began to plead, I asked what was in it for me. She promised the best blow job I ever had. Well I then made her get on her knees and show me whilst I was sitting on the edge of the bed. She proceeded and it felt wonderful. I would have cum then but after ½ hour I said she wasn’t deserving of my cum yet. I then had her bend over a chair in the room and proceeded to tie her hands and feet so she couldn’t move. I started flogging her nice and slow building her to a frenzy, watching her react to the sting and seeing the pleasure it was bringing not only her but me as well.
After 20 minutes of warm up I then proceeded to use the handle of one whip as a cane while I was stimulating her clit. It wasn’t long before she was Cumming and I was really giving her a hard caning. After her 2 orgasms this way I proceeded to play with that lovely ass. I have taken this ass from being a virgin hole that she said was not anything she could handle before to me being able to do just about anything I wanted to do with it. As I opened her up I continued to use the flogger in various ways. Lightly stoking her fire with everything I was doing. Then after a bit of caressing I inserted her but plug, told her to keep it in there. I then proceeded to fuck her pussy and slap the shit out of her ass and back. I was really getting some nice stripes and marks on her. She came a couple more times like this but still I refused to surrender my sperm into her.

While now it was time to untie her and let her blow me on the bed. I wanted her to continue to cumm and never stop while she was blowing me, I finally gave in after another 30 to 45 minutes and let it fly. There was a lot of it and she once again proved her worth by lapping every drop up. I just cannot say how pleased I am with this slave. She really has stirred me up. It was fast approaching 9 and we had not eaten yet so I ordered her to dress as I also got dressed. We went to dinner, I removed her restraints but the collar remained on. In the restaurant the lady sitting us noticed it and gave us a little smile ( I wonder if she was thinking about the show that was just on the night before about collared couples?) Any way she seated us out of the way and our server was right over. I could see the hustle and most eyes glancing to be sure they saw what they thought. My pet never once felt out of place or embarrassed. Her training is really paying off. I ask her what she would like to eat, I order our drinks first and once they arrived I ordered our meals, salads first, then she had the salmon while I had the chicken balsamic. We chatted about our days, I commented on how well behaved she was but at the same time how excited she was and still is. She is still smiling and I can see it radiating from her. Some people gather enough courage to walk by and see her lovely pink collar. After dinner I pay the check, I am sure to leave a good tip as the crowd at the table next to us,(young boys) didn’t leave much. I think I left about 35-40 percent any way and I always tip well for others who do not. We head out and the maître die looks at us knowingly and I think maybe wondering and wanting.

We get back to the hotel and we undress, I order her on the bed and I then ask her how her ass hole is doing. She wants to see if she can handle my cock right off with no foreplay or the. I am happy to oblige and I begin to lube her ass and my rock hard cock. I too am interested to see how far this virgin ass has come in the last couple of months. I have her on her knees and her ass pushing out over the edge of the bed. I ask if she is ready. Have her start playing with her clit, she is just so multiorgasmic, I then put the head of my cock close to her ass hole, tell her to breathe normal and try to relax. Well I start to enter and there is a bit of resistance. I continue and then just as it pops in she violently shakes and screams in pain. I pull out but it is too late, she is spasaming and now there is nothing for her to grasp in her ass. I proceed to immediately put my fingers in and let the spasm subside for a few minutes. It takes a lot to get this right and most just ram it in. She has gone through this before with others and with me I have already taken her so many times anally she knows I know what to do and she just lets me. I get her calmed down, we talk and she is surprised that she couldn’t do it like the porn stars. She still has a ways to go, I am not dropping it though and she knows it. I begin again and this time I let her get into it a bit prior to actually putting it in. It is still painful but not like before and after about 10-15 seconds she is ready for the fucking of her life. She starts to cumm as I just start to get into a rhythm I keep going, she starts to shout “Yes Master fuck me, fuck me in my tight ass.” She is getting loader and loader I have to shut her up. I put my hand over her mouth, she comments that the couple next door just came and it excited her more, I f***e her to submit, maybe a gag. Put it on the shopping list, she is still enjoying the fuck. She has cumm 4or 5 times now and I am still fucking her, I only need to reach for that clit and she goes into another, she can’t take it anymore, to many orgasms in a row to close together, she is totally losing it and still I hold my cum. After I pull out I lay her on her back and comment on how wonderful it was but I am not done yet. I mount her and proceed to give that shaved pussy a workout. I fuck her till she cums not once but 4 or 5 more times. I have her hands tied to her neck, she is completely vulnerable and at my mercy, I fuck her more and more, she has now been fucked into complete bliss. I can’t wait to have her cumm once more and as she does with only my cock in her, nothing else touching her I let me juice fly into her pussy filling her with the warmth and orgasmic bliss. She is well spent and totally, I mean totally fucked over. The look and expression on her right now is so much devotion and love that I know it is just right between us

Well I know I said I would catch up on the last few weeks but this was just one night. We fall asl**p in each other’s arms, we are exhausted and I have a 530 am flight. I awake at 445 and get a shower, dressed, and I let her sl**p in till she has to go to work at 7. She will only get about an hour but she needs it. I will continue this in the next phase of what we did while I was down south in the warmth…….. then the third installment will be about the Saturday night I returned………

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2 years ago
Sir as usual you capture our encounters perfectly..I adore you..xo