The swim

To Jeni - my fellow traveller in exploring the limits...

It was a hot sultry August day, and you were walking back from work. You had a smile on your face for a couple of reasons - firstly, the weather meant you could surreptitiously look at the short skirted asses of the girls you were walking behind - some of which displayed panty lines, some of which - more intriguingly - did not..; and secondly because you were on the way to the pool for an after work swim. In your bag you had a new one-piece costume that you wanted to try out. The legs were VERY high cut, and it was made of a stretchy Elastane material that felt like a second skin, As was usual, you had bought it a size too small, so that the back ended up between your butt cheeks, while the front curved very tight over your pussy. You were looking forward to drifting your fingers "accidentally" over your pussy while at the pool, and felt yourself twitch and dampen slightly in anticipation.

"Adult swim, please" you asked the girl on reception. She had a curious twinkle in her eye that you had not noticed before, and you thought - but could not be sure - that you heard her mutter "Swim? Yeah you could call it that" under her breath. Not thinking too much about it you proceeded into the changing room. Despite the hot weather it was deserted, which was a little unusual, but not unwelcome. Slipping out of the few light clothes you wore, you stepped into the new costume and pulled it. Damn it was tight! Not only was it riding up your butt, it was even digging between your pussy lips. As the room was empty, you treated yourself to a little stroke, and felt a flush of activity inside. It was going to be hard to stop a damp patch appearing, and you headed for the pool to gain some extra cover.

And then it happened. As you approached the end of the row of lockers, there was a shriek of "Happy Birthday Jeni", and a group of around 20 of your friends burst out from behind the lockers. Although it was not your birthday for a few days, this was not an unwelcome surprise. As you looked around at your friends, you became aware that there were some familiar faces amongst them, but not ones you had ever seen in person before. And not ones you had EVER imagined seeing in amongst your friends. Or had even thought would be known to your friends. But they were faces that you had spent many an evening looking at - and masturbating over - until you had come over and over again and rubbed your clit raw. Blue Angel, Carli Banks, Tori Black, Sasha Grey, and oh my god, that looked like Bobbi Starr. And Bobbi - unlike the other girls - was not wearing a costume, but a tight latex catsuit and was walking on unimaginably high heels towards you.

"Hi Jeni" she purred. "You know who I am, don't you?". Almost too shocked to admit it, but given she knew your name it was no use denying it, you nodded. "Well, I've heard from a friend that it's your birthday soon, so we've been asked to arrange a special present for you. You're not going to be swimming today - at least not in the pool. We're going to have a squirt party by ourselves, right here in the locker room." You gasped. This had long been one of your innermost fantasies, but had never thought it might actually happen. Bobbi grabbed your hair with a jerk, tugging your head back. The unexpected movement hurt, but at the same time you felt a flush run through you pussy, and you felt the front of your costume get even wetter.

Bobbi dragged you over to a recliner that stood by the door. Pushing you down on it, she turned to the rest of the girls and said "Well, this is what you've been waiting for, get yourselves ready. Out of the corner of your eye, you saw all the girls - your friends and porn stars alike - slip off their bikinis and arrange themselves in a circle around you. All by now were masturbating like crazy - rubbing their clits, kneading their breasts, Soft groans came from all around. You gasped as you felt Bobbi pull your costume tight, pulling the fabric up tight between you pussy lips. You head went back and you gave out a huge moan, as you felt Bobbi's hot breath between your thighs, and then felt her wet tongue around your pussy. Although you had watched a lot of porn, this was the first time you had had a woman between your legs, and god it felt good. Your pussy was
already dripping as you felt Bobbi's tongue explore each side of the fabric. Then she pulled it to one side, and you felt her exploring inside and outside of your pussy.

Suddenly her lips moved over your clit and she sucked hard. Holy fuck! it felt like the top of your head was coming off, and your heart was thumping like a jackhammer. Bobbi kept up the suck for a good 30 seconds, by the end of which, your pussy was drenched and you felt your juices running down the inside of your thighs. Bobbi pulled your costume off, then in one swift move pulled you up on your back with your ass high in the air, and your legs above you head. You felt Bobbi's tongue drink the rest of your juice, then move down towards to tickle your ass. Oh my god! You had thought you could not be breathing any harder, but the experience had just ratcheted up a notch to a whole new level. You felt her tongue probe your anus, the, with an indescribable wave of sensation, push itself inside you. Despite having seen it on the web, you had never experienced anything like this, and you felt the early waves of an orgasm starting to build inside you. In and out, in and out went her tongue, and round and round, and waves of ecstasy rolled over you. You were dimly aware of the temperature rising, and the moans from the girls around you getting louder and louder.

Just as the waves were building to an inevitable climax, you felt Bobbi pull away. How could she stop?! You were so close to an orgasm it was untrue. You felt your face sticky with perspiration, and your heart was pounding faster than you had thought possible. "I think she's ready " Bobby said. You saw Carli Banks walking towards you, with a large smile on her face. "Hi Jeni" she said. You were by now so aroused you could speak only in grunts. Bobbi stood up from the recliner, and Carli stood astride. Her pussy, already dripping, was inches above you, and her fingers were rubbing her clit intensely. She was also - as you could see - close to cumming,and breathing hard. "Are you ready?" she panted? You nodded dumbly. And then your life changed forever. Moaning, you saw Carli tense as wave after wave of orgasm swept through her, and then a stream of girl juice burst out of her body like a fountain. It drenched your breasts, your neck, and ran down towards your pussy. It flowed over your body like a river, hot and wet, like being covered in liquid sex.That felt so good! On and on, until Carli could squeeze out no more, and could only stagger, exhausted, to one side. Next up was Tori Black. "Hi hun" she said, keeping her eyes fixed on yours as she straddled your writhing body. "Can I squirt on your face?" No longer even able to grunt, you nodded, eyes wide in anticipation. Tori had not been quite as aroused as Carli, and you had the exquisite pleasure of seeing Tori's pussy from a distance of 6 inches, as she rubbed her clit and fingered her pussy for several minutes. You watched her pussy, wet and swollen, and smelt the aroma rising off it. It was the smell of pure sex. Suddenly she arched her back, and you know the moment was coming. With an a****l groan, she came, and tilting her pelvis towards your face, and let go. The hot sticky stream hit your face like a hosepipe. You closed your eyes, and struggled to breathe, but the pleasure was overwhelming. Juice drenched your face, your hair, you entire body. Suddenly the flow stopped. Gasping, you opened you eyes to see Tori's pussy an inch above your face. "Open your mouth, bitch" you heard a voice say, and realised that Tori was holding something back. You trembled. Although squirting was a fantasy, you were not sure you were ready for this step. But then it was all suddenly obvious. Fuck, you were at a quirt gangbang, you were already drenched in it, and you wanted, WANTED, to abandon all reservations and give yourself over totally to the moment. You tilted your head back, and you felt the stream cascade down into your mouth. This was it, the ultimate submission. With an groan that you were not entirely sure you were capable of making, you felt your body, contort into the tightest possible bundle of flesh and muscle as wave after wave of orgasm swept through your body.

The next half hour was, to be honest, a blur. Alysa and Sasha Grey delivered next, followed by your friends. They squirted on your face, in your mouth, on your breasts,in your pussy. At one stage you felt someone pull your butt cheeks apart, and someone else squirted into your ass. You felt hot breath on your face, and Bobbi's voice filtered into your consciousness - "Are you having fun?" she asked, but your brain was elsewhere, and you were unable to answer. Periodically, girls approached on either side of you and licked the juice from your breasts, or out of your pussy. Quite a few presented their pussies when they had finished for you to lick out, something you did with increasing urgency and abandon. If you had been able to f***e your face into their pussy you would have done, and having them grind themselves on you was the next best thing.

It took the best part of 30 minutes to recover. Tori and Carli lay down beside you, and stroked and kissed your trembling body into a state of relative calm. "Twenty minutes of continuous orgasm has to be some kind of record, right?" asked Tori. Bobbi, who had not taken part in the squirting, but had organised the girls and arranged the activities to keep you climaxing, agreed. "Best squirt party I've ever been to" she said. And then it was off to the showers. Barely able to stand, you reflected on the previous hour, and recalled the words of the girl on reception. So she had known something was up! Bobbi, Tori and Carli showered with you, and helped you get dressed. Never again would you be able to wear that costume without thinking of that day! And then it was out into the sunlight again, the streets full of commuters, who walked past you without a clue as to how you had spent the previous hour. But you knew! And would not be forgetting soon either. But most intriguing - and keeping a tingle of excitement going in your exhausted pussy - were the words of your best friend as you had left the pool. "Did you have a good time Jeni?" she asked. "What's it going to be next year - a fisting party?"

The End...
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2 years ago
Adult Swim is on the Cartoon Network... ;)
2 years ago
Great story - I liked it ;-) x
2 years ago
i like
2 years ago
she's one lucky girl :)
2 years ago
I'm even more lesbian then i thought i was.
2 years ago
OMG I think I'm a