Hampsted Village (Part 1)

Chapter 1

She watched the movers unloading the two large tractor trailers into the stately Georgian style house across the street. The Chilton home wasn't on the market for very long despite the weak housing market. With its old growth trees lining the streets and the majestic plantation style manors, this quiet little golf course community in an upscale suburb of Atlanta was the kind of place young southern belles dream about. She watched the parade of people going through the home, and she could always tell the gawkers from the buyers. In the end, like just about everything in town, it came down to who you know. There was no way that she wasn’t going to have a say in who would live across the street. She was anxious to greet the new owners but they had yet to show themselves.

She followed the turning heads of the movers down the block and smiled when she saw the beautiful raven haired Katherine (Kat to her friends) Mitchell on her morning jog around the neighborhood. She was one of the younger wives in the area, and she was quite the spectacle in her skimpy jogging shorts that hardly covered her round bottom and the poor sports bras that tried to control those big bouncing breasts of hers. Kat wasn't naïve and rather liked the stares of the old retirees when she jiggled past and she especially liked the less subtle whistles and crass comments of the workers maintaining the old mansions.

She watches Kat from the window, appreciating the beauty and raw sexiness of the young woman. The tanned skin glowing with beaded sweat, her long black hair bouncing behind her like the tail of a proud philly. Speaking of tails, the neighborhood flirt's ass was a flawless mix of size, jiggle and tone under the loose rounded jogging shorts. The slightest hint of the fold of skin where her jutting round ass returns to kiss her legs peeks out from the shorts every few steps. From her perch on the second floor veranda, the watcher can also see the long wide cleavage crevasse between the two bouncing breasts. A few of the wives secretly accuse her of having fake ones, but they are far too bouncy and free to be silicone.

As for the lady taking all of this in, she is the unofficial queen of all she surveys from her stately castle. President of the Homeowner's Association, on the board of the golf and hunt club, accomplished businesswoman and the daughter of one of the oldest and most respected families in the state, she was locally famous. Her f****y name was on the charter of the state and her forefathers have held offices in the capitol and in Washington. Mrs. Margaret Winthrop-Miles certainly showed the benefits of such breeding. With deep red hair and hypnotic green eyes, Margaret rarely ever needed to do more than curl up her full lips in a smile and she got whatever she wanted. It didn't hurt of course that she was endowed with a pair of unbelievably large and firm breasts. A few faint freckles bellying her f****y's Anglo origins only served to draw more attention to the abundant cleavage that appeared in everything she wore. This morning her heavy breasts were resting against her firm tummy. A particular point of pride for her since she it had once housed her three c***dren. Without the support of her custom bras, her breasts bounced freely under her silk robe as she walked down the wide central staircase into the foyer. Her full hips and round ass barely contained by her robe, and the strain of the silk across the back drew the front open wide revealing a faint tuft of matching auburn pubic hair above the puffy pale lips of her womanhood.

The two older women who helped out in the house were used to seeing her in such a state and hardly ever look up unless she addresses them first. It took some getting used to when her last helper died and she was f***ed to accept the fact that she had to get a Spanish speaker or a Russian since that was all that would do the job. Her last maid was almost a second mother, she was with Margaret's mother when Margaret was born and she came with Margaret when she got married. Margaret still got sad when she allowed herself to think of Ella for too long. The Mexicans were quiet and discrete and did a good job of keeping the place up, but she still hoped one day to find someone like Ella that she could hire to help her own daughters. Margaret benefited greatly from Ella's help and she hated to think of depriving her beautiful princesses of such a service. Little did Margaret know that the goings on behind the closed doors of lily white "Hampsted Village" was common knowledge in the apartments that housed the "domestics". They knew that Hampsted Village was far less pure and tranquil than it appeared from the street.

Chapter 2

Across the street a petite buxom blonde was comparing numbered boxes with a spreadsheet and directing a large crew of sweaty movers to various wings of the sprawling house. She offered them water and her gratitude, but most of them found inspiration in the young woman’s body. The strapless sundress came only to the middle of her shapely pale thighs and did nothing to contain her ample breasts. She had a tank top style bra to help support the weight of her breasts, but it also mashed them together and began pushing more and more pale breast flesh out the top. Beads of sweat ran down her neck as well and collected on her breasts making them shimmer. Occasionally she would catch the problem and pull her dress top up, but she was losing the battle.

She wished more than anything that her new husband could be here to help, but she was trying to understand her new role as a wife. Ever since they’d move south after graduation, things seemed so surreal. Katie Lynn Frasier was a Midwestern girl, and certainly not from the kind of old f****y money her husband was. Her accent made her an easy target for a never ending stream of “Yankee” jokes, and she could hardly understand the older black staff that worked at her in-law’s house. It was like a different country in the south, and that included the language. Still she wished that Jackson didn’t have to work so much. Her momentary lapse into a daydream of their beautiful honeymoon was interrupted by the loud dragging muffler of a work truck pulling into the driveway across the street.

She watched as a shirtless broad shouldered black man stepped out and stretched. A large belly strained against the front of his overalls, and as he turned towards the house became visible through the open sides. His manboobs resting on top of his belly like a pregnant woman’s. His arms seemed cartoonishly massive as did his hands. He walked slowly up the pavers and entered the house without even knocking.

Jackson was kind of weird when he talked about their new neighbor. She was an old f****y friend who had more money than God and not so secretly ran the town. Apparently it was a big deal for such a young couple to be moving into this neighborhood and it was thanks to her that Katie got her dream house. She wanted to go over and introduce herself, but Jackson told her to stay away until he could go with her. It was kind of weird how that guy just walked in, but Katie had given up trying to figure this place out a long time ago. Jackson said that his parents were arranging a big introduction party for the neighbors at their house in a few days. Luckily all Katie had to do was be there to let in the staff and everything would be handled.

She took another look around at her new world and sighed contentedly. She missed having her folks around, but Jackson promised he would fly them down to visit all the time. She walked back into the house, her sundress blowing in the sweet flowery breeze and giving some hidden viewer a nice view of a big round butt in pair of cute boy short panties. The sundress left nothing to the imagination when it came to the new girl’s ample bosom, but its baggy lines hid her narrow waist and wide womanly hips.

“Miss Margaret I believe she gonna make a nice addition to yo stable” came the deep gravelly voice of the driver of the work truck. His breathing heavy and growing more rapid as he sprawled across the chaise lounge on the veranda hidden by the leaves of a huge sycamore tree.

His overalls were balled up on the rug and between his tree trunk thighs was Margaret Winthrop-Miles slowly and serenely slurping and sucking up and down the length of the commoner’s enormous black cock. His legs too thick to part fully, she kneels cramped between them as she worships his cock. Her beautiful full tits mashed against his sweaty skin, his heavy hairy balls resting atop them. His hands tangled in her trademark hair pulling her mouth down on his fat cock. “Shhhhhit Miss Margaret you still the best white cocksucker in this county!” His words were accented by the enthusiastic and certainly undignified symphony of whimpers, gags and moans coming from Margaret. Grunting, thrusting and grabbing he fed her his cock until it was dripping with the aristocrat’s saliva. Running down his ebony shaft over his wrinkled balls and back onto his host’s bouncing tits. He held her head down with both hands, his eyes locked on the spectacle of this pillar of the community with his unwashed cock buried completely down her throat. He pumped the last fattest inches back and forth through her plump lips while the head stretched her well trained throat. He watched as her eyes rolled back and her face turned a deeper and deeper shade of red. He could feel her going limp on his cock, but still he held her down. At what could have been her last moment he quickly pulled her off, soliciting a loud gurgling gasp from Margaret who collapsed on the floor at his feet. She lay there gasping, her massive breasts heaving as she reinflated her lungs. Her assailant was a local character by the name of Jericho “Boss” Tucker. He laughed as Margaret clawed her way up his legs slowly and with a flushed smile. Her mascara so carefully applied, now running down her cheeks. The special shade of red lipstick she always wore for his visits now a massive smear across her chin and cheeks. He smacked her playfully with his slimy cock and gathered up the slack in her leash. As he stood he yanked it taut and used the slack to slap her round ass roughly with the leather. As he led her into the bedroom and closed the French doors he spied the young round girl across the street and smiled.

Chapter 3

As the last of the boxes were being unpacked and the furniture assembled and placed according to the diagram Katie had prepared weeks ago. She may not have come from money, but she was getting used to having it. She couldn’t have been happier seeing it all come together before her. Her mother-in-law had much more of a say in the décor than Katie herself, but since Mrs. Buffy Frasier was footing the bill, young Katie didn’t put up much of a fight. Truth is, Katie was a smart girl with a political-science degree from Duke and she knew when she was in over her head. She was also only 22 and the only piece of furniture she ever bought on her own was a futon for her room in the sorority house. Katie had really come to like and depend on Buffy since Jackson was always working at his father’s law firm.

Buffy was another of the white glove and big hat set, always having teas and luncheons or playing golf and bridge at the country club. She was blonde with pale blue eyes and porcelain skin. Her tall stature gave away the long thin legs she kept hidden above the knee with her trademark Chanel skirt suits. Her toned calves were always complimented by tasteful but sexy heels and fine silk stockings. She had a dry sarcastic sense of humor that Katie adored. She was so worldly yet folksy at the same time, and Katie had seen her use her southern belle charm when schmoozing with her husband’s friends at the club or flirting with the young college boys working there. She was full of life and lessons, and Katie was soaking everything in.

Katie’s nervous thoughts about the way Buffy would view her design choices were interrupted by a tap on her shoulder. A deep voice startled her. “I hope my guys took care of you today Mrs. Frasier.” Katie turned and stood face to mid chest with a handsome black gentleman. He was a powerfully built man in his late 20s early 30s with a broad smile framed by shoulder length dreadlocks. He was dressed impeccably in a tailored shirt which hugged his broad shoulders and muscular arms. He smiled down at the startled young white woman “I’m Marcus Tucker from the moving company. I just wanted to come by and make sure you were well taken care of.” As he enjoyed the bird’s eye view of her massive tits spilling out of her sundress he imagined just how well he would take care of a prissy white wife like her. He made no attempt to hide his lecherous appraisal young Katie’s gifts as he extended his large hand to her.

Katie noticed him looking down her top, just like a million other guys have in her life. She noticed how small her hand felt in his and looked down at his long manicured fingers engulfing her soft white hand. He stared at her for an uncomfortable second before Katie snapped back and responded. “Oh! Sorry! It’s been a long crazy day. Ummm yes, yes, your guys did excellent work. Thank you so very much.” Katie had given up the handshake, but her hand was still trapped in his.

“I’m very happy to hear you say that Katie. Please tell Buffy that, because she’s been riding me for weeks about this. That woman can be a real hell raiser when she doesn’t get what she wants. You must be something special, because the other Mrs. Frasier doesn’t get this worked up about many things.” He gave Katie her hand back and smiled his most charming smile. Katie found it hard to maintain his penetrating gaze for more than a few seconds and found things to divert her attention towards while talking with Marcus.

Her hand almost tingled from his touch, and she felt even more flushed than normal before him. “Well you needn’t worry about Buffy. You will get nothing but glowing reviews from me. Can your men accept tips? Or is there a pizza place or somewhere that delivers here so I can feed your men?” Katie had already scrapped the romantic dinner for two she was cooking after she got the call from Jackson telling her he had to work late on a brief.

“As for the tips, I can only say that Miss Buffy has already taken good care of me and my guys. I’m also afraid I will have to decline dinner. I’m sure you and your husband don’t need us hanging around on your first night in your new home.” He winked at her and stifled a laugh through a smile when he thought of Jackson Frasier trying to please a woman like this. He knew Jackson and also knew that the tall skinny white boy had no idea what to do with a woman like her.

Katie rolled her eyes and smiled acknowledging the implied reference to sex with her husband and blushed. “Nothing to interfere with tonight unfortunately. Mr. Frasier is working late for the 10th straight night. I understand though, and I really do appreciate all your help.” Katie and Marcus began walking towards the front door. She felt so small and protected next to the huge rugged stranger. Katie walked slightly ahead giving Marcus a chance to watch her wide hips and round ass in motion. Katie looked back almost catching him when she turned and opened the door. “Thanks again Mr. Tucker. It was very nice meeting you.” She extended her hand for a typically cold yankee handshake, but instead Marcus gently grabbed and turned her hand and lifted it towards his full smiling lips.

With a gentle kiss that sent tingles up Katie’s arm he smiled down at the young woman. Her upper chest and neck were now flushed and her breathing more rapid. “Gotcha bitch!” Thought Marcus, but played it smooth and cool. “This place doesn’t deliver, but I know you got GPS in that Rover, so look up Cassie’s Kitchen on Route 58. They have the best food in the county, but don’t come if you aint hungering for some real southern cookin.” He smiled again and released her hand, touching her exposed upper arm and staring into her eyes before turning to leave.

Katie watched him walk away in the dancing shadows of the sunset through the trees. She watched for a much longer time than was appropriate for a married woman to watch another man. Her mind was blank, but her body still tingled everywhere he had touched her and in a few places he had not. She slowly closed the door and leaned back against it. Before her lay a sprawling palace, but she was all alone behind its walls.

Chapter 4

Driving through the tangled freeways of the city was proving too much for Katie to do, even with her GPS trying to help. After Marcus had left she couldn’t face the prospect of staying alone in the house on her first night so she decided she would surprise Jackson at the office with a picnic. And if the circumstances were right, she hoped to get a little frisky with her groom. Katie wasn’t typically a horny girl, but tonight she was quite in the mood. She couldn’t even fight the urge to touch herself in the shower. While she lathered her heavy tits and massaged her throbbing clit, she thought of her honeymoon. She thought of the first time Jackson made love to her. She thought of Brad Pitt. She thought of Marcus? Her eyes opened at the jarring image playing out in her mind and felt compelled to stop, but her body tipped over the edge and she came hard thinking of the tall dark stranger she’d met only minutes ago. She ignored the thoughts while hurriedly dressing and putting together the picnic basket. She immersed herself in an imagined rush. It was harder to ignore the thoughts though while driving into the city alone. When she finally arrived outside the skysc****r that housed her husband’s firm, she was flustered and confused and more aroused than she’d ever been.

The older security guard smiled and waved at the young blonde as she walked through the revolving door and into a waiting elevator. He recognized her as the hot shot k**’s new wife. He noticed the sexy little thing the first time he brought her into the building. He switched over to the camera in the elevator she was riding and smiled as he zoomed and focused. She was wearing a plain white tank top with some sort of strapless bra underneath that was about to push her huge boobs right out of the top. He zoomed in tight and gripped the twitching bulge lying on his thigh under the desk. Drooling over the 8 inches of pale cleavage above the neckline of the tank top and then noticing the unmistakable lumps of her plump nipples straining under the two thin layers of fabric. His jaw dropped at his luck when he saw her put the basket down and begin pinching and pulling on the lumps. Working her nipples and leaning against the back of the car to support her shaky legs. She appeared to shake herself out of whatever sexual dreamland she was in and almost on cue Katie bent over to check the basket one more time, and gave the old guard a perfect shot of her round ass and pale thighs. The short shorts had no chance of containing her bountiful womanly blessings. As she rummaged in the basket the guard rummaged in his pants and fished out a large semi hard cock while he hit record on the camera. When the door opened and the boss’ daughter walked out, the guard hit replay and began enjoying the show all over again.

Less than 10 minutes later he was surprised to see her back in the elevator heading his way. Her ponytail was crooked and her top untucked. She didn’t have a basket this time, and as soon as the doors closed her freed hands went to work. She pulled the tank top down quickly and her now braless titties spilled out lying against her tummy. One hand quickly began pinching, twisting and pulling the thickest pair of nipples the guard had ever seen. The other hand was wiggling up the leg and in the crotch of her shorts. She worked at herself feverishly until she began to shake and fell to the floor.

Katie’s attempt to find satisfaction and bring happiness to her husband had landed flat. He was too busy to eat, but when Katie offered herself up Jackson jumped at the chance. Clumsily pawing and fumbling before finally entering his wife. Katie moaned loudly, finally receiving the relief she so desperately and suddenly needed. She lay back across his desk looking up at the thin fair skinned man she married and feeling him inside her. She lifted herself off the desk wanting more of him but finding she already had it all. She ground her throbbing smooth pussy hard against him nearing a climax when she felt him tense and unload inside her. After only a few strokes he was done, and Katie could tell already back to thinking about work. She left the picnic basket and assured him that she was satisfied. Jackson had always been quick, but she hoped he would grow out of it someday. She wondered why that day couldn’t be today. She kissed her husband and told him to hurry home for round 2. He muttered something and looked back down at his work. Still yearning for fulfillment she was dismissed to return to her solitude. Out of sheer desperate need for relief she found herself there on the floor of the elevator still basking in the glow of masturbation. The new bride of Hampsted Village’s golden boy was confused and ashamed but satisfied.

She felt the car slowing and quickly stood and did the best she could to rearrange herself. There was nobody else in the building besides the guard, but she couldn’t afford to take any chances. Despite her best efforts her braless tits now stretched the tank top to its breaking point and her nipples were plain as day to anyone within 20 feet. She did her best to cover up and looked down at the ground and tried to walk as quickly as possible across the lobby. “Goodnight Mrs. Frasier.” Drawled the leering guard. “I do thank you for the show young lady.” He smiled and stepped from behind the desk. Katie stopped dead in her tracks at his words. She wanted to run away, to crawl into a hole, to do something to get away. Her cheeks were crimson when she looked over at the chuckling guard who was standing beside his desk. His pants around his knees and both hands stroking a massive coal black erection. “You want to stay here Mrs. Frasier and let me return the favor?” He continued stroking as the young girl stared in shock and amazement. So many horrible thoughts were racing through her mind about the ramifications of her lack of impulse control that she didn’t register exactly what she was seeing. She stood there for 20 seconds staring at a man older than her grandfather stroking a cock twice as big as anything she had ever seen. Only after he grunted loudly through a powerful spraying orgasm of his own did she turn and sprint out. Her tits bouncing comically as she ran to her car.

The old man sat back against his desk panting. His fat black cock still oozing cum as he caught his breath. Laughing to himself as he lights up a cigarette and rewinds the footage. “I guarantee you, that bitch will be sucking this dick in less than a month!” He smiled, shaking the last few drops of seminal fluid from his softening cock and tucking it away.

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