A Very Happy Birthday

I realized then why a huge black cloud had been following me for the past month; I was gagging for sex and with no one to give it to me. I felt pretty damn sexy in my new lingerie. I was wearing a baby doll, which is a see through dress with a 34G bra attached. The black fabric was weightless and it showed my perfect hourglass figure. The black fabric of the bra was soft and lined with pink ribbon and I loved it. The matching thong was somewhere to the right of my bed. As my fingers lightly traced over my soft, shaven pussy I played and I knew just how I liked to be played with. I slowly pushed my long, manicured fingers in and out knowing where my pleasure spots where and how hard to push them. I closed my eyes biting my lip, oh how I loved this feeling. I reached into my bed side drawer and pulled out a medium sized, pink vibrator and began to slide it deep inside me before turning it on. I gasped, like every time, as the vibrations stirred deep inside of me. I began to purr as I moved it to my pleasure. It was not long till my fingers were covered in the hot juices of my orgasm.

I awoke the next morning feeling the black cloud heavier than ever. The single session last night had only worsened my desires for a male cock deep inside me. I looked at the calendar as I stepped out of my steaming shower.
“Another five days till he returns,” I said aloud. My husband was away on a business trip and I wasn’t dealing with it all too well. I sighed and ran my fingers through my long blonde hair. I turned and walked into my large master bedroom. The cream walls shouted ‘newly weds’ to me and the bed screamed ‘fun alone time’ from the mass of duvets in the center of the bed. I slipped out of my towel and allowed it to drop to the floor not bothering to pick it up. I walked towards my mirrored wardrobe, my naked reflection greeting me with a sexy grin. I pulled a stupid face and then opened one of the doors. I slid my hand over the many different garments it held till it landed on one of the slinkiest red dresses I owned. I pulled it out and held it against my self. I was going out for a meal and to have a laugh with Daniel’s friends; Colleen and Mark. They were a couple and had invited me out tonight for my birthday. Mark and Daniel worked together at a large firm; Mark had a firm ass too! I mentally slapped myself for thinking that about my husband’s best friend. I shook my head and then nodded; this dress would be perfect. I dried my hair allowing the blonde curls to rest naturally on my shoulders. My baby blue eyes shimmered and stood out as I framed them in perfectly thin black eyeliner. I had a natural glow and amazingly good skin so I didn’t bother with much else on the make up side. I looked at myself in the mirror again; I was comfortable being naked; especially in my own home. I had a size 10 figure but my huge breasts meant that I had to wear large tens or small size 12. My hips were also a size ten. I had a firm, round butt and shapely legs. My pussy was always shaved or nicely kept as any unwanted hair made me feel rather icky. I wasn’t very tall; only 5’4 at the age of 25 but I was quite happy with my size. I had large, perky, and natural 34G, breasts with large sensitive nipples. I was owner to a small, delicate mole just under my right breast; it was Daniel’s favorite feature on my body.
I reached for my thong and pulled it on slowly, the black material covering my perfect pussy. I didn’t bother with a bra. I pulled on the dress zipping myself into it; it fit me like a glove. The fabric was very thin and hugged my body, each and every curve. It pulled my breasts even closer together giving me a great cleavage, and I know it will show my nipples in the cold. It wasn’t very long and reached just above my knees. I decided to go with stockings as the snow was beginning to fall out side but I hated tights; they were just uncomfortable. I pulled on my stiletto heeled boots and zipped them up before pulling on my long black coat just as a horn pipped outside. It was the taxi. I flicked off the lights and trotted downstairs taking a last look in the landing mirror and applying a thin coat of lip shimmer and picking up my bag before exiting my house.

“Erin!” A voice called over the din. I turned towards it to see Daniel’s two friends stand and wave me over. I walked over and greeted them.
“Colleen, you look so gorgeous!” And I wasn’t lying. Colleen had long iron straight, black hair, with vivid green eyes. Her olive skin glowed from under the tight black cocktail dress she wore. It too hugged her body, but only her upper torso, she had beautiful 32D breasts and a flat stomach, before the skirt spread out in soft floaty material. She was radiant.
“Hello Erin, you look fantastic,” Mark said. He wore a simple white shirt and black trousers but the shirt showed that toned muscular body beneath it and it was well toned. He smiled and held out his hands to take my coat. I quickly unfastened it and let him slide it off my arms. I could hear him gulp behind me and I couldn’t help but smile.
“Oh I just adore that dress.” Colleen gasped.
“Why, thank you” I smiled. Colleen was 27 and Daniel was now almost 30 but they were so gorgeous I believed they always would be.
We all ordered our food and some alcoholic beverages to get us started.
“So, how are you coping without Daniel?” Cole asked whilst sipping upon her red wine.
“Oh, fine, obvious desires going unattended to but nothing new there.” I giggled along with Cole as she rested her hand on Mark’s knee. Mark just grinned as he picked up his glass of red wine. I had a cocktail, I couldn’t stand wine.

And that was it, we finished our meal and went to a bar for a few more drinks and a dance. We had all had just a little bit too much to drink and I was just about to call it quits and go home when Mark came up behind me, so close that I could feel every muscle of his stomach and chest against my back. His hand slid over my tits and his other hand around my stomach.
“Mark! I don’t think Cole would be very happy” I slurred giggling.
“We were just thinking; we were wanting to experiment, Cole and I, for a very long time. Now would be perfect.” He said in my ear. I was confused but continued dancing; well moving my hips (which just rubbed my ass against his cock).
“I don’t understand Mark.” I said honestly.
“Well, we want you,” his hand that was on my stomach slide down and under my skirt, “to join us tonight.” His fingers pushed against my pussy. I bit my lip; a threesome had always sounded for fun but Daniel wasn’t into that kind of thing.
“Daniel will never know?” I asked.
“Daniel will never know.” He confirmed. “So, are you in?” He asked. I turned to face him.
“I’m in.” I grinned.

It was only a short walk to their house and the cool air was nice in sobering me up slightly so I would remember the experiments of tonight. It didn’t take us long to get into the swing of things, Cole quickly grabbed me and pulled me towards her; her tongue demanding entrance into my mouth. I granted her permission as she began to squeeze and massage my tits. Mark stood there gawping before grinning and hanging out coats up in the hallway. Cole grabbed my hand and led me into the living room where there were two sofa’s, a long table, a tv and a camera. Cole smiled at me sheepishly.
“Me and Mark had a photo shoot last night.” She giggled “but we’re not using it tonight.” She promised me. I nodded before watching Mark stroll in. He stood behind me and I could feel that he was already slightly turned on. His wife took a step back before sitting back on the sofa and watching us. Mark held me like he had earlier; his hand on my tits and one on my waist. He began to massage them as he nibbled on my neck and collar bone. I shivered slightly in pleasure. My nipples were obvious through the tight red dress and stood erect begging to be played with. He unzipped the side of my dress slightly granting him access to my tits without the dress falling away to the slightest. His icy hand slipped into the dress and began to massage my breast. His fingers twirled my nipple and pinched them and I loved every second of it. Then his other hand did the same before popping them out to reveal to Cole. I looked down to her, remembering she was sat there to see her massaging her own breasts through the fabric of her dress. His over sized hands were rough and tough skinned as they scrapped over my breasts sending thousands of sensations through them. One hand continued to play with my breasts as his right hand slowly slipped over my body and under my skirt. All the while he was commentating to his wife.
“Do you want me to baby? Do you want me to tease her like I’ve teased you all night?” And she would reply to him, “Yes, I want you to. Show her just how mean you are.” And I realized he was the dominant one of the two, but she loved it, man, I loved it! And then I gasped.
His fingers lightly ran over my pussy lips and over the fabric of my thong. He barely applied pressure; it was like butterfly wings brushing over your most sensitive areas. I purred and he continued, never adding more.
“Please.” I whispered and he just laughed.
“Go play with Cole.” He said pushing me lightly towards her. “Don’t you touch her pussy though Cole.” He warned and she nodded.
“Straddle me Erin,” she said and I did as she told me. I straddled her as she licked her lips. She began to gently massage my breasts as one mouth slowly came up and sucked on my nipple. Her hand instantly began to play with the other nipple. When her tongue rolled around the right nipple her fingers would roll around the left. It was a wonderful sensation and it was driving me crazy. I began to massage her breasts allowing my nails to scratch over them and nip them; her moaning only drove me on to do more. She began to change breasts and she would venture from the nipple, biting and sucking the fleshy parts of them. Her face was buried in my cleavage as she licked along the crease and biting the taught skin just above them leaving a little mark.
“Strip for me girls.” Mark said from the other sofa. I turned my head to look at him, he was sat stroking his cock over his trousers. I stood along with Cole as she slowly began to unzip my dress allowing it to fall to the floor. I stepped out of it only wearing my thong, stockings and boots. Cole turned and moved her hair out of the way allowing me to slowly pull down the zip of her dress. There wasn’t a sexier sound than the sound of the dress being unzipped. She also let it slip to the floor before stepping out of it.
“Leave the shoes and boots on, and your stockings Erin.” Mark said as his eyes devoured us. Cole dropped to her knees.
“May I?” She asked Mark and he nodded. She looked up at me with lustful eyes before allowing herself to lean in and kiss the top of my thighs. I watched her curiously. She kissed up my thighs before pressing her lips to the front of my pussy then on my pussy and my legs quivered slightly. She smiled proudly before pushing me to sit back down on the sofa. Her hands spread apart my legs as she ran them up them. Her head came back down to my pussy as she kissed it several times before looking up at me.
“Relax” she said, and I did. I let myself lay back into the plush cushions as her finger ran up my slit, slightly pushing up my thong to show the parting of them. I closed my eyes as she protruded her tongue between her lips letting it slide along the slit and over my thong.
“She smells so delicious.” Cole purred before continuing. I slowly raised my arm to play with my breasts but Mark told me to stop and ordered me not to touch myself at all. So, I didn’t. Cole slowly hooked her fingers under my thong and pulled it down revealing my shaved, slightly wet pussy. Hey, the girl was turning me on.
“Please, Mark, can I?” She begged and I was just about to open my eyes to see his reaction when I felt her tongue on my slit beginning to lap and twirl against my clit. My entire body was highly sensitive and those slight actions had my clit huge and ready to be played with. She slowly prodded it with her tongue before sucking on it passionately. I purred with pleasure as she played with my clit sending shocks of pleasure up my spine.
“Enough.” Mark said and she stopped immediately, much to my disappointment. “You have to give what you take Erin.” Mark said before Cole helped me up. Cole smiled sheepishly before pushing down her thong revealing the equally shaved pussy but she was dripping with excitement.
“Lay down on your back.” I said letting her lay down on the floor. I knelt between her legs and let my nails slide over her pussy lips; the way I liked it, before leaning down and blowing on her wet juices slightly. She shivered and bit her lip. I smiled pleased with myself, this was the first time I’d ever played with another girl before. I slowly leaned my head down and began to slide my tongue from the bottom of her pussy up to the top where I paused on her clit pushing my tongue against it. I lightly took it between my teeth and nipped it slightly causing her to make a sound somewhere between a gasp and a moan. Then it was my turn to make that noise, into her pussy, as two fingers quickly entered my pussy from behind. It was no doubt it was Mark as he expertly began to rub it and thrust his fingers in and out. I was having so much fun.
“See, I told you we could get her to experiment a bit more, you gonna come on in now?” Mark said. I looked to the door to see Daniel there gawping at us. I gasped.
“Daniel!” I said quickly embarrassed at what he had caught us doing. He had caught me cheating on him. Then I saw the bulge in his jeans that he was rubbing attentively.
“If I knew you were up for this Erin, I’d have asked you long ago.” He said beckoning me towards him. I got up from my position between Mark and Cole and Mark continued where I’d left off. I walked towards Dan shyly. His fingers raised my chin as he kissed me passionately.
“Shit, if I knew you would do it so easily I’d have just asked you.” He laughed. “Now get on them knees baby and show them what your good at.” I finished unzipping his jeans and pushed them to the ground where he stepped out of them. His boxers followed quickly as he leant against the wall unbuttoning his crisp white shirt. I was on my knees in front of him as I let my tongue trail up and down his cock slowly. He was a large size of eight and a half inches and I loved every inch. It was thick and swollen and it filled my mouth very quickly. I noticed Mark and Colleen had stopped what they were doing and were watching my performance. As I came for air I quickly looked around to see Mark sat with his legs apart and Colleen between them both facing us. Mark was slowly fingering Colleen pressing all her right spots. Both their eyes were trained on us as I went back to giving my husband head. I began to let it slip down into my throat and a guttural groan came from Daniel as he grabbed my hair up into his fist and f***ed my head deeper. I gagged and he let me up before forcing me back down.
“Dan, give me a go with Erin, Cole, go continue what Erin was doing.” Mark said. I looked up at Daniel and winked and he looked down at me with lustful eyes before I crawled off to Mark where he was now stood in front of one of the sofas. He pushed down his jeans and then his boxers and I gasped. He was about seven inches semi hard. I go straight to work as he sat down on the sofa. He held my hair back for me as my tongue began to spiral and lube up his cock. I rolled my thumb over the slit of his cock as I heard Daniel moan in pleasure. I wasn’t going to be beaten by Cole, I thought as I let her husband’s dick slide into my warm, waiting mouth. His head passed my lips and into my mouth. He may be longer than Daniel but it was thinner, Daniel had a very thick cock and I loved it as it filled every part of my tight pussy. I let his cock slide deeper and deeper into my throat. He moaned and slowly began to f***e it down. I began to gag and he held my throat there as I relaxed again determined to deep throat it all. I slowly began to get further and further before my nose brushed against the thin, wiry hairs at the base of his cock. He groaned and released my head up before thrusting it back down several times. It was slow thrusting but I loved it. I heard Cole say “Damn,” with respect as I smiled.
“Mark, give me my wife back now.” Daniel said. I looked up to find him beckoning me over again. “Lay down on your back on the coffee table.” I do as he said looking up at him. “Now this should be interesting.” He smirked as he stood between my legs pulling me so my ass was on the very edge. He gripped my hips and slowly thrust his cock deep inside of me. I moaned loudly only to be cut off by another cock entering my mouth. The vibrations of my moaning sent Mark crazy beginning to thrust deep inside my mouth and down my throat. Cole was on top of me, straddling my stomach as she pushed our tits together our hard nipples grazing the other’s skin. She began sucking and biting them and it was all driving me crazy. All too soon Daniel pulled out as did Mark and Colleen slipped off of me. She bent down and began licking my soaking wet pussy as Mark straddled my chest and began giving himself a tit wank and Daniel was now thrusting in my mouth. I could taste his precum mixed with my own pussy juices, hot and sticky, lacing his cock. Again my body was filled with desire and pleasure as I moaned loudly. But, just like before, it all ended too quickly. They changed again all complimenting my body as Mark thrust his huge cock deep inside of me, I had never felt a cock bury itself as deep as his did. That alone caused me to moan and bite my lip. My hand was moved to hold and massage Daniel’s dick as he massaged my tits just the way I liked them and Cole sat over my face. I used my free hand to drag my nails over her round ass as I buried my face deep within her pussy. She moaned and ground her hips against my face. I didn’t know how much more of this I could handle as I knew any moment they would all pull away and I would begin begging for someone to fuck me hard. And they did all pull away. But Daniel picked me up and threw me onto the sofa. Mark did the same to Cole on the other sofa as Dan leant down and whispered.
“We must do this again,” and winked before thrusting his fat cock deep inside my abused pussy. I moaned in time with Cole as our husbands took advantage thrusting as fast and as hard as possible. His cock felt perfect filling up my tight pussy and my moans mixed with Cole’s, Mark’s and Daniel’s. We all finished in two sweaty, heavy breathing, and sticky piles on each sofa exhausted and very well seen to.
“Happy birthday, Erin.” Daniel whispered.
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4 years ago
very good & start for a series
4 years ago
hot story, i enjoyed reading it. hopefully there will be a new story soon