Friday Night

For Shay

You sighed with relief and smiled as you drove along. It had been a crappy week at work, but the prospect of the evening ahead was causing those trouble to recede from your mind. Although this was a regular meeting, the prospect of some new girls added an extra element of excitement, and you wondered how they would fit in with the crowd. Arriving at the large and isolated farmhouse that you used for these meetings, you parked just outside the house. From the number of cars, it was a large gathering, and it looked like you were one of the last to arrive. Kay opened the door with a smile. "Hi Shay" she said, "We were wondering where you were, we didn;t want to start without you!" Although not the official leader of the group, you had been one of the original members, setting up the group when being a lesbian in Idaho was still not something you broadcast from the rooftops. But the group had grown by word of mouth over the years, and now formed an essential part for the local lesbian community, especially those interested in exploring the limits of girl-girl sex.

Inside, eight girls sat around drinking and chatting. Five you recognized, but three were new, and Kay introduced them to you in turn. Jeni, from New York, was visiting relatives in the area, while Kelly and Rachel were partners, and on holiday locally. After a coupler of drinks, Kay came towards you, and kissed you full on the lips.This seemed to trigger a general end to the discussions, and all the girls split into groups of two or three. Kay's lips were sweet and wet, and smelt - and tasted - of wine. She probed your mouth with her tongue and sucked yours into her mouth, but you knew Kay well, and that she would not stay upright for long. As if reading your mind, ske led you to a collection of cushions in the corner of the room,and lay back, removing her jeans and panties as she did so. "OK, Shay, give it to me" she asked, and spread her legs. This was what you had been waiting for! Pulling the outer lips of her pussy wide apart, you exposed the pink inner folds, already wet with Kay's juices. You licked deep and long, savouring the taste, and probing with your tongue as far inside Kay as you could reach. God that felt good! There was nothing, absolutely nothing, to beat a good pussy licking to release tension, and you steeled into the task with relish. Long and hard you licked, occasionally playing with her clit with your tongue, sometimes wiggling your tongue inside her as you played her clit with your fingers. "Fuck yes, fuck" Kay moaned, and you felt her juices start to flow even more freely.You felt Kay's heat rising, and she started to writhe in pleasure. "Lick my cunt. Lick my cunt" she repeated over and over again, taking your head in her hands and forcing it into her dripping pussy. You were only too happy to oblige, and drank her musky ooze greedily, as if you couldn't get enough. Finally, with a scream that made the other girls look up, Kay came, doubling up in ecstacy, and squeezing your head between her thighs.

Juice dripped from your face as Kay licked and kissed you clean. "I know what we're going to do with you" sha said. Your heart missed a beat. Kay was well know for pushing the limits sexually, and if she had something up her sleeve, it was likely to be good. Taking you by the hand, she led you into another room, in the centre of which was a narrow bench. The other girls had followed you in. Clearly this was something they had discussed while waiting for you to arrive. Stripping you of the rest of your clothes, they lay you on your back on the bench, and then Jeni - who had been playing with another girl - came and started to lick your pussy. FUCK! You had been getting wetter and wetter during your time with Kay, and you knew that your first orgasm was not far off. The rest of the girls clustered around your head, and all started masturbating, then Paula, one of your local friends, came and stood astride the bench with her cunt just inches from your face.

You could see clit being worked furiously by her fingers as she lowered her swollen, dripping pussy lips onto your face. Your nose and mouth mashed into her pussy, and your tongue probed deep inside her, licking the sweet hot juices that flowed from inside her. Greedily you drank and licked and sucked. You were a real pussy addict, and you had a feeling that your addiction was going to be satisfied that evening. Your own pussy was throbbing as you felt Jeni working on your clit, until you felt Paula tense above you, then scream "I'M CUMMING.." and an additional flow of juice squirted into your mouth.

But you had barely time to lick her soft flesh dry before the next girl came stood astride you. This was Kelly, and she had a perfectly waxed cunt - clearly she'd invested in a full Brazilian for her vacation. You licked the satin smooth flesh around her lips, saving the unfamiliarity of her scent. There were few things more exciting than the opportunity to push your tongue deep inside the wet pussy of a girl you'd barely even spoken to, but judging from the look on kelly's face, she was eager to begin. She had ring piercings in each labia, and taking one in each hand, she pulled her lips as wide apart as you had ever seen - so wide in fact it was clear she was being turned on to no small extent by the pain, which must have been considerable. Her head was tilted far back and she was moaning constantly. You had never had this before - a new pussy opened wide up for you to savour so close and so wide you could actually see inside her vagina, and smell the hot, moist air within the gentle pink folds. It was your favourite smell and taste of all. You lifted your head eagerly to get your tongue and lips to work as quickly as possible. Perhaps because she was new to the group and more excited, Kelly came quickly - still spreading her lips wide as she ground her inner flesh into your face. As an added bonus, as her body contorted from the orgasm, a small amount of squirt jetted from her as she writhed, but this you loved, and you swallowed greedily as it trickled over your face and into your hair.

At about this time, you dimly felt Jeni insert one of her hands into your own cunt, her warm fist expanding your pussy walls and filling you with a firm knot. The ridges of her fingers created an amazing sensation as she twisted and pumped her hand inside you, and you could feel her wet tongue on your clit and her warm breath on you pussy lips. With an enormous spasm, you felt your own climax erupt within you. "FUUUUUUCK" you heard yourself moan as you writhed in pleasure. The rest of the girls proceeded to straddle your head, and through a combination of masturbation and increasingly frantic licking and gobbling by you, each came to a noisy and very liquid climax. Your face was now coated with the fluids from eight different girls, your hair was soaked, and your eyes were blinking to see through the sticky coating. Your breasts - which had been mauled by the girls waiting their turn - were throbbing as well, the chewed and wet nipples standing hard against the surrounding soft flesh.

Finally Kay, who had been watching the rest of the girls and keeping herself in a state of arousal, came and stood astride you. While Jeni continued fisting your pussy, Kay looked down at you, then bent down and licked your face clean, before grasping your head tightly between her hands, and ramming it into her pussy. Your nose was jammed against her clit, while your mouth circled her cunt. You could barely breath, and just to make the tension greater, one of the girls pinched your nose to stop the last bit of air reaching your lungs. As your tongue pushed deep into Kay's dripping snatch, your eyes were locked on hers. The feeling of wet pussy in your mouth, the inability to move your head, and the lack of oxygen had an intoxicating effect, and you felt another orgasm start to build. Just when you could take no more - when your lungs felt they were about to explode - Kay released your head for a few seconds to allow you to draw breath, but then straight away pulled you back in towards her. As if co-ordinated, Jeni thrust even harder and deeper into your pussy, causing you to buck in surprise, as you licked and sucked pussy as if there was no tomorrow. Again the lack of oxygen started to kick in, and with your heart pounding, waves of heat and wetness erupted within you as you came for a second and third time. Again, Kay managed to time the release to perfection - as your lungs burnt, she released you. The sensations - in your pussy, in your face, in your lungs - were overwhelming, and you actually passed out for a few seconds, but came round quickly to the feel of Kay stroking your face and kissing you gently. Jeni had withdrawn from inside you, and you were alone with Kay. It had been, you decided, the perfect end to a less than perfect week.

The End
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very well written, so that even a mere man like me can get an insight into the joys of lesbian loving, i could almost taste those wet pussies