Neighborhood Milf

"8..9...10!" I said. And then I dropped the weights to the ground.

"Woh check out Mrs. Jones." Tommy said wide eyed. I turned around to see our math teacher Mrs. Jones stepping onto the treadmill. She turned it on and started running. Her short dark hair was spiked up, her large breasts were bouncing up and down struggling to get out of her top and her ass jiggled a little in her spandex as she ran.

I'd give anything to see what's underneath that gym outfit. I thought.

"what a milf!" exclaimed Tommy.

"Man I want to hook up with a milf so bad." I replied to Tommy.

"Never been a better time now that your eighteen Chris. Ha ha too bad it's never gonna happen." Tommy said back to me.

"You never know, I could get lucky." I shot back. However he had a point. I was not super special. I wasn't a big athlete and I didn't have straight A's. I was just a normal k**. About 5'10 blonde haired and blue eyed, I went to the gym enough that I looked good with my shirt off but I was no Hulk.

I got decent grades and I was pretty good with the ladies, but that was girls my own age, not older women. The couple of girls that had seen my seven inch cock liked it, but would it be enough for someone with so much experience? I thought about it as Tommy and I finished our workout and I kept stealing glances over at Mrs. Jones' sweat running down her neck onto her perfect melons.

That sweat makes those big titts look perfectly lubed up for sticking my dick in between them and titty fucking. I though


The next day we had a little get together of relatives and f****y friends for my eighteenth birthday. I had just blown the candles out and people were starting to visit when I heard the doorbell ring.

"I'll get it!" I yelled as I walked to the door. When I opened it there was a sight I had seen a hundred times but still made my jaw drop... Jullie Jensen, my Mothers friend from three houses up. She was wearing high heels which made her about an inch taller than me. Her Blonde hair fell just past her shoulders. I couldn't see her eyes because of the sunglasses she had on but I knew they were green. Her full lips looked like they had red lipstick on them as they stretched across her gorgeous smile. She was wearing a skin tight T-shirt which showed off her monstrous Double D's and skinny figure. Her jeans also showed off her great looking legs.

"Happy Birthday Chris!" she yelled as she through her arms around me and gave me a big Birthday hug and kiss on the chick. Her massive boobs pressing up against my chest and intoxicating perfume gave me an instant erection.

Damn she's hot! There's no way she can't feel my boner poking her in the inner thigh! This is so embarrassing.

But if she noticed she pretended not to as she wiped lipstick off my cheek and smiled at me.

"Thanks Mrs. Jensen, come in and have some cake." I managed to say.

"You're such a Gentleman." She said sincerely. After she got a plate of cake I quickly retreated to my bedroom where I jerked off with images of her in my head.

By the time I came back upstairs only a few party guests were still here, including Mrs. Jensen. When she spotted me she walked up to me and put her hand on my shoulder.

"Chris want to do me a favor?" she asked, "Tomorrow night is my husbands and I's date night. Would you mind watching my k**s? I'd pay you of course."

What a lucky bastard her husband is.

"Ya of course I will. I don't mind at all."I answered her, I couldn't say no to her. Fact is I would have done it for free just to see her answer the door and get a glimpse of that gorgeous body of hers.

"Thanks Chris, you're a life saver. I owe you." She said as she gave me another hug and walked out the door.

Owe me? I can think of a way you could pay me, how about a flash of your giant titties?. My dick started getting hard again as I watched her nice round heart shaped ass sway back and forth while she walked back up the street.


I reached up, rang the door bell and heard a "Ding, Dong!" throughout the large house.

Please be wearing something sexy. When Mrs. Jensen opened the door I got my wish. She was wearing a white tank top that was cut just above the belly button so I could see her nice flat stomach and it showed a ton of cleavage. The skirt she had on showed off her nice toned legs.

"Chris! Hey you're just in time. Follow me and I'll show you where the k**s are." She said with a big smile on her face like she was waiting to see me. I walked next to her through the house and my eyeballs were practically glued on her giant tits as they bounced and jiggled in her tank top.

Oh my lord those humongous titties are about to fall out of her shirt they're bouncing around so much! We finally reached the game room where Cade, the youngest was playing.

"Come on Jullie we're going to be late for the movie!" we heard Mr. Jensen yell from the kitchen.

"Well you hear my husband, I gotta go. The two girls are upstairs playing dress up. We'll be back around midnight. Thanks again Chris." And she gave me a quick kiss on the cheek before she walked quickly down the hall.

God I love how her ass swishes from side to side when she walks.

"Don't worry they won't even notice your gone." I hollered down the hall. Honestly they didn't notice. We were having way too much fun. The three k**s and I played video games, hide and seek, board games and some other stuff until they were so exhausted I had to carry them up to their beds.

After that the house was quiet and I did a little exploring. I found a couple bathrooms and a guest bedroom but then I hit the jackpot, the master bedroom. It was at the top of the stairs straight ahead. It was neat and organized with dressers on one wall lined with pictures and on the other a king sized bed.

I'd fuck Mrs. Jensen's brains out on that bed if I could.

I went to the pictures on the dresser and took a look. One immediately caught my eye. It was of Mrs. Jensen in a bikini. It looked like it was taken on a vacation to somewhere tropical.

She is so damn hot. Look at that tanned sexy body.

My cock started to stir in my pants. I opened up the top drawer and found Mrs. Jensen's lingerie. I picked up a pair of lace panties and the thought of Mrs. Jensen in them sent my cock from stirring to fully erect.

Just then I heard Cade crying from his room. I put away the panties and went to check on him.

"I had a nightmare." He whimpered.

"It's ok. Let's just go watch some TV." I said as I picked him up and carried him downstairs. After a few minutes of cartoons Cade was sound asl**p on me. A few more minutes after that the door opened and in came Mr. and Mrs. Jensen.

"Shhh.." I said holding my finger to my lips, "Everyone's asl**p." Mr. Jensen gave me a thumbs up and went straight upstairs to his room. Mrs. Jensen walked in my direction with a smile on her face.

"Ahh, that's so adorable." She whispered. "Here, I'll carry him upstairs."

"Oh no don't worry, I got it. I'll be right back." I whispered to her. I carried Cade up to his room and tucked him in then I walked back down the stairs.

I walked into the kitchen to see Mrs. Jensen bending over to put something into the cupboard with her ass facing me. Her skirt was just barley covering her nice round ass cheeks from my view.

Come on just a little further. I just want to reach out and touch her perfect ass. My dick is rock solid right now.

But she stood up and turned around to face me.

"Here's forty bucks for your troubles Chris." She said. But instead of handing it to me she put it in my pocket herself and as she did her hand rubbed against the side of my cock.

"You're coming to our little pool party tomorrow right?" she asked me.

Did she not notice my full on erection? Maybe she just thought it was a cell phone... a huge cell phone.

"Uh, ya...sure. I'll be there." I said, my voice cracking.

"Thank you for being so sweet to the k**s. It's really cute." She said smiling.

"Uh.. no problem. They're fun so it was easy." I stammered back.

"Thanks again Chris, you're a great k**. It's getting late so you better head on home but I'll see you tomorrow." She said as she gave me one last hug goodnight.

God I love the feeling of her big tits squishing up against me. I can feel her nipples! Her nipples are hard!

We separated after a couple of seconds and I could see her hardening nipples sticking through her white tank top.

Why are her nipples so hard? It isn't cold in here, is she horny?!?

"Good night Chris, sweet dreams." She said to while holding the front door open. But it took me a second to register what she had said because I was still staring at her big jiggly tits and where you could see her rock hard nipples through her shirt.

"Oh..Uh.. ya. Good night Mrs. Jensen." I said and then I ran home trying to conceal my raging hard on.


I got up early the next morning so I could shower, get dressed, eat and get over to that pool party as soon as I could.

Just gives me more time to look at her smoking hot bod. Did her hand really brush against my cock? And were her nipples really hard? Or did I just imagine all that stuff? She's drivin me crazy!

I was half way through my bowl of cereal when the rest of my f****y started getting up. My Mom was the first to come down the stairs.

"What are you doing up so early?" she yawned.

"Just wanted to get over to the Jensen's early before the pool gets too crowded." I answered. "I'm headed over there now so I'll see you later."

"ok, have fun!" she yelled to me as I ran out the door.

The sun was up high in the sky and it was already getting super hot.

I hope Mrs. Jensen is in a bikini so I can get a good look at her big ol titties.

Instead of going to the front door I just went straight to their back yard.

It was completely empty except for Mrs. Jensen sun bathing.

Damn! She is in a bikini!

"Hey Mrs. Jensen. I'm not too early am I?" I asked her.

"Oh no not at all Chris." She said looking up at me. "Infact I'm glad you're here. See that sun tan lotion? Would you mind?"

Oh my god! She wants me to rub sun tan lotion over her beautiful back!

"Uh ya sure thing Mrs. Jensen." I said shakily. So I took the bottle and squeezed some into my hands. I started rubbing it onto her back and got an instant boner. Her skin was so soft and smooth and it didn't help that I could see her massive tits smooshing out the sides.

I went lower and lower down her back but skipped over her ass and went to her legs. I didn't want her to think I was a perve.

"Uh Chris you missed a spot." She said without opening her eyes.

"You want me to get your, uh... butt... too?" I asked her wide eyed.

"Duh, haha. I don't want to get burned there either." She said smiling.

"Oh, ya...right. Sorry." I said sheepishly. So I squeezed some onto her perfectly round ass cheeks. Then I put my hands on her and started to rub her ripe ass. Slowly, but firm.

"...That feels kinda good..." she said quietly. Which just made my cock more swollen.

Wow! I'm messaging her ass and she thinks it feels good! You know what else feels good? Having your firm heart shaped ass in my hands!

"Here let me put some on you. Your mother would kill me if I let you get burnt." She said, standing up.

"Uh...ya ok." I said back to her. She grabbed the bottom of my shirt and pulled it over my head.

"Oh my goodness..." she said looking at me. "You have a nice body Chris. You're pretty dang muscly."

"...Thanks... you have a nice... body... too..." I said bashfully.

"Ohh you're too sweet Chris." She said.

Gosh why am I so stupid? That's all I could say back? She probably thinks I'm an idiot.

She squeezed a big glob of sun tan lotion in her hands and rubbed them together so it would be warm. As she did her tits jiggled a little.

"You're nice and hard... your body I mean." She said with a smile on her face.

Wow is she teasing me? Toying with me or am I imagining this? I just hope she doesn't look down and see the obvious bulge in my shorts.

She gently rubbed my chest and then moved down to my abs. Her soft hands felt so good against my skin. We looked each other in the eyes, then I watched her eyes move slowly down my body. They stopped at the bulge in my swimming trunks and she starred there while a big grin spread across her face.

No way! Is she looking at my dick!? She can't be can she?

Just then five little k**s from the neighborhood ran into the back yard and jumped into the pool. The party guests were arriving.

"Chris would you mind watching my k**s again tomorrow night? She asked.

"Uh..ya. sure, of course." I said disappointed that the moment was over.

"Thank you so much, I really owe you now." She said back.

The rest of the swimming party was pretty uneventful so I went home to jack off while the image of Mrs. Jensen in her bikini was still fresh in my mind.


I spent the day trying to kill time until I could go over to Mrs. Jensen's. I was looking forward to it and dreading it at the same time. I loved being able to see her but not being able to do anything about it was driving me insane.

I was watching TV when my phone rang.

"Hello." I said into it.

"Hey b*o! Come over, the guys are all here and we're havin a game night all night long." Said Tommy from the other end.

"As much as I would love to sit and play video games for the rest of the night I can't. I'm watching Mrs. Jensen's k**s for her tonight." I said back to him.

"You mean that lady with the fat tits and serious junk in her trunk?" Tommy asked me.

"Yep, that's the one." I answered.

"b*o you should steal some of her panties and bring em over when you're done!" Tommy yelled into the phone.

"I'll see what I can do. Later." I hung up the phone and looked at the clock.

Better head over there.

When I knocked on the door no one answered so I just let myself in.

"Chris is that you?!" I heard Mrs. Jensen yell from upstairs. "Could you come up here for a second?!"

I ran up the stairs and knocked on her bedroom door before I went in. Mrs. Jensen was standing in the middle of the room looking into a mirror with her back towards me. She was wearing a skin tight black dress that went just above her knees. The back was undone exposing her smooth sexy back to me and the back of a lace black bra.

I've been here for sixty seconds and I already have an erection.

"Could you zip me up please?" she asked me.

"Uh... ya...sure." I said while trying not to drool all over myself. When I was done zipping her up she bent over forward to tie up her high heels and in doing so thrust her ass back into my cock.

Wow that felt so good against my dick. I just want to do you right here doggy style in front of this mirror Mrs. Jensen.

She stood up straight and turned to look at me. The front view was even better than the back. Her blonde hair was in loose curls and her green eyes looked extra green tonight. The thin material of her dress looked like it was barely holding in her massive tits.

"Thank you Chris. So the k**s are already in bed asl**p so you can just watch TV or something." She told me. I was about to answer when we heard a honk from the driveway.

"That's my husband. Gotta go. Call me if there's an emergency." She said, as she was leaving.

Emergency? I have an emergency. My cock is itchin for your scratchin!

So after she left I checked on all the k**s to make sure they were safe and sound in their bed and then I flopped down on the couch and turned on the TV. After an episode of cartoons I went to raid the fridge of any snacks.

After I devoured almost all the pudding cups I heard the front door open and in walked Mrs. Jensen.

"Mrs. Jensen, what are you doing here? It hasn't even been an hour." I asked her surprised.

"The music gave me a head ache and I wasn't feeling too well so I decided to come home early. My husband stayed there with the other couple we went with though, so it's just me." She answered

"Oh... I'm sorry to hear that. Well here's your money back for the night. I'll just get out of your way." I said as I headed for the door.

"Chris you already sacrificed your plans to baby sit so I have to pay you anyway so why not just stay a little bit longer and keep me company." She said.

Keep you company! I'll do whatever the hell you want Mrs. Jensen.

"Uh...ya..sure. Why not?" I said unsurely.

"Here why don't you come sit next to me and we can just talk for a while." She said while patting a spot next to her on the couch. So I did as I was told and sat next to her. She crossed her left leg over her right towards me and turned her body so I had a perfect view of her luscious cleavage.

Is she doing that on purpose?! Damn she's making me so hard! I just want to reach out and grab those titties.

"So Chris, how's school?" she asked.

"It's ok. Homework takes up most of my weekdays." I answered.

"What about weekends? I bet you have lots of dates with pretty girls." She said smiling.

"Well...I don't know about that... there are... a ... a couple girls that you could say like me." I answered blushing.

"Who can blame them? A cute boy like you, and it looks like you've been working out." She said as she rubbed my chest. "I mean look at these strong muscles."

Oh man she's touching me, my cock is pulsating right now! Look at her big full lips! I want those lips around my swollen cock! She put her right arm loosely around me and patted my thigh with her left hand.

"But don't get too worked up over girls Chris. You may think you love one now but high school girls aren't all they're cracked up to be." She said as she patted my thigh again but this time she patted a little higher and brushed against my cock. Instead of pulling away quickly like the night she reached into my pocket she let it linger.

Dear lord her hand is practically on top of my dick!

"uh...what...exactly do .. you uh.. mean Mrs. Jensen?" I asked. She leaned in real close until I could feel her lips brushing against my ear.

"I mean sometimes... you need a woman..." she whispered seductively into my ear in a sexy voice I had never heard her use before. After she said it her hand that was resting on my swollen member grabbed it.

She's grabbing my penis! I'm gonna bust in my pants she's so hot!

"Uh...uh... Mrs. Jensen what... what are you doing?" I stuttered.

"I've seen the way you look at me... I was looking too and I want your big cock..." she said and then she ever so lightly nibbled my ear and started slowly gently stroking my dick through my jeans.

Did I hear her right! She wants my cock!?! Am I dreaming!

"But... uh.. Mrs. Jensen... what about... Mr. Jensen?" I asked.

"He won't be home for hours darling..." she whispered and then started sucking on my ear.

Holly hell! This was my fantasy finally coming true with the hottest milf in the neighborhood!

"Mrs. Jensen... i... don't.. uh..." I mumbled. I had no idea what I was saying. My heart was beating at a hundred miles an hour. She threw her leg over mine so she was straddling me and her huge double D's were right in front of my face. I looked up into her green eyes and she looked back at me. Then she pushed her big lips against mine and gave me a long hard kiss.

Ok that's it. I'm the luckiest person in the world right now. If this IS a dream then I don't want to wake up cause I'm about to give Mrs. Jensen what she wants and fuck the shit out of her!

I put my hands on her face and kissed her back, then I shoved my tongue into her hot mouth and our tongues wrestled. She through her head back and let out a soft moan as she grinded her pelvis into my crotch.

"I can hardly wait any longer my pussy is so wet." She said. I kissed her neck as my hands made their way to her zipper and I slowly zipped it all the way down. She grabbed the bottom of my shirt like she had yesterday but ripped it off of my body with a new ferocity.

She stood up in front of me and with a shrug of her shoulders sent her black dress falling to the ground. She was wearing black lace bra and panties. The ones I had seen in her drawer two days before.

Damn she looks so fine.

"Do you like what you see?" she asked.

"I love what I see." I answered.

"Would you like to see more?" she asked with a smile on her face.

"Oh yes please." I begged. She reached back to undo her bra hook which thrusted her massive breasts out. Her bra struggled to hold them in.

Oh yes, those tits are begging to be free.

She undid the hook, let the bra slide off her arms and her giant tits fell out. Two perfect orbs of tit flesh. For a mother of three c***dren and how big they were, gravity hardly pulled them down at all. Her areolas were the size of a fifty cent piece and dark against her skin. I didn't think it was possible but her big perfect juicy tits made my dick even harder than it already was.

She straddled me again and I took one giant tit in each hand and began messaging them as she ground her pelvis on my crotch. I kneaded her soft mountains of tit flesh like dough in my hands. I couldn't get enough! I took one hard nipple into my mouth and sucked on it while I played with the other one between my fingers.

"Ahhh....Oohh...that feels good." She whimpered. I switched off nipples for a few more minutes and then her hands found my belt. She undid it and slowly slid it from the loops. After tossing it to the floor she undid the button on my pants and got on her knees between my legs. She looked me in the eyes as she slowly unzipped my zipper and folded open the flaps.

Her hand went up and felt my abs then headed south. She slipped her hand in under my boxers and grabbed my throbbing cock.

"You're as hard as a rock." She giggled.

"You made it that way." I said.

I hope it's big enough for her.

She whipped it out and admired it with her eyes. It stood up straight and firm like a soldier... all seven inches.

"Oh my... impressive." She said as a smile spread across her face. She took it in both hands and started slowly stroking it.

"Let's take your pants off it will make things easier." She said in that sexy voice. I kicked my shoes off and she pulled my jeans and boxers off my legs. She scooted back up on her knees, grabbed my dick and licked the underside off my shaft from the bottom up to the head like it was a Popsicle.

It's a good thing I beat off before coming over or I would of busted ten minutes ago.

She placed her lips on the top of my head and looked at me with her big green eyes. Then she deep throated me in one quick second and got all seven inches. She stayed there for a couple seconds before coming up for air making a big slurping sound. She leaned back and smiled at me, leaving a strand of precum from the tip of my head to her lips.

"Wow that was amazing." I said. But she didn't stop to say anything she just took my hard slippery wet cock back into her mouth like it was her favorite kind of ice-cream. Her big lips were like cushions against my dick as she bobbed up and down my shaft, teasing it with her tongue the whole time.

"Ahhh...Ahhh...oh ya!" I couldn't help but moan aloud. She moved her mouth to my ball sack and took one of my balls into her mouth and sucked it while she quickly jacked me off.

Oh shit, here it comes! If she keeps goin I'm gonna bust!

Luckily she stopped and let my sopping wet dick spring free from her hand. She pulled on her nipples and pushed her boobs together.

"Now that your fat cock is nice and slippery I need a good titty fucking." She said.

"You want me to fuck your titts?" I asked in disbelief. She just bit her lower lip and nodded her head.

"ok scoot up." I answered. She stuck my dick between her giant tits and then pushed them together engulfing my cock. It completely disappeared except for the head which was barely visible. Her soft tit flesh felt amazing around my penis and kept it warm.

"Oh yes, I love the feel of a nice hard cock between my titties." She said to me as she began to work her boobs up and down my slippery shaft. I quickly got close to my climax again so I started thrusting with her motions and pounded her big tits.

"Oh yes, Oh yes, fuck those titties!" she moaned.

"I can't take it any more I'm gonna explode!" I warned her. She quickly wrapped her lips around my cock and started pumping fast with her hand.

"Here it comes!" I screamed. Gush after gush came out in powerful spurts but Mrs. Jensen just kept sucking and milked every last drop into her mouth. She swallowed and licked her lips.

"That tasted great." She said flashing me that sexy smile. "Now it's my turn." She grabbed me by the penis and led me to the kitchen counter.

She swiped off the paper and cold food onto the floor then she hopped onto the counter. I grabbed her panties and slid them down her long sexy legs. She was completely naked except for her high heels and hoop earrings.

She spread her legs exposing her totally shaved pussy.

Wow look at those mature pussy lips! Girls at school just have slits.

"My I taste it?" I asked sincerely.

"Please do." Was her answer and she grabbed my head and shoved it into her pussy. I stuck my tongue as deep into it as I could and writhed it around. Her loud moans told me I was doing something right. Then I stuck my fingers in and fucked her pussy with my fingers while I flicked her clit with my tongue. After a few minutes of this her moans got louder and louder.

"AHhhh, Ahhhh! Yes! I'm almost there! Oh yes!" she screamed as her pussy juices flowed all over my hand. Then her body went limp.

Oh shit, did I kill her?

"Mrs. Jensen? Are you ok?" I asked. She leaned up and threw her arms around me and smiled.

"Ok? I'm amazing." She laughed.

"You ARE amazing." I said.

"You think so? Cause you haven't seen anything yet honey." She said in that sexy voice again.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"You'll see." She said. She reached down and grabbed my cock softly in her hand.

"Oh my goodness! You're already hard again?!" she said "Oh I love your young cock! I could play with it all day. You make my pussy so wet Chris. Come on follow me." So I followed her up the stairs to the master bedroom. Watching her firm ass and bouncy titties the whole way.

"Lay on the bed." She ordered me.

"Yes mam." I said obediently. So I hopped on the bed and watched her crawl like a cougar after me. She gave me a quick Spiderman kiss then kept crawling over me so her wet pussy was just above my face and her heavy tits were resting on my stomache.

Oh my gosh! I'm about to 69 with my mom's friend who's twenty years my senior! And my friends are playing video games! Hahaha!

She took my dick into her mouth and lowered her pussy so my tongue could reach. I grabbed her firm ass cheeks and pulled her down so I could get in deep. She started sucking as fast and ferociously as she could. She started letting out whimpers while her mouth was still full of dick and started grinding her pussy into my face.

"That's it. I need you inside of me." She begged after getting up and turning around so she was straddling me again. She grabbed my cock and guided it into her as she slowly lowered herself until she was impaled with all seven inches.

"...Ahhh..." she let out a quiet whimper. Being inside of her pussy was amazing. It was surprisingly tight and super warm. She slowly rocked back and forth for a while then started raising herself up about six inches and then letting herself fall back onto all seven inches of my cock, each time she let out a gasp of pleasure.

She started getting faster and faster. I grabbed onto and took a handful of her juicy tits as they bounced up and down.

"OH ya! Oh ya! That's the spot!" she started moaning over and over. She stood up on the bed and turned around and lowered herself back onto my cock so I was looking at her back. I watched amazed as she slammed her ass down on me over and over again.

This is amazing but I want to take control. I'm gonna fuck you Mrs. Jensen like you've never been fucked before!

I grabbed her and through her off of me.

"What are you doing?" she asked as I rolled off the bed. But instead of answering I grabbed her by the ankles and pulled her across the sheets until her ass cheeks were at the edge of the bed. She smiled, spread her legs and held them in the air for me. I played with her clit with the head of my penis. She let out a moan.

"Oh! Stop teasing me! I need that big cock inside of me!" she begged.

You asked for it.

I took her legs, rested them on my shoulders, grabbed her by the waist and rammed all seven inches inside of her in one swift motion.

"OH FUCK! Fuck me!" she yelled. I took long deep thrusts. As I rammed my rod into her pussy I pulled her body into it with my arms and I went as fast as I could.

"OH YES! OH YES! FUCK ME WITH THAT BIG DICK!" She yelled at the top of her lungs. "AHHHH!!! AHHH!! DON'T STOP!!! PLEASE DON'T STOP!!!"

I pounded her pussy long and hard. Each time our bodies collided it sent a shock wave up her body that sent her big giant titties bouncing in every direction. She had one hand on my ass pushing me deep in her pussy and the other grabbing her titts.

"I'M GONNA BUST!! I'M GONNA BUST!!!" I yelled.

"OH YA!!! BUST INSIDE ME!! FILL ME WITH YOUR HOT CUM!!!" she yelled while looking into my eyes. Then her eyes rolled back into her head as she yelled, "AHHHHH!!! FUCK!!!! FUCK YES!!!!! I'M CUMMING!!!!"

As she said that I couldn't hold it back any more and I shot load after load into her hot wet pussy. Then I pulled out and fell onto the bed next to her sweaty body. We lay there panting for a few minutes while her juices and mine flowed out of her pussy down her ass and onto the bed.

"That was the most amazing orgasm I've ever had." She said between breaths.

"This was the most amazing night of my life." I said back.

"I wish you could stay longer so we could play some more but my husband will be home soon." She said. Her heavy breasts moving up and down as she breathed.

"You're right. I better get going." I said. I got up and walked to the door then turned around and added, "Mrs. Jensen... any time you need a baby sitter, or your lawn mowed, or... or anything. Call me." I said with a smile on my face.

"I plan on it. My husband's going to be out of town in a couple of days and I'm going to have to call your mom and tell her I need you for some heavy lifting." She said and then winked at me. I smiled and turned to leave.

"Chris." She said and walked over to me. She gave me one last long kiss and handed me her black panties. "Just something to remember this by." She said smiling. I grabbed my clothes and left. . .

The cold night air felt good on my skin. I took a sniff of her panties and could smell that musky scent. Down the street I saw Mr. Jensen pull into his drive way, and I started walking towards Tommy's house to play some video games. . .
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2 years ago
Loved from beginning to end, thanks again for an awesome read!
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Nice story, Josh. Nice detail. Hot, too.
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That was a great story. Brings back good memories of my first. Thanks for posting.
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da-ja-vu i was 15 she was 34. still gets me horny when i think about it
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very hot and great story
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excellent & hot
3 years ago
Great story, thanks for posting. Got me thinking about the milfs in my neighbourhood and what i'd like to do with them
3 years ago
very realistic descriptions. Good story. May be more women in the next one?
3 years ago
Awesome story
3 years ago
good story