First Time Cuck

First time Cuck
I was at home alone one early afternoon.. I had just purchased some new sexy clothes to try on. A sexy black teddy with silk thongs that ran up my shaved ass. My black lace bra was filled with huge double D titty inserts that felt oh so real. I had on black thigh high stockings that felt so smooth on my shaved legs. I stood in a pair of black leather fuck me pumps with six inch heels. I had a sexy platinum blonde wig that was cut short just below my ears. My eyes were done like a street whore with pink mascara and long fake eyelashes. I had bright red lipstick on, just fantasizing about having it wrapped around a hard cock. I began to rub myself as I looked in the full length mirror in the bathroom. I bent over with my legs spread and began to massage my ass with a huge black dildo...
Just then I heard the front door open. Then I heard Jill's (my wife) voice and the voice of a man.. I hurried into the bedroom closet, desperately afraid of being caught in my outfit. The voices got closer as they moved toward the bedroom.. I peaked through the crack in the bedroom closet, and couldn't believe what I saw. Jill had brought home the guy that we had run into at the grocery store. A tall black man that she said she knew from my daughter's soccer games, one of the girl's dads.. She had acted somewhat nervous but I didn't think much about it.
He was about 6' 3" and 220 lbs. He looked like he was about 28 or 29 years old, probably a former football player. Broad shoulders and muscular arms were visible through his polo shirt, and thick, muscular legs were impossible to miss with his short pants. His head was shaved smooth, and his chisled facial features gave him the look of a man that could easily find work in the modeling industry.
He pulled Jill into his arms and they began kissing deeply. His hands feverishly rubbing her back and ass. She embraced him as her tongue desperately explored his mouth. Her hands quickly moved to his throbbing bulge. She began to unbuckle his belt as they kissed, and he began undoing her blouse buttons. He pulled her blouse off, showing her perfect breasts still inside her lacy pink bra. He massaged her breasts and kissed her neck as she began to breath deeply. I knew she loved being kissed on the neck..
She then went to her knees and began unzipping his pants and unbuttoning his shorts.
She reached into his pants and pulled out his partially erect cock. I had never seen anything like it.. Even partially erect it must have been 9 inches long and at least 5 inches around. She began to take the head of it into her mouth as he placed his large hands on her blonde hair. She began to slowly work her mouth back and forth over the first few inches of his growing cock. Soon, it was fully erect, now at least 11 inches long... Truly a magnificent cock... I felt my cock beginning to engorge as I watched.
She place both hands along the length of the shaft and hungrily began to take as much of the cock as she could into her mouth, barely half of its throbbing length. He began to rhythmically fuck her mouth as she tried not to gag.. She would stop occasionally and look up at him, and smiled. "My god, what a fucking huge cock this is... God I love it in my mouth... I KNEW you must have a huge dick.. I couldn't stop staring at it at the park... MMNNN... So fucking long... You should see my husband's little cock. I can almost hide it with one hand when I suck him... I can get the whole, pathetic little thing in my mouth without even trying..." She began feverishly sucking him again.....
He then lifted her up and laid her on the bed. OUR bed. He pulled her pink thongs off as she slid out of her bra she showed her firm, beautiful breasts. He pulled off his shirt and showed his massive chest and arms. He quickly began kissing her belly as he slid a finger in her wet, shaved pussy... I had seen her get out of the shower just two days before, and her pussy was definately not shaved then... She had obviously planned this encounter.
He worked his way down to her clit with his warm tongue. As he slid two fingers into her, he began licking and nibbling on her engorging clit. She arched her back up and moaned as he began sliding his tongue deep into her dripping wet pussy.
I was heartbroken, but excited at the same time, I was incredibly turned on by the thought of my wife getting fucked by a huge black cock. I began to rub myself through my silk panties... My cock was now fully erect... I was experiencing a whole range of emotions, pain, arousal, disappointment, envy. I just knew that for some reason it was turning me on seeing my wife with this beautiful black stud, seeming almost desperate for his huge black cock.
She had had enough. "I need you to fuck me NOW. I HAVE to have that cock inside me!
I haven't been fucked by a REAL man's cock in years... I can't remember the last time I actually had an orgasm that I didn't give myself. You should see Kelly try to fuck me with his cock.. It's all I can do to keep from laughing when he puts it in me.... Now fuck me like the black cock whore I have always wanted to be! FUCK ME!"
She pushed him back on the bed, his massive rod lying almost completely up his stomach.. She stood on the bed and straddled him. She slowly began to squat down, reaching between her legs and grabbing his throbbing manhood and pointing it skyward. With the other hand she licked her fingers and add some more moisture to her already wet cunt, knowing it would be no small task to take this black monster inside her... She slowly lowered herself down on his huge, throbbing rod. As the massive head began to enter her, her eyes closed and she moaned loudly, "Oh god..."
He answered, "Come on babe, you know how bad you've wanted this.."
With that she began to lower herself slowly down on his cock.. Her pussy juices streamed down his shaft as her pink pussy lips stretched further and further to take him. One inch, two, three.. Ever inch met with louder and louder moans... Soon nine inches, ten inches. He was completely inside her and she felt as thought she would pass out... He grabbed her waist and pulled her all the way down on it... She screamed in a mixture of pain and pure pleasure... "OH MY GOD! What a fucking incredible cock! ”She slowly slid back up on the massive pole, and he grabbed her waist and pulled her back down... Again she let out a scream of ecstasy as her eyes rolled back in her head. "Oh shit! I'm cumming already!" Her entire body began to quiver and shake and she fell forward with his hard cock still inside her... Her pussy erupted with hot juice soaking his cock... "Unbelievable... To think I can cum with two pumps of that cock, when my pathetic little husband could fuck me for an hour and I still had to fake it just to get him to finish..." She bent over and began to hungrily kiss him as his hands massaged her breast and ass.
I began to become more and more excited as I saw my wife taking that huge black rod. I took my dick out of my thongs and began to stroke it as I watched them.. I leaned back a little as I jerked it and accidentally knocked a stack of Jill's shoeboxes down, making a fairly large crash. "Oh shit", I thought. I backed up and pushed the door to.
Jill and Dontae both stopped and looked toward the door. "What was that?", he asked.
"I don't know, it came from the closet." She got up and walked toward the door, and slowly opened it up. I tried to hide back behind the clothes, but she saw me.
"Honey? Is that you?" I slowly stood up. She saw me dressed up like a little slut. At first her face was one of shock, then she began smiling, and then laughing. Dontae had walked up behind her. "Is this the husband I have heard so much about?" He too began laughing, "You didn't tell me he was a little gay boy, too!"
"Come out here," Jill said. "I want to check you out," she said with a sarcastic smile.
As i walked out in my sultry outfit, they both just stared at me with wry smiles on their faces. "What the fuck?," Jill said. "I knew you were a wimpy little man, but had no idea that you were a little fag... I bet you liked watching me on Dontae's big black cock didn't you, you little pervert? Bet you wish you had a dick like that... Even better, I bet you wish you could suck a big dick like that, don't you?"

I was standing there humiliated, but, still a part of me was incredibly turned on.. My dick was still partially erect, despite my embarrassment. Dontae stepped forward and looked at me. "Oh my god, his little cock is getting hard. Look at that thing. Shit, Jill, no wonder you wanted to fuck a real man! Can you even feel it when he puts that tiny little thing in you?" "Barely," she said. "I've been thinking about fucking big cocks since we got married. I even snuck away on our honeymoon and fucked one of the bartenders while he was sl**ping at the pool. Fucked him in the bathroom in the hotel lobby!"
I never knew she had actually cheated on me, but I had wondered about that day at the pool when she had been gone for an hour. When we got back the room, and I went down on her, now I know why her pussy been so wet and tasted so different. She had another cock just finished cumming in her!!!
"So tell me, just how much do you like looking at his cock? How much do really like big dicks, you little pussy?" I stood there. "I bet you have already sucked some dick, haven't you? Tell me the truth."
I couldn't lie. Not now. Not with everything else out on the table. "Yes. I have a friend who lives not too far from here. His name is Ron. He also has a huge cock. I go over there every chance I get and suck his big dick like a little whore."
"I bet you like to get fucked, too..."
"God, yes, I do. He bends my legs up over my head and pounds my ass hard. He fucks me like a little street whore. He rolls me over and fucks me doggy style until I scream, and then pulls out and jams his dick hard into my throat to make me lick my own shit off his dick until I can barely breathe."
"I bet you swallow his load, too, you little fag."
"God, yes! He shoots his load all over my face and into my mouth.. I suck ever ounce of his hot cum out of his huge rod."
"I bet you like to get gangbanged like a d***k little bar slut, too, don't you?"
"Uh,,, Well, sometimes he has a black friend over and they take turns pounding my ass, and then both shoot their loads on my face."
They both began to laugh uncontrollably as I told them about my encounters with men..
"Shit man," said Dontae, "You got a fine pussy like this at home, and your out sucking dick? What the hell?" he sneered as he pulled Jill up against him and she reflexly placed her hand around his cock... "He had to be with SOMEBODY that he could make cum," she sneered with a wicked smile on her face. "That's why he loves to have all that cum shot over his face..." As she fondled his cock, it began to slowly engorge again, to its full 9 inches.. "Look at this.. Now this is a REAL cock... Come over here and pull yours out."
I shuffled over in my high heels and stood facing them.... I pulled out my cock, now at its full erect length of 6 inches.. She grabbed my thong and pulled me forward. Now my cock was side by side with his.. His monster was almost twice the size of mine. She kneeled with both of our cocks in her hands, "Now if you were me, which one would YOU want to fuck? A pathetic little white dick like that or a beautiful long, thick, black cock like this?" She released mine and turned toward her black bull, and wrapped her lips around the head as I stood there and watched. "Mmnnnn. So sweet."
She easily wrapped both hands around the shaft and began slowly working her mouth over the head , then began taking more and more of into her mouth, looking back at me and smiling all the while. "I know you've been on your knees in front of all sorts of hard cocks. Sucking, slurping, begging for cum... You fucking little sissy..." Dontae moaned. ”Now you get to watch me. And by the way, this isn't just a one time thing for me and Dontae.. We have been seeing each other for months. I'm at his place at least three times a week. We are in love... That's right. LOVE.. I don't want to be with anyone with him, least of all a little sissy boy like you.. We are in love and plan to be together for a long, long time..." Although I was excited by her sexual antics with him, this made me physically ill. In love? For months? How could she? I thought she would always be in love with me, despite our differences and indiscretions. But in love with another man, that shook me to the core.
"And divorce? Don't even think about it," she said. "I fully intend to stay married to you, have you keep paying the bills. You can get your own apartment, but Dontae will be here with me... The k**s have already met him and think he is awesome. So that won't be a problem.. You can suck all the dick you want in your little rat hole.."
I was humiliated, but knew I would do it.. I didn't want to risk a divorce and have her keep me from seeing the k**s. I would do anything just to keep her and the k**s in my life.
"And don't worry, we'll invite you over and let you watch us fuck on occasion, just to keep you little dick hard."
She then began to take his hard cock again in her mouth.... Struggling to get the entire length in her mouth... She the pushed him back on the bed, his feet still on the floor. She backed up to him, her dripping wet pussy directly in front of his throbbing meat. "Come over here. I think I need some help getting this in.." I walked over. "Now grab it and slide it into my pussy." I reached between her legs and grabbed his huge cock, and as she slowly lowered herself, I guided it into her shaved pussy. She closed her eyes and moaned as her hot lips slid down on his huge dick. She stopped about half way down and grimaced in pain. I still had my hand around the base of his cock just fantasizing about taking it in my mouth. He grabbed her hips and pulled her the rest of the way down, obviously not his first time doing this to her. She moaned, half pain, half pleasure. Sat on it momentarily, then raised up and began lowering herself rhythmically up and down on it, eyes closed, with an ever-growing smile on her beautiful lips.
She looked down at me as I continued to grip his beautiful cock. "You can let go now you little fag boy. I knew you would just love to touch a real man's cock."
I backed away, sat on the floor in my little teddy, and watched as my wife began to feverishly slide up and down his entire 10 inches. She had screaming orgasm after screaming orgasm. Her pussy juices streamed over his balls and soaked the sheets. He began to arch his back, preparing to shoot his fiery load into her womb. She suddenly slid off of him, and grabbed me by my hair and pulled me over to him. He sat up on the edge of the bed with me kneeling in front of him. "Now, pretty girl, you can taste what I've been tasting for months..." She pulled me over directly in front on him. "Now don't you dare touch this with your mouth, he is not a little gay boy like you. Just sit there and take it!" She begins to stroke his magnificent black rod directly in front of my face. He began to moan, and suddenly his cock began to spew its warm wonderful lava all over my face. Gushing what seemed like gallons of sperm in my eyes, over my nose, in my mouth. With my eyes closed, I opened my mouth wide, unable to hide my pure excitement over this immersion in hot man juice. He filled my mouth to the point that it began dripping from the corner of my mouth. "Swallow it!" she said f***efully. I gulped repeatedly as his cock continued to spasm and shoot stream after stream deep into the back of my throat. My face was completely covered with his hot, wonderful sperm as I gulped feverishly to keep up. I had u*********sly reached down and began stroking my cock, and was ready to cum just as he was falling back on the bed in exhaustion.
"Oh my god, my little cum covered slut is jerking his pathetic little dick!" "Go ahead; let's see you shoot that load!"
I jerked faster and faster, with Dontae's cum dripping down over my cock. I began to moan even as I continued to swallow his load and wipe off my face while licking my fingers clean of ever drop I could salvage.
"Mmmnn," I moaned, as I began to cum. I came, and my usual load, a meager few strands that barely rolled of my cock, dripped over my hand.
"Wow... I cum more than that. What a pathetic excuse for a load... Now you see why I sought out a real man." Dontae watched me as I came, and just laughed in disbelief as he kissed the back of Jill's neck.
"Come on D, let's go take a shower. And up can clean up and change the sheets for us." They walked into the master bathroom laughing, and I got to work. And I knew it would not be the last time I would find myself cleaning up after them......

The end
For now

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great story
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Good story very hot!
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Good Fantasy story.
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more please very hot
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lots of twist but good for a first attempt
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Comments? My first effort!