Gwen 4

We left the shoe store and started wandering down the mall.  We did some window shopping finding an outfit in a store window that she liked.. a red plaid jumper (short skirt of course) with high white stockings/socks that came up over the knee and a little white shirt.  I couldn't say no to her.  So instead of going in with her, I hust handed her my card and said, just that outfit, I am starving.  She giggled and disappeared into the store.  a few minutes later she came back out wearing the outfit with her new boots.  except she left off the shirt.  turns out the little jumper laced up the back, so it fit up snug from her waist up, and sort of pushed up her boobs.  the skirt was a pleated kilt looking thing, and when she spun around to show it off, it showed quite a bit of ass and twat... I grabbed her hand to make her stop twirling the skirt around.  I looked around and there were quite a few guys around, teenagers, young men, middle aged fathers, grandfathers and all of them were rooted to where they were standing, staring.  the women with them had huge eyes, and were gasping, except for a couple who I think might have been gay or bi from their obvious appreciation of the displey.  Did I tell you she had a sweet little ass, round and firm and oh so edible... 

She hugged me and pulled me down for a kiss on the cheek and whispered "I am so wet right now, it is about to start running down my legs.  she licked my ear and started dragging me down the mall toward the food court.  I wanted a slice of pizza, so I went through the line and got a huge slice of pepperoni, nasty and greasy, like Pizza should be.  Gwen didn't want pizza, so we went on to the corndog place.. you know with the girls in the funny hats... She knew one of the girls from school and they giggled and chatted for a minute, Gwen introduced me to Karen.  Karen was taller and a bit heavier, not really overweight.  But she had a major set of boobs.  early bloomer.  damn.  Karen was cute, reddish hair and braces.

Gwen got her corndog and drink, and with a wicked grin at Karen we walked away. 

She picked a table that was in a corner, then sat with her back to the room, I sat with my back in the corner.  I started in on my pizza, and she looked at me with an evil grin and started licking her corn dog, up and down, staring me in the eyes.  She wrapped her mouth around the end of the corn dog and started bobbing her head up and down, like it was a cock.  I looked around in a panic, but noone else could see what she was doing.  She kept going for a minute stopping occasionally to lick the end of it, then suddenly she bit of the tip of the corn dog, and I nealy jumped out of my seat.  She just laughed...  Once she finished lunch, she grabbed me by the hand and dragged me into a sexy lingerie shop.

We walked around, she would pick up little wisps of sheer cloth and ask me what I thought.  I woulde mumble something and feel my face getting redder.  She took a handful of things and said I want to try these on, you can go with me.  I was sort of stunned and just followed along wandering what I was going to say to the sales girl.  Gwen turned back and told me that Karen's big s****r Caitlin worked in here. Caitliin greeted us from behind the counter. she was a fully redheaded version of her younger s****r with a major set of tits, at least a 38DD, in a low cut shirt displaying what she had to great advantage.

Gwen held up her handful of stuff and said "we want to try these on.. n Caitlin smiled and said, "sure, dressing room 4, all the way to the end.
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3 years ago
I'm not sure who's the bigger tease: Gwen, or the author!
3 years ago
3 years ago
more more more
3 years ago
Good story. Can't wait for the rest.
3 years ago
very good series part 5, 6...