Training my Submissive

I wait for my submissive Trish to arrive at our place. My slave Abby sits in her chair watching me prep the Chair for my submissive for her training tonight. I set out the wrist leather restraints, and ankle restraints and rope. The blindfold is at the ready, and so is the Hitachi. In order to continue my subs training I will remove all control and build on her need to touch me and deny it. My submissive desire to kiss me and touch me has consumed her, the need for her to serve me, even just to be close to me takes over her body and mind just on the drive to our apartment. I need to see how good of a girl she can be and make her understand the level of submission I can take her too.

She finally arrives. she hugs me and hugs my slave and I see deep in her eyes her desire to rub my cock thru my pants, and the need to kiss me. So I let her kiss me once and stop her, I tell here to remove her clothes and strip naked exposing her body she is shy but eager to please me. I tell my sub to sit in the chair and look at my slave for she has the insight to my plan for this evening. My submissive is nervous, I pull her hair whisper in her ear. Its going to be alright you will not be allowed to touch me and kiss me until I say and you are going to be a good girl, right? She replies "Yes, Master". With that I put on the ankle restraints, and with the rope secure her to the chair. I then put on the wrist restraints and tell her put her hands behind her, I clip them together behind the chair. I then move to her lips and get close to kissing her, her lips are so wet and tempting. She moves to kiss me then realizes she can not and pulls her head to one side. To avoid the need to kiss me she breathes deeply and gets so close to kissing me our lips so close. I get the blindfold and put it on her, and I reassure her to trust me as she enters darkness and only hearing and feeling my body next to hers. I then move to her neck and lick and kiss it, touching her skin I feel her hips shift with pleasure and needing to touch me. I talk to her, asking do you want to kiss me? she replies Yes, Master very much. You need it, Right? She nods her head.. I grab her long brown hair and pull back and ask, What? She replies Yes, Master... I then grab her erect nipples and pinch them lightly making her squirm in the chair she whimpers and sighs. Her nipples have been ready since the time I have been playing with her for the last week and love using them to my advantage. They are in a constant state of arousal when she is with me, and she is often wet at the idea of me rubbing them. I then move to her nipples licking them and as she wants to kiss me, moving her head closer to my head in hopes I get close to her. I say if you try and kiss me I will punish you, she says Yes Master. I ask are you a good girl? She replies, I'm trying Master. I ask is a kiss worth punishment? Is it worth just one kiss? To feel my tongue touching you? our faces together? She, starts to talk but then just says I don't know Master and at this point as she starts to put her head down I am in control of her body and mind. She starts to lose complete control and submits to the darkness that the blindfold has provided her.

I kiss up and down her neck and then lean the chair back exposing her pussy to me, it's so moist. I drop down in front of her pussy and start to lick her clit as she moves and bucks my face. I then stop and move back close to her face breathing with her, touching the back on her shoulder biting it lightly. I then unhook her wrist restraints from the back of the chair and tell her to place them on her thighs. I say do not move them or you will be punished, do you understand? She says Yes Master. I then move to the kitchen and quickly prep a glass of vodka one of her favorites. With the blind fold still on she is unaware of what will happen. I bring the drink to her lips as she drinks it, and she enjoys the ice on her lips, and I take an ice cube and put it on her nipples, testing to see if she would move her hands and she did not and I said good girl. She says, Thank you Master. I then move it to her warm pussy dripping wet from the experience and place it over her pussy and she is calm. I then take a sip of the vodka and move to her lips, and kiss her filling her mouth with the vodka and tell her to kiss me back. She reaches with her head with passion so happy to kiss me takes all of my mouth and breathes so heavy into me. I feel her need, her desire so strong to consume me, to please me, to do anything I ask of her. I then take off the blind fold. Look into her eyes she is desiring me, want to touch me, I then expose her pussy and start to rub her clit and she moves her hands to mine. She says I'm sorry instantly, I'm sorry Master and I unhook her from the leg restraints and move her to couch behind her and tell her to bend over. I tell her to count, and with that I spank her bare bottom 1, her body moves to the f***e of my hand and she says 1,, 2 comes and she takes it, 3, 4 and then 5 and already her ass is red. I squeeze her ass and she takes her punishment. I then tell her to move back to the chair and tell her not to move her hands and she says Yes Master.

I put her back into the ankle restraints and hook her wrist restraints in front of her. I push her back and expose her pussy licking it, it tastes so good, and she is brought closer to the edge of cumming. She is close, so close and losing control has set back in. I have my slave Abby who has been waiting patiently to come kiss Trish, as they kiss I continue to lick and suck on her clit and slide a finger into her tight wet pussy. as I do this I can hear my girls kissing and as they are getting excited, wet together and ready to serve me. Since I know this is a first time experience for my submissive I put the blind fold back on her, and then move up to her head and lean the chair back as she is scared to fall, I tell her to trust me. I look at my slave Abby and tell her to eat Trish's pussy as I whisper Abby is licking you. Asking Trish did you want Abby's soft lips on her clit when you first saw them? She replies, Yes Master. As Abby licks her I move to kiss her and pull out my cock and put it into her mouth, she sucks my hard cock and I know she is is so close. I tell Abby to stop and wait for my instructions, I tell Abby to hand me the Hitachi and I move it into place over my subs clit and turn it on jolting my sub up off her chair. I apply it to her button spot that gives instant excitement and my sub can't take it, squirming, moaning, feeling it vibrating all over her, from the outside and in, its taking over completely. She can't hold it much longer, I slide a finger deep inside her she moans, I feel her tight pussy clamp down on me. She has limited experience and very much needs to be broken in, I feel her legs open, taking my finger, taking the vibration all over her clit, whimpering, needing the release. I kiss her as I move up her. I ask do you want to cum, Yes Master I will try she replies.. I look at her, completely immersed in this feeling, she is a puddle, she is mine. I ask who's pussy is this Sub? Yours Master she replies... I move to her ear and say Good Girl.

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very good