I love watching my Wife have sex with Other Men

Wow, where do I start? Well we are a white couple from NH that has been married about 50 years. I talked my wife into having sex with a black friend about 15 years ago. We first met at a restaurant that was convenient to all of us and had a drink and sandwich. She was wearing a summer like dress and wearing no panties. When he arrived I met him and I sat on one side and that left him next to my wife. Small talk ensued and he was nervous as were we, but my wife took his hand and placed it on her leg so he could tell she was not wearing panties. He like froze, looked at both of us, so I excused myself and went to the men’s room. In the meantime9I found out, my wife took his hand and placed it on her bare pussy. I got back to the table in maybe 5 minutes and I could tell by the look on both their faces that it was going well.
We ate our small lunch, finished our drink and left. Once outside, I asked him if he wanted to get together with my permission and he replied “yes” and she thanked him as she kissed him and they both felt each other up which was HOT.
So, we left but talked on the phone a little later to set something up. We decided on the next night at a local upscale hotel. We also discussed sex and agreed that he should wear a condom.
Well, my wife and I got a real nice room for the next night and called him letting him know the room number etc. We reminded him to bring condoms and he thanked us.
My wife was very nervous but at the same time very excited as she had never been with another man, let alone a black man. We got to the room and she got ready for him, including an open tip bra, nightie, and again no panties. We made ourselves a martini and waited nervously. Then the knock on the door came. I went to the door and opened it and “Frank” came in.
I welcomed him and the wife did also from the couch. He said he wanted to take a quick shower, so that’s what happened.
When he came out of the bathroom after the shower, He obviously was hard as one can possibly get. It was the first time my wife or myself had seen a black cock, let alone one at full attention. He obviously was bigger than me in all ways, length and real thick.
He looked at the wife and said “are you going to stay there or can we use the bed?” She was just stunned because of what she was looking at. She got up and walked over to him and they immediately kissed passionately and were feeling each other up.
That’s when I realized that it was going to happen and real soon. As they laid on the bed, I went to our camera bag and got the camera out as he had agreed to pictures. By the time I got the camera ready and turned around, He had slipped his cock into her and was already almost buried. I started taking several pictures and was really turned on watching them to be honest.
I knew my wife came 3 or 4 times when about 15 or 20 minutes after they started, It was obvious that he was going to cum, Then as I’m watching and taking pictures I realized that he was not wearing a condom at all. I have to admit that I was naïve and did not know what to do, as I’m trying to decide, he starts Cumming while deep inside her pussy.
Then like an idiot I said to both of them “I just realized that you did not wear a condom” and I was slightly pissed and very nervous. He rolled off her and his cum was everywhere on his cock and literally flowing out of my wife’s pussy.
Frank spoke first and apologized by saying that he was very sorry but he got caught in the heat of the moment, but I could clearly see that he was getting hard again. I then asked my wife if she knew he wasn’t wearing one, she said she realized it shortly after they started, however it felt so good that she did really not want to stop it and she also admitted that like me, she did not know what to say to him at that point.
I was stunned as she had just had sex with another man which I really wanted and let him cum inside her( which I have to admit was extremely HOT.). I was upset a little but puzzled as how I should handle it.
My wife started playing with his cock and he played with her pussy while deeply kissing each other.
I was still stunned and all of a sudden my wife asked if they could fuck again. He was practically on top her then, and before I got a chance to answer, he said to me”I have a condom in my jeans so I will get it if you let us fuck again”
I could easily tell that they both wanted to fuck again and after hearing my wife say how good it felt the first time when he was bare and came in her, I said to them,” why bother with the condom now as it’s a little late”. He mumbled something as she guided his cock into her pussy.
This time it went over 20 minutes and he came in her again. They lay together for another 20 minutes at least before he rolled off. Of course she was again filled with his cum.
Now, I have to admit that even though I was upset, I was also turned on. I asked him to leave so we could discuss the events and he did, again apologizing for the no condom sex again.
They hugged and kissed after he dressed and I asked my wife as to what the hell just happened. She told me that she was sorry but it felt way too good to stop once it started.
We started kissing and playing with each other and I realized that I loved the feeling of her cum filled pussy and also her “well fucked” look and the smell of sex.
We got on the bed, played some more, and she took my cock and guided into her pussy. It was the BEST feeling ever to be honest. I only lasted a few minutes before I shot my load in her also.
We did this one more time that night and I have to admit that I loved it.
She asked me the next morning if I thought they should meet again and I actually said “YES” as long as I could always be there, so she called him and asked if he liked it and wanted to meet again. He said he loved it and wanted to know if I still insisted on a condom that he was sorry.
She asked me and I said, “why, he already came in you twice” She thanked me and told him no but that I was unhappy that he did not wear one. He once again told her to tell me that it was an accident and he was sorry, as did she.
They decided to get together again at our house that weekend which I agreed to. They continued at least once weekly get togethers for more than 10 years. During that time we all got comfortable with everyone and I couldn’t help but notice that each and every time he would like to pull out just long enough for me to see that he indeed came in her again and I swear there was a hint of a smile on his face as he did that. It turned out that I loved watching them and actually loved seeing him shoot his load into her. Of course I became a “sloppy second” lover also.
After about 8 years Frank called one day and said he had a limo run up near our area and wanted to know if she could help him break the limo in. The sex between them was incredible to say the least. The smell of sex filled the limo and I was able to get some real good pictures. When he finally pulled out and she was cleaning him up, Frank and I started talking about the two of them becoming nsa friends and everything. All of a sudden I found myself asking about that first night and what really happened with the no condom sex. He surprised me when he came out and told me that he had brought condoms but as he was showering he decided he was going to fuck her without one as he loves Cumming inside a white wife especially if the husband sees it. That’s why he was thrilled when I was getting my camera out and he realized it was his chance to at least start fucking her without one. As time went on and nobody said anything to him he decided to go all the way and finish inside her pussy. He also claimed he told her right before climaxing that he wanted to do that and she grabbed him tighter as to pull him in deeper and they both climaxed at the same time. Then he says he heard me ask him about not using a condom, so he knew it was apparent as to me what he had done and he rolled off the wife exposing cum everywhere in volumes. That’s when he decided to say it was a heat of the moment thing and he was sorry. He also said that it was sort of a man thing to fuck another man’s wife and finish in her pussy with the husband watching. It really turns him on and that’s why he always made sure I could see his cum in her pussy every time.
Well this continued for more than 2 years more and for a while it got up to 3 or more visits a week, sometimes calling her at 4am asking if he could stop by for a while. She would always go to the door to let him in wearing a sexy nightie, open bra, no panties and heels. After a kiss and some hugging she would lead him up to our bedroom for playing. On one visit midmorning, she let him in and again they started kissing, only this time she also played with his cock. Like a bolt of lightning, Frank stripped and started fucking her on the love seat directly in front of a large picture window and the door was open also. I got the door shut went and found my camera and I could hear them while I was getting it. I rushed down, got a few pics just as he was shooting his load in her. Even though we lived on a cul-de-sac, I was very nervous about someone seeing them so I was very glad when he pulled out and wiped them both off some with his T shirt and headed up to the master bedroom.
After a total of more than 10+ years, they called it off as Frank had gotten married and wanted to start a f****y. I can tell you that his visits are surely missed. Every detail in this story is the absolute truth.

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1 month ago
wow hot!!!!
4 months ago
Yup! Lucky people to have such a relationship and your story doesn't sound like those others that deny and belittle their husbands. This kind of story is completely believable, that's what's so good about it! Thanks for sharing!
4 months ago
intersting hot
6 months ago
Wow you two are very lucky!!! I wish my wife would fuck a bbc & let him fill her pussy with his cum and I could have sloppy seconds!!!!
7 months ago
Thank you, also a very very true story :-)
7 months ago
hot story