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I have probably had an intense foot fetish even before that time in second grade when I dreamt of my teacher swinging above me dressed in fragrant black nylons, dangling her intoxicating, aromatically

arousing feet near my face. And before a friend’s older s****r punished him in front of me, ( He had been late and she threatened to tell their mother). He begged her not to so she told him

"GET ON YOUR KNEES AND SMELL MY FEET!!! Which he did and I wanted to.


Well one cannot simply wait for these magical psychosexual events to just happen. So, there always is the attempt within relationships with the opposite sex to do just a little training. The approach I always used was simply: If you push this button by saying this and or doing that I’ll be totally aroused and you’ll be totally in control. They love that, as do I . Now I’m no push-over but being teased into submission with tact and taunting truly turns me on. I actually am shy though, probably because of the way people have mistakenly assumed a foot fetish was abnormal. How ironic that to keep something like that in most assuredly magnified my lascivious desire exponentially. In short; "We all want most

what we can’t have. And teasing really is great part of the thrill. What is said, how they move, how

each every one of my senses somehow is directed toward and subsequently fixated upon them. I love women..from the bottom up. This is why I put them on a pedestal I give women complete control -in

the bedroom-And if they are able to flick the switch, those roles are soon reversed....

` I met Kathryn at the Data Center on her first day of work. She is a tall, blonde,blue-eyed
girl whom noticed very quickly how taken I was by her sexy size ten feet. Beneath the alluring
veil of her dark silk stockings I was able to subtly discern the deep red polish which seductively

shone from her exposed toes .She must have seen me flush with arousal. And it seemed she instinctively knew how to say things that would send my dick into immediate spasms. "Look at my

feet!" She whispered to me as we rode the elevator. "Look at my preeeety feeeeet. My feet are so sore and tired so hot and sweaty.. I bet you’d just looove to rub them for me now wouldn’t you?

But then I’d make you LICK and SNIFF and your DICK would get so STIFF! Wouldn’t it??

That was it for me She and I were inseparable for years after word. This woman would be
with me as I drove us out on a date and out of the blue she’d start stroking my cock through my pants
and cooed things like: " Thinkin about my FEET? Ooh my stinky little feet. Stiffer and stiffer footsniffer. I want you to lick’em and sniff’em for me when we get home..."

She used to sit in an armchair in heels and hose and make me sit on the floor before her. She would dangle her foot slowly up and down gradually exposing her heel then her sole , then ask me what it was I was looking at. She would wiggle her shoe at the tips of her toes until it finally fell to the floor.

My heart would start to pound at the sight of her beautifully exposed foot and I was doubly aroused by the lovely smell of her feet which hit me like a d**g. "Can you SMELL my FEET? She asked.

I muttered "UH Huh" and she gave me a stern look and pointing to her foot said "Then DO IT!

I bent down and took a long intoxicating inhalation as she instucted " Sniff and sniff until your dick gets stiff.. Pull down your pants I want to see the nice big boner you have . That’s right stroke it for me.

Beg for my feet. Beg to kiss my tootsies, smell my pretty footsies, lick my toes... That’s right

Ooh FEET IN YOUR FACE!!! She exclaimed as she pressed her soles against my face as I kneeled before her masturbating like mad. Kiss this one and sniff the other ‘ Then she pushed me to the floor and held me there beneath her feet saying ‘ Kiss’em! Licke’em Kiss my toes I said Lick’em
Now the other Now both OOH SNIFF’em SMOTHER!!!Beat your meat and smell my feet.

Lick and lick and stroke your dick! "

.These incredible sessions were so intense .So much so that sometimes in public all she had to do was say one of her Buzz words and I would be so stiff that other people would notice. And if she stuck her feet anywhere near my face it was all over, I could direct traffic with the woody I’d get then.

You know I started out saying that sometimes one has to do a little training with women, but

I admit I glad I’m not above learning a little as well.

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