Wifes Panties She knows..

I have always wanted to be caught. She doesn't know Im sniffing her panties every day. I time my escapades to match her schedule, and I always get rewarded with her cotton panties and the warm damp scent the hold. I am actually wearing a pair of hers right now...I can feel the wetness on my shaved ass as I am sitting.
Last week while we were traveling to visit her friend from college. We were staying at Pauls house, he hosted a nice party for us and 2 of his clients, after the fun they all had to travel out of town and left us there for the remainder of the weekend.My wife was really happy to see her friend, and had alot to drink, even with that i couldn't get her to fuck me, but i managed to talk her into showering before bed. As soon as she removed her clothes and went into the bathroom, I headed for her panties. They were purple and had a nice big stain from her pussy right in the middle...I was so horny and a bit d***k too that I just took off my clothes and layed on the sofa. My smooth cock was hard and leaking, it was so hot.
When the shower was over i heard her open the door to the bathroom open, she walked by the sofa and looked at me,she said wow are you jerking off out here all by yourself? I admitted I was a little horny. She sat down and started a conversation like nothing had happened...I was naked and hard and she was naked under the towel, and we were just talking...it was weird and yet liberating, i enjoyed it, and she didn't seem to mind me stroking while i was talking to her. She told me how she remembered fooling around with Paul and some of their sexual adventures.It was before we were married and i didn't mind...I asked her it if got her excited, and she said yes that she felt her panties get a bit wet. As soon as she said that I got up from the sofa and went to the pile of her dirty clothes. I picked up her panties and walked back to the sofa. There on the sofa right in front of her i began to do what i had fantasized about for almost 20 yrs, I sniffed her panties and masturbated in front of my wife. The look in her eyes showed disgust and anger briefly and being as open as she is she looked at me and asked if they smelled good.. I showed her the wet spot and she said, "yep that's my pussy" always wet...
I stopped for a bit, I didn't want to come yet.. She let the towel fall open as she was talking and asking probing questions, I told her about my panty fetish and she seemed really understanding about it...I kept looking at her pussy and tits, and I said that after all these years of marriage i still found her body hot,and I said i jerked off almost daily using her panties and some of the nude pics we took of each other a few years ago...she said she masturbated too, but not every day, she then said that she was getting turned on watching me stroke and I asked if she wanted me to keep going...as she said yes I took her panties and brought them to my nose, and I inhaled and licked those panties,she was spreading her legs as she sat across from me and was slowly rubbing her pussy,,it was too much for me to see, I felt my orgasm begin and I brought the pantie gusset down to my cock head and then like a waterfall it started coming, i drenched her panties, come flew everywhere, she even let out a little squeak of astonishment..when i finished,i put her panties back in the pile of dirty clothes. I smiled and told her how exciting that was, and she agreed as well. I asked of she was ok with what I did with her panties, and she said yes and that she kinda knew i was sniffing them, that she had read about it in one of her magazines and she thought it was no big deal.
Now when ever I need to masturbate, I will just go to the hamper and take her panties out and come in them. She washes them and puts them away, no problems.. It has been really exciting to be changing together and to watch her get undressed, and then she puts her panties on the bed, I literally go over and pick them up look her in the eyes and sniff them right there.

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5 months ago
8 months ago
Thanks prair...
8 months ago
cool you are very lucky! thanks for sharing!
8 months ago
Thanks for sharing that sexy intimate moment between you and your wife. Glad you are still communicating together like that! Wonderful. Keep having fun!
8 months ago
im glad you enjoyed it
8 months ago
Makes it so much beter when your wife enjoys you sniffing her panties. My wife knows I do it with hers.