For Jeni...

It was an exciting prospect. Having only spoken to Ashley in groups before, to be asked for a drink after classes one day, as far as you were aware by yourself, was intriguing. Much as you had gazed at - and lusted after! - Ashley for some months, the right moment had not presented itself to make a move, and this invitation from her was potentially a lifesaver. You were glad that you had chosen your clothes wisely this morning - some mornings it was hard to do more than the basics, but knowing that you'd be in a class with her later, you'd made the effort with a short-ish skirt and halter top - the weather was still warm. Your had assumed that you would meet in one of the bar near college, but Ashley had suggested somewhere a little further afield, and suggested a bar on the Upper East side. A couple of drinks later and you were having great fun. Ashley had a great sense of humour, very similar to your own, and you talked easily about movies, shows, class-mates and professors. So despite the unspoken longing in your own heart, it was easy to accept the invitation back to Ashley's apartment - which was nearby - for an impromptu supper.

You were a little surprised that she did not appear to need to stop at the shops - how had she known to have food in advance? - but the drinks were masking your usual inquisitive nature, and frankly, you didn't care. Slumping in a chair at her apartment, clutching a glass of Sauvignon Blanc, you gazed at her openly. Medium height, but slim, with small breasts, and a cute - tight! ass - she was your idea of heaven. If there was ever going to be the perfect opportunity to explore her possible interest in girls, this was it. Plucking up your courage, and with your heart pounding, you walked into the kitchen area where Ashley was chopping vegetables. "This is fun" you smiled, and, taking a deep breath, gently stroked one of her bare arms with the back of your hand. Ashley froze, mouth open. You could hear her breathing, but crucially, she had neither ignored the move and turned away, nor made any sign of dislike. Somewhat encouraged, but with your heart still thudding so loud the neighbours must have heard, you gently stroked her fine brown hair behind her ear, so that her face was turned towards you. The atmosphere was electric, almost crackling with tension, and you could have heard a pin drop. Her face was still but here eyes were locked onto your, her mouth slightly open, and you could smell the wine on her sweet breath. Your heart leapt. This was showing potential!

You raised your hands, and then, in a move which could have no possible other interpretation, delicately stroked each of her cheeks with the backs of your fingers. Taking her face in your hands, she closed her eyes as you leaned forwards, and planted - oh so gently! - a soft kiss on each of here eyes, her nose, and then, not daring to believe this was happening, moved towards her mouth. Her warm, sweet breath filled your face as you bent in. She was panting, and you knew then that at the very least, she was not going to reject you out of hand.. The lightest of kisses brought your lips together, then, parting your lips slightly, you took her top lip between yours, and nuzzled gently. She responded, mouth opening slightly, and you felt the warm, wet tip of her tongue brush against your lips. Your pussy flooded, and your knees almost gave way. She was interested! You had imagined this moment for so long, it was hard to believe it was happening. Opening your lips a little more, you allowed her eager tongue to penetrate your mouth, sucking gently on the soft flesh, before gently probing her mouth with your own. You licked round the inside of the hot, sweet lips before feeling her even teeth, and then pushed deeper, probing all round the inside of her mouth as the kiss became more passionate.

Grasping the back of her head with your left hand, you pulled her face towards you, locking her mouth on your own. You heard her give a soft moan, and felt her adjust her body to fit in more tightly with your own. One leg pushed its way insistently between yours, her upper thigh rubbing against your groin. Even through the fabric of her skirt you could feel her heat and desire.With your right hand you stroked her cheek, and then dropped it down to cup itself over the firm mound of her left breast. You could feel her nipple, already erect, through the soft fabric, and squeezed gently. Ashley moaned again, louder this time, and pulled back from your mouth to speak. "Oh fuck, Jeni" she whispered "I've wanted this for months, but I was never quite sure you did too. Couple of times I thought you'd make a move, so I thought I'd give you an easier opportunity - hope you don't mind". "Mind?" you said,"If this is minding, show me wanting to!" and you both laughed. "God, I could eat you whole" she said, to which you replied "Well, I'm kinda hoping you will..!" and you both smiled. Lips and tongues intertwined again, and time stood still. You could feel her heart beating against you, and the taste and feel of her wet mouth was making you feel intoxicated, although you had not had that much to drink. She separated again, and pulled her blouse off over her head, exposing a black lacy bra. Lowering your head, you allowed your lips to brush over the fabric just where her nipples were, and felt her tremble against you.

Reaching behind her, you released the fasteners and removed the bra, displaying her firm breasts, both nipples small but fiercely erect. You first nuzzled the soft skin between the two mounds, gently kissing and licking and tasteing her body, before moving sideways to one of her breasts. Again, you allowed you mouth to gently play over the surface, feeling your breath rebound from her skin, feeling her warmth, and kissing her softly, before taking her nipple between your lips and squeezing gently. Ashley moaned again, her hands now holding the back of your head, and keeping it locked against her body. As you kissed, the nipple became harder still, until suddenly you sucked hard with all your might. You felt Ashley contract against you, and grunt "Yes! Yes!". Taking a plunge, you took the nipple between your teeth, and bit gently down. Again, Ashley shuddered, and in a hoarse voice said "Bite me! Bite it harder". A little surprised, but not unhappy with the suggestion, you did as she requested, biting harder on her nipple than you had ever done before. The noises coming from Ashley left no doubt that this was having a desired effect, so you moved your head to the the other side and repeated the activity on her other breast. As her thighs tightened around yours, you knew the combination of pain and pleasure was turning her on even more, and you felt your own pussy grow wet with anticipation.

As if anticipating this, Ashley pushed you against the worktop, and knelt in front of you. At first she buried her face in you groin, sniffing deeply, and holding your ass in her hands, pulled you onto her face. But then, releasing the skirt zipper, she pulled it down and ran the tip of her tongue up the front centre of your panties. This was like an electric current to your brain, and your knees went weak, you had to grasp the worktop to stay upright. Ashley repeated the move several times, the warm moist tongue running over the top of the taught fabric, which was getting progressively wetter as your juices started to flow freely. Finally you could take it no more. Ripping the sodden panties from your body, you stood with your legs apart, as you felt the warm breath wash over your pussy as Ashley's mouth got closer and close. God you were wet! You felt her fingers gently open your outer pussy lips to expose the soft, wet inner folds, and then felt an explosion of pleasure as her tongue slid slowly and deliberately up the centre of your crack, savouring the juices and finishing with a gentle circling of your clitoris. This move was repeated a number of times, with each pass her tongue sliding a little deeper inside you. You could feel an orgasm start to build as the thudding in your head grew louder, until with a stifled scream, the dam burst, your cunt flooded, and, grasping her head with both hands, you ground her face into your dripping snatch. FUUUUUUCK!

After what seemed like ages, as waves of pleasure enveloped you, you became aware that Ashley needed to breath, and reluctantly released her head from your grasp. Her face was covered with your own juice, but this did not stop you taking her face in your hands again, and kissing and licking her clean, savouring your own familiar taste as you did so. Ashley's eyes were shining as she smiled at you tenderly. "Well that's the entree I was hoping for" she said. "Now what can we do for dessert?"

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2 years ago
sounds like Jeni had a good time. if only something like that happened for me lol
2 years ago
That was one of the sexiest stories I've read in a long time mate.