s****r-in-law (Bang, bj, feet, cum)

*True Story, happened last night 6/28/12*

My wife and I were drinking and she was getting frisky while we were still outside so I took her around back, pulled up her skirt and pounded her until I came in her mouth. That's not even the good part! Apparently her s****r was out back "gazing the stars" right! She probably followed us lol. Her s****r is nicely tanned, natural perfect D tits, an ass that literally barely fits in her jeans, the most sexiest lil toes I'd love to cum on and she is only like 125lbs no joke. So my wife goes inside and passes out, I stay and drink and party when I feel a little grope on my dick. I think nothing of she probably did it on accident. about another 5 minutes she comes up and asks if we can talk, so we went out to the field we live by and she confessed all kinds of shit. She has naked pics of me, she sneaks in when I'm taking showers, she had a camera in my room and caught me jerking off, when she fucks her man cums when she thinks of me... I was tripping out! The she asked if we could be secret fuck buddies. I said shed have to prove shes good. without hesitation she got on her knees, pulled my cock out and starting sucking it. BEST part she pulls my cock out of her mouth and says, "Fck my s****rs pussy taste good." then shoved it back in!!!!!!! We have this car out in the field so I took her over to it and sat her on the hood and confessed Id been in love with her toes and she said she knew that why she wore flipflops around me or took her shoes off at my place. So I slipped of her vans and sock then her booty shorts ad started playing with her toes in my mouth, worked my way up and ate her pussy clean! tongue deep in her pussy and then pounded her like I did her s****r. She told to cum on her toes not in her pussy so I pulled out and busted all over her hot pink toes and I swear on my nuts, she sucked and licked the cum off! HA she tried to kiss me and I was like hell no! We got dressed and headed back. In the morning she acted like nothing happened and as she was leaving I gave her a hug and rubbed my cock a lil and said my toes are sticky, we'll have to cum in me next time to make sure not to make a mess... Damn. Love this f****y I married into!
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2 years ago
not bad :D
2 years ago
Awesome ...wish my sister n law would let me fuck her....
2 years ago