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Leaving Chicago for St.Marteen in mid-winter is not a hardship. O’Hare was full as I walked briskly in my full-length sable coat to board my flight to the sunny Caribbean. This was my reward for entering my company’s 200percent club. Those who achieved 100% of their sales quota had few days off, but the true winners got a special treat. I was going to a gathering of the besters of the best. We would have a minimum of official meetings to satisfy the IRS and the rest was for our fun. Under my coat I wore a smart blue business suit with a skirt that had ... Continue»
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Like a gentlemen, Jack opened the door and led me into my suite. “I took the liberty and asked Angel to help you,” said Jack. Now I knew why Jack was known as “the prick” in the office. He had a sixth sense about him and knew how to order people without the people knowing that they were his pawns. I could play the same game and decided to go along. I looked at Angel, and she was stunning. She was dressed in a stereotypical French Maid’s outfit. It was a tight, shear black bodice. A micro-mini skirt, that billowed out with layer of fluffy white pettico... Continue»
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[Story] Freewill 504: Pary 4

Freewill 504: Mardi Gras
By: Chris A

I absently sipped at my beer and tried to pay attention to the television, but the last thing I wanted to do was watch TV. I could hear the shower running in the background, and I only hopped that Kim would hurry up and get ready. Cathy had called half an hour ago and said that she and Beth would be over in 45 minutes which wasn't going to leave me much time to get ready. I knew it was a mistake to let Kim go first since she was notoriously slow when it came to getting ready, but she was persistent. There was a knock on the door which proceeded Kim anno... Continue»
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[Story] Private Lessons 2

Chapter 2

She bent back to her task, unbuttoning his pants, pulling them to his ankles along with his underwear. She tapped his ankle; he stepped out of the pants; she cast them aside. Sylvia stood again. She stretched her bare arms around his neck. She did not crush herself into him, but stood so that her velour-covered frame was brushing his naked body. The soft fabric felt good. The fire warmed his flank. His senses were sending signals of pleasure to his brain. He even forgot to imagine her as-yet unseen body cloaked in the velour. She turned her face up towards his and spo... Continue»
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[Story] Mandy

I was sitting in a bar having a beer one night.It was Friday night so it was pretty crowded.After chatting with the bartender for a little I started looking around the bar.I noticed three cute young women sitting at a table and they were looking my way.I smiled politely and they giggled talking between themselves. Then one got up and headed my way.I thought she was going to the restrooms,but she stopped and said "hi."

"Hello" I said.She introduced herself as Mandy.I introduced myself. She said "my friends pushed me to come over here and talk to you." "Ok" I said "what's up." She said " I t... Continue»
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