The Party

The Party
I had a couple of good mates when I was a student in my early twenties.
There was Roger, who had a reputation of shagging anything. When we were in clubs on the lookout for girls, we would often split groups of girls and he would always end up with the ugly one but he always managed to shag her. It wasn’t that he was particularly bad looking himself, it was just that he found the ugly ones willing and grateful.

Then there was my house mate Tim, who was no great looker but had a great sense of humour and the girls loved him.

Anyway, in college, Roger was coming in from time to time looking like he had had no sl**p at all. When we questioned him he said that he had joined a swingers club near his home in a posh part of Birmingham. Naturally we had lots of questions but he wasn’t very forthcoming on details but it was keeping him up at night. But he did say he would try to get us invited and one day we met up at the pub and he said that we should go to a particular address around 10pm.
We arrived at the house at the right time and it was enormous. The door was answered by a middle aged couple called Mike and Amy. Mike was a typical grey haired business man type in his mid forties while Amy was a petit blonde in her early forties and quite a looker. They welcomed us and showed us into a huge lounge which already had about 30 people in it, all of them old enough to be our parents or grandparents. There was furniture pushed against the walls and a table of drinks along one wall. We made a bee-line for the drinks and started making generally conversation with several guests and wondering what happens next.

At exactly midnight, Amy stood on a chair and clapped her hands to get everyone’s attention and proceeded to welcome everyone and introduced me and Tim as newcomers to everyone. Then she said “Right everyone. It’s time to start the party and get naked” at which point everyone around us stripped off including Roger who obviously knew the drill. Tim and I looked at each other and thought we’d better do the same or stand out like sore thumbs. Amy then said “today’s safe words are “one, two, three”. Anyone not heeding these words will be disqualified and may be reported to the police. Other than that, go for it and enjoy!”

There we were, all standing naked with some self consciously hiding their genitals and others proudly strutting their nudity, including some very proud erections, I noticed. People started snogging and generally rubbing bits of other people and one lady surprised me by grabbing my flaccid cock and held it tightly in her hand. We started kissing while she rubbed my cock. Next thing I know both my hands were removed from this woman’s arse and were pressed into the pussies of two other women who proceeded to use my hand to rub themselves. The woman on my right hand was getting extremely wet and slipping a couple of fingers inside was easy. I looked across at Tim and Roger. Tim had his cock stuffed in the mouth of a woman who must have been in her sixties while Roger had his face in some woman’s pussy on a sofa. It seemed that we, as the youngest members, were getting special treatment.

Whilst I was busy rubbing two pussies at the same time and having my own cock rubbed against a third pussy, I felt a tap on the shoulder. I turned around and saw our host Amy offering me a cloth bag. She grabbed my wrist from its pussy and held my hand up to her face so that she could lick the juice off my fingers, something I found very sexy, and then asked me to take a ball out of the bag. I rummaged in the bag and took out a white ball. She went around the whole room till the balls were all gone. Then standing on a chair (this time naked), she asked every man with a white ball to move to the middle of the room for a game of “pass the parcel”.

Amy announced that she was to be the parcel and the winner is the person to make her come. All the guys who had drawn the white balls stood in a circle, stiff cocks pointing inwards. There were about 10 of us. Amy explained the rules that she was to be passed from man to man without letting her touch the ground. If she touched the ground you would be out of the game. She started off in husband Mike’s arms with her legs around his waist and his cock sticking out from under her arse. When the music started, she was passed to the next guy who had to hold her with her back to him and then the next guy would have her facing him and so on. When the music stopped, whoever was holding her was allowed to slip his cock up her cunt and give her 10 thrusts while everyone else counted out loud. For those guys who held her with her back to them, two other ladies were on hand for Amy to lean on while he fucked her.

She passed in and out of my hands a few times without the music stopping but she whispered in my ears each time. “I can’t wait to feel your fat cock up me”, or “God, you make me wet”. While she was being passed around the circle, the other “spare” women were reaching around the rest of us and rubbing our cocks. The one behind me was doing a great job of keeping me on the edge and stopping just in time. One guy shot a big spurt of cum across the circle and had to be disqualified. The music eventually stopped with me. She had her legs around my waist and my cock slipped easily into her hole and with everyone counting, I gave her 10 thrusts as deep as I could go while her nails gripped onto my back. By this time she’d been fucked by all of us and some had done her 2 or 3 times. Around she went again until she stopped at a guy about 3 places to my right who had the most impressively fat cock. It wasn’t pretty being all knobbly but at least twice as thick as mine. He plunged into her from behind and by the time we counted to about 7 she let out a loud squeal and flopped against the two women holding her up. As the winner, the guy with the fat cock was allowed to do what he liked with her. He called for some rope and with the help of some other guys, including Roger, she was tied over the back of a chair with her arse in the air. Fat cock then slipped his cock back up her cunt to get himself well lubricated and then, with everyone watching, rammed her up the arse. Amy was squealing with pleasure and before long was gasping “I’m going to cum, I’m going to...I’m going to...I’m cumming!”. Meanwhile fat cock was thrusting faster and faster into her hole. He let out a series of a****l moans before pulling his cock out and spraying his cum over her back and buttocks. Several women ran forward and started to lick his cock or lick his cum off Amy’s back. While all this was going on, I had a middle aged lady on here knees in front of me with my cock in her mouth while I tried desperately to think of my football team to stop myself cumming.

After the entertainment, everybody settled into more sucking rubbing and fucking. I saw Tim now fucking the woman he was with before. She had both legs over his shoulders and was squealing like a pig.

After a few more minutes the bag of balls came round again and again I picked a white one. Again Amy stood on a chair and announced that we were to play “musical cocks”. All the 10 guys who drew the white balls were laid on our backs on the floor next to each other but alternated top to tail so there were 10 cocks pointing skywards. Then 11 girls were chosen by lot to take part. When the music started, the girls would walk around the outside of the row of guys which gave us a great view of looking up at their cunts but when the music stopped, the 11 girls would have to fight to lower themselves onto 10 cocks. In round one, a very attractive lady of about 50 with a very hairy bush quickly slipped down my length and sat there while a couple of girls wrestled over the last remaining cock. When one finally managed to impale herself, the other was eliminated and one guy was removed from the end of the row.

This went on until I was the only guy left and two women. One woman was a bit on the heavy side while the other was the same one who had grabbed my cock at the start of the evening. As the music started, looking up I could see the juice dripping out of the big lady’s cunt but the other had a nicer body. The music seemed to go on for ages and then it stopped...

There was quite a tussle going on above me with both women pushing and shoving but the one was no match for the big lady who plunged herself down onto my cock which slipped in easily. The other lady, feeling obviously disappointed, simply sat on my face and started grinding her cunt onto my mouth. As the winner, I got to do what I liked with the big lady but Amy shouted above the cheering that the runner up should be allowed to carry on for a bit. So with the big lady bouncing on my cock, I licked and sucked and nibbled the other’s cunt. She was grinding herself faster and faster with me finding it hard to keep up. Eventually she stiffened, gave out a yell and squirted onto my face. For a while I thought I might drown as it went into my mouth, up my nose and in my eyes. When she finished she flopped beside me on the floor. Amy helped me up and asked what I would like to do with the big lady. The previous winner had given me an idea and because I had never done bondage before, I asked if she could be hog tied with her legs as far apart as possible and her cunt pushed up in the air. A couple of guys seemed to know what to do and when she was done I stuck my tongue up her cunt. Then some toys were made available to me which I stuffed up her cunt. I got three dildos up her and big lady begged for more. Eventually she had 4 in her cunt and one up her arse and was going wild with pleasure. She was swearing at me to fuck her. Meanwhile the crowd had gathered around and were chanting “fuck her, fuck her, fuck her”. I told her to spit out the dildos from her cunt and arse and with a grunt, they all popped out at once. Her cunt was now a gaping hole into which I plunged my cock. Watching my cock disappear into her flesh while she could do nothing about it was such a turn on and I knew I wouldn’t last long. I pulled out and stood over her face. I grabbed the hand of one of the ladies in the crowd and placed it on my cock. She knew what to do from there and it wasn’t long before I came all over the big lady’s face with big dollops of cum. The lady whose hand I’d used wrapped her lips around my knob to clean up.

After that everyone went back to fucking, sucking and rubbing and before long I was hard again. This time a lady in her late fifties presented herself to me saying she hadn’t had any young cock in years. She was on all fours and I started fucking her from behind.

I was getting into the swing of things when I turned around to see a cock being held a couple of inches from my face. Its owner clearly had one thing in mind. I started to wonder whether to use the safe word but a part of me was curious. That was the part that won. I made sure Tim and Roger were otherwise engaged and opened my mouth to accept the cock. It tasted very strongly of cunt and was not unpleasant. In time with my cock thrusts, i dipped my head onto the cock and this went on for some time. Then without warning, I felt the cock in my mouth swell up and throb and before I could react, my mouth was filled with the guy’s hot cum. A woman who had been watching all this next to me said “god that’s so sexy, give it to me!” She kissed me and opened her mouth so that I could push all that cum into her. She suddenly froze and dug her nails into my shoulder as she came, simply by swallowing cum.

Before, I could finish off the woman I was fucking, Amy stood up again and told us we were to play “sardines”. All the guys were sent off to hide in the house. I managed to find a cupboard with a louvre door next to the kitchen. When all the guys were hidden, the girls came to find us. Eventually one peeked into my hiding place and seeing me joined me. Clearing some space, she sat on a laundry basket and said “I want some of your tongue!”. She opened her legs and f***ed me onto my knees in front of her. I started licking her out and immediately noticed that someone had already cum up her. “ Can you taste Roger on me?” she said, “he always cums gallons but I always want more”. While I was occupied, the door opened again and another woman came in. She managed to push stuff like vacuum cleaner etc out of the way and manoeuvred herself between my knees. She had to put her legs up the wall behind me to get in but before long I had my mouth licking out the first lady and my cock stuck in the face of the second and I could just about reach behind me to stick my fingers up her cunt. Both women were cumming at the same time making a huge amount of noise. This was enough to set me off again. I got them to get their heads together as I was about to cum. I spurted over both faces and lumps of cum fell onto the vacuum cleaner. I went to clean up before we left but the two women said to leave it because Amy likes to find traces of the evening around the house which she can use to masturbate over.

At the end of the evening, Mike stood up and said ”As you know, at the end of these events, the hostess gets to perform a “show fuck” with someone of her choice. This she will perform on the large dining table which we have moved to the middle of the room”. At this Amy walked among us all and when she came to me she led me by the hand to the table. I couldn’t believe my luck as Amy was by far the most attractive woman there and I really wanted to cum inside her. She stood me next to her on top of the table with my cock already semi hard and said to the guests, “I am going to fuck this cock for your pleasure. I want all of the rest of you to gather around and masturbate while we fuck, girls come to the front where we have laid out chairs for you around the table for grandstand seats. Guys, you will stand behind the girls so that you can squirt you cum over them from over their shoulders”.

With that she dropped to her knees and took my cock in her mouth. She was sensational at sucking cock and I was rock hard again in no time at all and I knew that I would not be able to stand this for long. I dropped to my knees and pushed her back so that I could lick her out and I could see some other guy’s cum oozing out of her slit. This really got me going and I buried my face in her sticky gash. She was moaning and groaning and as I looked up I was surrounded with about 15 women all rubbing their cunts furiously while the guys were standing behind them wanking hard. I reached up and pinched Amy’s nipples and her back arched upwards and she gave out a groan. I could not put it off any longer and had to get my cock up her. I shuffled up her body, nipping her with my teeth as i went which seemed to drive her wild. I lined up my cock and thrust deep inside her, taking her breath away. I settled into a steady rhythm and took the time to look at what was happening around me. Some of the women were obviously close to cumming and were groaning loadly. Some had spunk splattered down their fronts where some of the guys had found it too much.

Amy started yelling “fuck me!”, “fuck me, I’m cumming!” at which point she let out a stifled scream and went stiff under me. This seemed to be the cue for everyone else in the room to let go. The women in the front all seemed to reach orgasm at the same time, stiffening, some squirting and all moaning loadly. The guys behind all seemed to let go at once and there was spunk flying all around me. All this pushed me over the edge and I came hard up Amy’s cunt. I then did something I’ve never done before. I went down on her and licked out my own spunk from her cunt.
Roger, Tim and I could not stop giggling for the whole week before the next session.
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2 years ago
Great story. When's the next party?
2 years ago
"Musical cocks" is really sexy. I got so wet just imagining me being the winner and having to try all those cocks out for size during the game. Great story, hope it's true.
2 years ago
great story