The woman next door Pt.2

After the first time with the woman next door I was hooked and wanted more. I was hopeing for another chance for her daughter to see us fucking. I forgot to tell you their name's so I will do that now. First my name is Bill and my lover's name is Amber and she has two daughter's. The oldeset is 16 and her name is Jenny and her youngest is 14 and called Mariya. Both daughters look like their mom only younger. Both with nice tit's and ass's. I spent a lot of time over there after that first time fucking Amber as often as I could. She was as horney as any woman I have ever known. She asked me to go over one day and fix something for her while she was at work. I went to the door and opened it. I went in and did not hear anything so I figured that no one was home. I went in and went to start the project. I was working on it when I heard a noise comming from the hall. I got up and walked down the hall trying not to make any noise just in case it was someone breaking in. I got to the first bedroom which was Jenny's room the door was just open a little. I peaked in and saw Jenny in there. She was suppose to be at school so that explained why she was climbing in the window not comming in the door. She was sneaking into the house skipping school. I was going to say something but decide not too because it was not my place. So I walked back to the kitchen and picked up my tools and walked out the door to pretend I was just comming in. I walked back to my house and waited drinking a beer giving her time to think she was alone. I guees in the back of my mind I was hoping to catch her doing something. I walked back over and opened the door. I did not hear anything right away so I went in. I went to the kitchen and started the work again. I was not making much noise and then I heard Jenny in the bedroom. She was moaning so I got up and walked down the hall. I got to her door and looked in. I was very suprised to see her naked on her bed masterbating.
I just stood there staring and enjoying the view. She was rubbing her clit and squessing her tits. Her nipples were hard and standing tall as she pinched them. She was moaning a lot and really wet. I wanted to see better so I opened the door more and stuck my head in more. I knew she may see me but I had to see her better. She kept rubbing her clit and making her juices run out of her young pussy. Then she stopped and reached down and beside her and picked something up. It was a dildo and she brought it up to her lip's and licked it. She said," Mmmmm... it taste so good and it's so hard." Then she took it into her mouth and started to suck on it. Giving it a good blow job and rubbing her clit with the other hand as she did. Once she had it really wet she took it and placed it at the entrance of her tight pussy. She said, "I don't think it will fit in my pussy it's so big." My dick was really hard now so I took it out and started to stroke it. She pushed the dildo toward her pussy letting the tip rub on her pussy. She said something that shocked me then. She said," Bill it's too big I don't think it will fit, but I want you so bad please, fuck me." I was not sure if she ment me until she said the next thing. "Bill I know your dick is big but I need it, watching you fuck mom made me so horney. So please stick that big dick in my pussy and fuck me hard."
I was very happy to hear that and I knew that I had to have her too. I walked in the room and to the bed. I stood next to it and looked down at her beautiful young body. I said," What are you doing baby?" She opened her eyes and jumpped as she tried to cover up. I smiled down at her and said, 'You don't have to cover up baby I love your body." She looked at me and saw me smileing and then saw my hard dick sticking out of my pant's. She smiled and threw the covers off her body. She said," How long have you been standing there?" I said," Long enough to see and hear that you want me as much as I want you baby." She smiled and jumpped up and threw her arms around my neck. She looked me in the eys and asked me, "Do you really want me Bill?' I said "Don't you see how hard my dick is for you baby." She asked me,"What about my mom?" I said "I love your mom too but that doesn't mean we can't have fun together too right." She smiled and said,"No I guess not." I kissed her and held her young tight body to me tight. She kissed me back and I felt her tounge enter my mouth searching. We kissed for several mins and I carressed her body. I took one tit into my hands and cupped it. I kissed my way down her body to that tit and took her hard nipple into my mouth. She moaned and said,' That feels so much better then me doing it." I licked and sucked on her tit's for a few mins then I picked her up and laid her on the bed. I undressed and got on the bed beside her.
We kissed again and I kissed my way down her body until I got to her sweet pussy. I leaned back and looked at it up close for the first time. It was beautiful and I could not wait. I licked her from top to bottom and she jumped and moaned. I licked on each side of her lip's several times making her moan more. I took her clit into my mouth and sucked on it making her jump and squirm on the bed. She moaned and said," What are you doing to me I have not felt this way before." I looked at her and smiled as I kept licking and sucking on her pussy and clit. She was getting very wet now and her juices were running out of her pussy. I could tell she was close to cumming so I took her clit into my mouth and sucked on it while giving it little bites. I also pushed a finger into her pussy as I did that. She moaned and started to shake as her orgasm came over her. I felt her pussy get really tight and grip my finger so hard I could not move it. I licked up her juices as it ran out of her. She was cumming hard and shaking all over. I had a hard time holding on the her through it but I was not going to miss any of her sweet juice. It took her a few mins to calm down from her orgasm and when she did I looked up at her and she smiled. She said," WOW, that was the best orgasm I have ever had. Does my mom come like that with you too?" I looked at her and said," Yes she does baby you and her are a lot alike." I asked her if she wanted to do more. She said,"Hell Yes!!!!"
I moved up her body and kissed her. She reached down and for the first time touched my hard dick. I felt her soft hand wrap around it and she started to stroke it. I asked her," Have you ever been with a boy before?" She said," Yes but I only did oral with him. I have never fucked anyone." I asked her if she wanted to try to suck my dick and let me be her first fuck.She said ,"Yes I would love to suck your big dick and have you fuck me like you did mom." She moved down my body and took my dick in her hand. She looked it over and said," I didn't think that this would fit in mom when I saw you were going to put in in her and now that I see it up close I don't think it will fit in mine." I said we will see later right now i want to feel your wet, warm mouth on my dick. She smiled and licked my dick from top to bottom. She reached the tip and licked the precum on it into her mouth. "Mmmmmmm..... taste good." Then she took my dick into her mouth and started to suck me. She was pretty good but I could tell she had not done it much. I didn't care bacause it still felt good and I didn't want her to stop. She sucked as much of my dick into her mouth as she could and sucked hard. I let her suck me fpor a few mins then pulled her off it. She looked at me and asked me," Why did you stop me wasn't I doing it good?" I told her," No baby you were doing great it felt great. I just want to fuck you now." She smiled and said,"Ok."
I moved up her body and placed my hard dick at the entrance of her tight pussy. I put some pressure on it and I felt it start to enter her. Her eyes got big and said," It hurt's a little." I said," Don't worry baby I will go slow and try not to hurt you. I held still until she relaxed some then I pushed in more. Then I felt her wall and stopped. I told her," Ok baby I am going to break through your wall now it may hurt asome but I will try to be easy." She said," Ok Bill I trust you." I pushed in and had to apply more pressure then her wall broke and I slide in her virgin pussy. She sucked in a breath and I saw a tear form in her eye. I held still and let her get use to it before I went on. Then I started to push more in. Each time I got an inch in I stopped and held still so she could get use to it. It took me several min's but I finally got it all in. She was laying there with her eyes closed and I asked her, "Are you ok baby?' She said 'Yes it feels good now please fuck me." I started to slide my dick in and out of her tight wet pussy slow. After a couple mis she said,"FASTER, HARDER" I started to fuck her hard and I could feel her pussy was so tight and felt so good. I fucked her fpr several mins and she kept moaning and saying things like, "OH GOD THAT FEELS SOOOO GOOD." She was almost screaming it out but all I cared about was I wanted to keep fucking her. I was slamming my dick into her hard and as fast as I could moving her body acroos the bed. I felt her juices running out of her pussy around my dick as I fucked her. She was close and so was I. We came together I felt her pussy grip my dick really hard and that pushed me over the edge and I came too. She screamed out with her orgasm and her body shook all over. It took us both a few mins to calm down and when we did I felt my dick slide out of her pussy. I rolled to the side and laid beside her. She turned to me and pushed her body on top if me and kissed me. She said," That was great Bill I have never had an orgasm so hard before. Thank you for being my first."
I kissed her again and told her, "I am happy I was your first too baby." I told her that I knew she had seen me fucking her mom and it turned me on watching her masterbate as I fucked her mom. She said," Yes i thought I saw you looking at me it was hot. It made me so horney seeing you fucking my mom I had to masterbate." I asked her if she wanted to see that again? She said, Yes I would love to watch you again. Mom was so sexy when you were fucking her." I asked her if she liked women too. She said," I have not been with a another girl but I have wanted to try it." I asked her if she may want to try it with her mom. To be honest a plan was forming in my mind at that moment. She said," Sure I think mom is very sexy and since you were my first guy it would only make sence that mom was my first girl." I told her," I think I can make that happen baby if you want me too." She said "Yes I want to do it as long as you will be there too so we can fuck you too." I knew then that I had found the perfect f****y I was going to have both mother and daughter. She asked me if she and I could keep having sex too and I said sure we can. We got up and dressed because it was almost time for everyone else to come home. I kissed her once again and told her to be patient and I will set everything up for her to join her mother and me one day soon. I left and went home forming a plan in my head and wondering if I could also get the youngest daughter one day too.
to be continued:
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2 years ago
good story
2 years ago
Most everyone has that "first ever" fuck--most memorable!
2 years ago
2 years ago
It's the old saying families that fguck together stay together