Seduction - Part 1

The flight had been a disaster. Working the Club Europe cabin had good and bad elements. Most of the punters were business people - meaning you had less hassle, and they were generally politer - but the downside was that they were predominantly men. And this late afternoon flight to Milan had had no girls in Club at all - so no-one even to fantasise about, let alone flirt with. And to cap it all, Linate had been closed by an "incident" - most likely a false security alert - which meant that, after circling for almost an hour, the flight had diverted to Malpensa. Linate was at least in the centre of Milan, with easy access to the downtown bars. It had been a couple of weeks since you last tasted fresh pussy, and you had been hoping for a little action that evening. But Malpensa was in the middle of nowhere, and you knew that an evening in the airport hotel bar was not likely to be fruitful. So it was almost from habit that you showered, and slipped into a set of satin Janet Reger underwear, and headed down to the bar. You'd give it an hour, and if nothing was happening, you'd head back to your room and browse some of the seamier websites on your laptop, and maybe masturbate a couple of times to relieve the boredom.

The first half hour passed slowly, and you had just ordered a second glass of Sauvignon Blanc, when a party of six entered the bar. Four men, two girls. They were clearly celebrating some kind of business win, as they ordered champagne, and stood around noisily discussing the days events and congratulating each other. From time to time, one of the men would glance in your direction, checking you out, and trying - surreptiously - to make eye contact. But you were well used to men doing that, and knew to keep your eyes averted to discourage interest. Neither of the girls appeared to show any interest at all. Both were corporate drones - white blouses, dark suits, high heels, although one of them - a tall brunette with long legs - did glance over a couple of times. But each time you had attempted to catch her eye, she had quickly looked away and resumed her conversation with the group. But the glances were more than you would have expected from someone totally disinterested, so maybe there was some hope. And the thought of those long legs wrapped around your back were starting to make you moist. You determined to throw caution to the winds - after all, the alternative was a solitary evening with a laptop and your middle finger to keep you entertained - so when after 20 minutes or so the brunette stood up and made for the ladies, you waited a couple of minutes, took a deep breath, and followed her.

Inside only one stall was occupied, so the coast was - for the moment - clear. You made a pretense of washing your hands, and started to re-apply some lip gloss when you heard the loo flush and the brunette emerged. Seeing you in front of the handbasins she jumped visibly, but recovered well and leant over to turn on the tap. Although she kept her head lowered, you just knew her eyes would inevitably be drawn upwards, and sure enough they were. You had been gazing at her in the mirror, and this was the moment you had been waiting for. Catching her eye, you said casually, "Sounds like some celebration you're having". She flushed deeply. That was a good sign! "It's just some work colleagues" she stammered, her English good but with a strong Italian accent. "Looks like it's been your lucky day" you continued, but that was too much for her, and drying her hands and not knowing where to look, she scurried out, clearly flustered. You had been doing this long enough to know that the approach had not been completely rebuffed, and, encouraged, you returned to your table. The atmosphere was now completely changed. Although the conversations amongst the group continued, the brunette took much less part, and you felt rather than saw her eyes flicker towards you on a regular basis. After another fifteen minutes or so, the six finished their third bottle of champagne, and stood up to leave. Somehow, she contrived to be the last, and as they headed for the door, she turned towards you and clearly mouthed the single word "Wait" The evening had definitely become interesting!

You continued to sip your wine, and sure enough, after three or four minutes, she returned, and sat down opposite you. She was breathing quickly, and was having trouble meeting your eye. "I should not be here" she said, "I don't know what I'm doing. But the way you were looking at me.." her voice tailed off. Her hands were crossed on the table in front of you, and taking her left hand gently in yours, you lightly stroked her left forearm with you right hand. You could feel her twitch and tense, but she made no effort to pull her arm away. "But I do know what I'm doing" you said quietly, "And I'm Hazel, by the way". "My name is... not important" she replied, and repeated "I should not be here". But she still made no effort to withdraw her arm. Slipping off one of your shoes, you very gently ran one of your stockinged feet up her calves. Nylon on nylon, smooth, soft and warm. The atmosphere was electric, then tension palpable. Still she made no attempt to pull away, but her eyes were now locked on yours. Her mouth was slightly open, her lips a glossy and seductive red. . As your foot slip higher along her thigh, you felt her squeeze your foot between her legs, and you knew that she was hooked. As if in response to this, you felt a distinct dampness start to emerge in your own panties, and felt a familiar twitch in your pussy. Things were looking up.

"Come upstairs" you said. "We can take some champagne with us". "I don't know" she said, "I've never..." but again her voice tailed off. "But I have" you said softly, leaning in towards her, keeping your eyes locked on hers, and smiling. You knew full well that if you stood up to pay the bill, she might well scuttle off, so keeping one hand on hers, you signalled to the barman to come over. "Champagne, two glasses and the bill, please" you requested, your foot still stroking the inside of here thighs. Her breath came in short bursts, you could smell the champagne on her breath, and the heady aroma of her perfume was making you giddy. As the barman turned to return to the bar, you leant quickly forward and, with your lips parted slightly, you placed a gentle kiss on her lower lip. She gasped, but still made no attempt to break away. Clearly kissing in public - let alone with a girl - was a novelty for her, but the bar was quiet and there was no-one around to notice the kiss. "Its OK" you said quietly, "Trust me". Once you had signed for the drinks, you stood up, and not letting go of her hand, led her to the elevators in the lobby. She came, although there was a moment when it felt as if she might want to pull away, but your grip was firm, and you did not let go. Fortunately, a lift was waiting, and entering, you pressed the button for the 15th floor. As soon as the doors were closed, you took her head in your hands, and gave her a more full kiss direct on her lips. She tasted good, and you felt her tongue probe gently against your mouth. She trembled as your own tongue responded, feeling out her lips and teeth. God, that felt good! As the lift doors opened, you broke apart, and you headed for your room. She was clearly coming more willingly now, and stroked your hair as you unlocked the door. This was clearly going to be a memorable evening!

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2 years ago
Your such a tease! ;-)

Fi~Fi X
2 years ago
Very good! Very hot!