Me, Nikki and Sam

Me, Nikki and Sam
I’m a happily married man in my 40’s and a few years ago I changed jobs. On my first day I was introduced to Nikki with whom I felt an instant kinship as we were newbies together.

Nikki was 19 at the time. Because she had a few dietary issues she was very slim bordering on, but not quite skinny. She did have a lovely figure and looked great in whatever clothes she wore to work. I would describe her as looking very like Audrey Hepburn.

We would often chat at work about home life and families etc when time allowed at work and it wasn’t long before I started to have sexual feelings towards her. In fact, while making love to my wife, I would often call Nikki to mind and it was always enough to take me over the edge into climax.

One day at the office, all the sales people were out leaving just me and Nikki and in a quiet time in the afternoon, she shyly called me over to her desk. “You’re a man. Could you help me out with some man trouble”.
“What’s the problem?”

She had been seeing a guy for a few years and had recently split up with him. He had his own house and was asking her over and wasn’t sure if she should get involved again. I said I thought she should steer well clear but the conversation carried on. Eventually, I asked had she stayed a weekend with him before, which as I asked it, I thought was like asking if she had sex with him but she just said yes. But I started to think about sex with her and was getting a little aroused and knew that the “semi” I was getting must be starting to show. Because there’s a devil in me, I turned slightly sideways to her in the hope that it would make her wonder if I had an erection or not. I got a bit braver with the questions:
“Do/did you have sex with him?”,”How was it”, “did it give you what you wanted” etc and she answered very matter of factly. By now I had a raging hard-on which I didn’t want to shock her with seeing so I took a step sideways to stand behind the chest-high screen that surrounded her desk on two sides. With my arms laid nonchalantly along the top of the screen I could rub my crotch against the screen, without her seeing, while continuing the conversation. I was finding it hard to string a sentence together by this time and the more explicit the talk the harder it became. Eventually I had to do something about it. I took a furtive look down the corridor that lead to the toilets to make sure the coast was clear and then excused myself because I need to pee. A quick swivel behind the screen meant that Nikki couldn’t see the bulge in my trousers as I exited the room.

I locked myself in a toilet cubicle, pulled out my cock and with just a few strokes came with such a f***e it was hard to stifle a groan. The first two spurts hit the back of the cubicle door and I tried to catch the rest of my spunk in my hand. God I felt better for that. I cleaned myself up (and the door) and returned to the office. The phone was ringing as I stood in front of Nikki and said we should continue this discussion later on and I went back to my desk. At the same time Nikki got up to go to the ladies. While she was gone, I glanced down at my dark grey trousers and was horrified to see a large dollop of spunk on the front of my trousers next to my zip. It must have been on the back of my hand as I stuffed my half erect penis back in my pants and I hadn’t noticed it but there was no way she could have missed it as I stood in front of her.
When Nikki came back after a few minutes, she definitely had a flush about her and I concluded that she too must have just had a wank in the Ladies room. At least, I like to think so. We didn’t say any more about any of this for a while but it always made me horny thinking about it.

A few months later, I came into the office to find that Nikki had a new starter to help her out. She was called Sam and was very pretty with perfect skin and a lovely curvy figure. She often wore white linen trousers which were see-through enough to show her white thong beneath. Working with her, she always looked deeply into your eyes when talking to you which always got my crotch stirring. Eventually, I was having fantasies about both of these girls.

One day I needed help sorting boxes out in our storeroom and I asked both Nikki and Sam if they would mind helping me. They both obliged and we spent half an hour or so shifting boxes around. Both girls were bending down so that I could see down their tops, or in front of me so that their beautiful bums were in front of me.
“let’s take a break” I said and we all sat down on various boxes, the two girls sitting opposite me. Then I don’t know what came over me....
“I’m embarrassed to say that I find both of you girls adorable and sexy and would you mind if I masturbated in front of you?”

There was a shocked silence for a moment and I thought “what have I done!”. Nikki and Sam looked at each other for a moment with dropped jaws then Nikki turned to me and said brightly “fine”. I had my cock out in a flash and it was already pointing up at the two girls opposite me. I started rubbing my cock very slowly as i thought I might come really quickly and I wanted to savour the moment of having two beautiful girls watching me wank. They watched in silence at first, not moving but then I noticed Sam shifted slightly and surreptitiously gave her crotch a quick rub, then another, then she gave up any pretence and started openly rubbing her pussy through her trousers. Nikki looked at her friend for a moment and started doing exactly the same. So there were the three of us all wanking together and this carried on for about 5 or 10 minutes with me constantly on the edge of cumming at this amazing sight.

Sam took the lead again. She stood up and dropped her trousers and pants to her ankles. I had to think of the 1966 football team to stop myself cumming at the sight of here nicely trimmed but hairy pussy. She sat down and her hand plunged back in. Then Nikki got up and dropped her trousers and panties to her ankles too and started again wanking furiously. I must admit, I felt a bit overdressed with my cock sticking out of my trousers but thought I might kill the moment if I dropped mine. I shuffled forward to get a better view of these two wanking beauties and had my left knee between Nikki’s knees and my right knee between Sam’s.

We carried on like this for a while and I noticed Nikki’s breathing was getting a bit ragged so I was concentrating on her hand in her pussy where she had at least two fingers inside her hole and rubbing furiously. She lifted her backside off the box she was sitting on and slowly moved it higher and higher. Eventually she was bent backwards with her pussy high in the air right in front of my face as her body went into the spasm of orgasm and she let out a deep growling groan from the back of her throat. As it subsided she sat back down with her eyes still shut gently rubbing her pussy. I couldn’t hold off any longer as I felt that warm glow spreading through my balls. “I’m cumming!!” I shouted just as the first spurt hit Nikki on the face and neck. I changed direction and the second spurt hit Sam in the abdomen and splashed onto her wanking hand and I was groaning loudly as the rest splattered onto the floor. Sam changed hands so that she could lick the spunk off her hand and carry on wanking with the other. Within a few rubs, she let out a stifled squeal as she came and her arse was bucking up and down with her orgasm.

When we had all calmed down, we looked at each other nervously, not knowing quite what to say. All I could say, stupidly, was thank you before I quickly dressed myself and left the room.

We didn’t talk about this for a few weeks after and it was all rather awkward. Then one day, Nikki said she need some help moving boxes around in the storeroom and would I help. With mounting excitement, I went to the storeroom to find Sam already there sitting on top of a pyramid of boxes about head high. “Hi” she said brightly as I walked in. Nikki followed me in and locked the door. She took my hand and lead me towards the boxes so that I was facing Sam and then sat herself down on a lower box in front of me. Within a flash she had my zip down and her hand inside my pants. “we really enjoyed our last session but we felt we needed more” said Nikki. “ Yes, our cunts were so wet that we had to finish each other off after you left” said Sam. This talk made me rock hard. Nikki pulled my cock out and clamped her mouth around it and at the same time released my belt and pulled down my trousers. She was really giving my cock some sucking and with her hands on my buttocks was pulling me forward and back so that I was fucking her mouth with lots of slurping noises. Meanwhile, Sam had managed to wriggle out of her trousers and was fiddling with her pussy just a few inches from my face. Needless to say I didn’t waste any time getting my tongue into her wet crack. Looking down, there was the erotic sight of Nikki with my cock in her mouth while she had her skirt up around her waist and a hand inside her knickers rubbing her twat.

Sam was starting to groan loadly and had her hands clamping my head to her pussy, grinding her cunt onto my face. “I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum! I’m CUMMING!” Then, just like before, she started shuddering and bouncing as her orgasm took over. As she calmed down, she grabbed my face in both hands and licked her juices off my very wet face.
Nikki saw this as a sign to change tack. She stood up and bent forward in front of me so I pulled down her thong and slipped my cock into her very wet pussy hole. She gasped, I gasped, even Sam gasped watching and carried on rubbing her clit.

“Fuck me!” Nikki pleaded as i pumped into her. “you can’t image how much spunk I’ve spilt dreaming about fucking you” I said “every time you walk past me I get hard imagining fucking you”. I put my hand up her shirt and grabbed her tits and pinched the nipples. “Tell me how you wank thinking about me” she said. I told her how I had had to go for a wank that time in the office after our talk. “I knew it! When I saw that spunk on your trousers” she said. “I was so turned on imagining what you had just done, I had to hurry off for a wank myself. I’m surprised you didn’t hear me when I came” she said between gasps as i plunged into her. Then we both heard Sam squeal as she came again, her cunt wide open next to my face as i fucked Nikki. That pushed Nikki over the edge into an orgasm bucking under me as I tried to keep my cock inside her because my orgasm was very close. I just yelled “here it comes!” and squirted into Nikki’s pussy.
Nikki flopped forward exhausted in front of me and Sam climbed down off the boxes saying “you’re not finished yet. My cunt is sopping wet and needs some of what she’s just had. By this time she was standing naked in front of me and dropped to her knees taking my semi flaccid cock into her mouth. “God I love the taste of Nikki’s pussy and your cum” she said between slurps.

My knees were trembling after standing all through these events and I had to lie down taking Sam with me. We did this manoeuvre without Sam once removing her mouth from my now hard cock. I was lying on my back and at last she let go, swinging her leg over me and sliding her soaked cunt down onto my cock. She immediately started bouncing around on my cock making it really difficult for me to stay inside her. Eventually she settled down into a panting rhythm so I relaxed a bit and closed my eyes to enjoy the sensation.

Then I felt something drip onto my face. I opened my eyes to see that it was my own spunk dripping out of Nikki’s cunt which was hovering a few inches above my face. All my Christmases came at once. I had a hot babe bouncing around on my cock and another one sitting on my face. I was so turned on by that taste of Nikki’s cunt and my own cum that I couldn’t hold back any longer and spurted into Sam’s cunt too, my groans muffled by Nikki’s pussy.

Nikki remained grinding her cunt onto my face as I felt Sam leave my cock. I heard her walk around in front of Nikki and I watched as she ground her cunt into nikki’s face. Nikki was slurping at Sam’s cunt and I was slurping at Nikki’s . First to cum was Sam, squealing and shaking in her usual way and I could see my cum dribbling down the inside of her thighs as Nikki pressed her face to her cunt.

Nikki wasn’t far behind. She lifted herself off my face slightly so that I could only just reach her pussy lips and clit with my outstretched tongue. She then went rigid and shouted “Oh god, I’m gonna squirt!” and then proceeded to drench my face. All this cumming of the girls gave me just enough of a hard-on to want another orgasm so I stood up and asked both girls to play with my balls while I wanked (just a few dribbles left, admittedly) over their faces.

I can’t write any more as I have a hand on my cock. Just recalling these events has given me such a hard-on that I have to go for a wank now. I hope you enjoy my experience.
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3 years ago
loved this story. Wish I was one of the girls.
3 years ago
Awesome story!
3 years ago
that had me hard from start to finish