Wanting the Wife Used.

1 Introduction:
I should explain that I am now a late 50’s, male and married to a mid-40’s female. We have been married for almost 20 years. On and off during much of this time we have been involved in swinging and swapping partners. At first I was more interested in my pleasures with the other woman but I would watch my wife in action. This included some interest she expressed in female to female contact. During this time I have seen her with a few women. It was and is very erotic. We also participated in quite a few threesomes of MFM with my wife as the meat in the sandwich. She is very oral and, while I enjoy it, I am not as interested as she is, at least as far as being sucked on. I love to go down on her though so we are both very giving in that category. Then I began noticing her enjoyment while sucking on another’s member. And the more I began watching, the more I began enjoying her enjoyment. I never thought that I would like watching someone using my woman, but as I grew older I found out I did.
I am not what you would call a cuckold, I just love the thought of someone fucking my woman. I am really turned on thinking about some one owning her as their fuck toy and whore. A couple of years ago I got her to start seeing a couple of men and told her that she was to be their sex partner and toy. She agreed and went along with it for about a year or so. But, sadly it stopped. I had an agreement with two of the guys that they would get to use her as long as they told me everything and videoed or took pics. However, one guy started having his own ideas….not part of the plan. But while it lasted it was exciting. I really wanted a man to take and own her, get her to do things she normally doesn’t do and act like a whore. I’d like to hear her offer her mouth, pussy and particularly her asshole for a man to use I wanted him to get her to do things she would hide from me but what he would record and tell me all about. This worked out twice before she stopped. But I still have hopes.
There is just something slightly perverse in watching your sweetheart nude and bending over in front of another man. I love an ass shot. I love looking at asses and women bending over. But I really love someone else looking at mine. I know there is something about seeing my woman, nude and anxious, bending over in front of another man exposing herself to his gaze. It excites me to know that the male is looking at those two secret holes of hers; thinking to himself that his hardening cock will soon be entering into her depths.
I have a particularly good video of her and a friend in the bedroom. He is adjusting the camera while she stands by ready to take his cock and cum. She looks so anxious and willing with her tits exposed the bald pussy mound visible as he adjusts the view. Then he turns to her and motions for her to assume the position on the bed. As she is climbing onto the queen-size sleigh bed, his cock comes into view in the camera and for a moment I have a beautiful view of her ass and pussy exposed as she kneels down and his erect cock sticking out and up. I imagine that it is so hard because he will be fucking both her pussy and asshole. Her pussy is clean looking like an exclamation mark, wide at the top where those lips are parted and tight at the bottom with her clit poking out. Above that is that tiny asshole, puckered and closed. I have told her that she has to offer that tiny opening to him and he so wants to push into her hole.
I can almost see the moisture seeping out of her pussy, preparing the way for the invasion that is about to come. I anticipate the moment the head of his member touches those sensitive parts of her, her secret places, and will begin to slowly inch into her, filling her up with male meat. Her head is down, resting on her elbows and her knees spread apart opening herself to him and the camera. The moment he moves behind her she signals his touch by lifting her head up and she lets out a moan as his cock f***es its way into her fuck hole. I have seen many men mount her in that position, but this video they made for me one afternoon is simply too hot and a precious memory captured on tape of my wife surrendering herself to another stiff cock.
One Over-night Visit
About ten years ago, a friend of ours who had moved away, gotten a divorce and then came back for a visit stayed with us. The wife decided she wanted to fuck him and asked if it was ok. Sure I said and we fucked her all over the place. They spent the days fucking and I joined them after work. It was heaven for her and she was constantly dripping cum. That was the first time I realized she had cock breath and I loved it.
Anyway, one night I woke up, the three of us in the same bed, and felt the wife moving and moaning. I reached over and found he was playing with her tits. Not one to miss anything I slid my hand down to grab some pussy when I suddenly found her cunt invaded and his cock moving in and out of her. Hell, I didn’t know what to do, but I did not move my hand away. Instead, I found myself holding his dick between two fingers and feeling him thrust into her and pull out as he fucked her pussy and my hand. It was hot and his member was too. I found the feeling of his hard cock between my fingers thrilling. I still don’t know if they knew my hand was holding them or not, we never mentioned it. I held on, my hand cupping her crotch and his dick sliding between two fingers until he shot his load into her and then he slowly pulled out. He was still hard and slippery wet, a mixture of pussy and cock juice coating his erection. I also noticed some of their fluid was wiped off on my fingers. There was also a slight flow of fluid once he was fully withdrawn. I rolled over and just had to smell and finally lick that mixture from my fingers. I was painfully hard and slowly drifted back off to sl**p as they continued fondeling each other. Since then I have wanted to eat her out while someone actually fucked her.
I now have this desire to have her used as a whore by a wellhung black or blacks. To have her owned and used as a cum whore and fuck toy, and taking huge cocks in her tight white asshole would be delicious. God for someone to own and share her hot cunt and dump loads of sperm in her is so fucking hot.
I have a set of her photos, contact me with a story about your owning her and I will give your the password.

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I would be very happy to share my wife's cunt with the right cock , any takers?