Reminiscence of Passion

She awoke with the sunlight streaming in through the nearby window, creating a shadow of the mini-blinds on the wall in front of her. Blinking her icy blues in the light, she looked next to her and gazed upon His face. She trailed a fingernail across His cheek, careful not to wake Him. She slid it over His neck and down His strong arm which was d****d over her. A smile crept across her lips and her tongue moved slowly over them as she recalled the night before.

He came home from work and she greeted Him in her usual outfit. A black corset with a bit of lace across the top, showing off her ample bosom, garters stemming from the bottom and connecting to her thigh-high fishnet stockings, a matching g-string to show off her luscious ass which was barely covered by a short black skirt, a beautiful pair of strappy, 2 inch, black heels on her feet completed the look. He smiled when He saw her, embracing His love and whispering over her lips, "Good evening, pet." before kissing her deeply. Their tongues danced and caressed each other, His arm wrapped tight around her waist, holding her close to Him. Her arms moved to d**** over His shoulders, her hands resting on the back of His head, not wanting the kiss to end. She whined a little when He pulled away from her, though that grin of His told her He wasn't done with her.

He took her small, slender hand into His and led her over to the couch, pulling her into His lap as He sat down. She reached down and slowly unbuckled each strap of her heels, setting them down nearby before she settled in, facing Him, her legs wrapped around His waist and her feet pressed against the back of the couch. He smiled at her and wrapped His arms tight around her, placing His cheek against hers, He whispered in her ear how warm she was. She smiled and began to nibble His ear, down His neck. His hands slid down to her ass, lifting what little material of the skirt there was, and squeezed her ass as she squirmed against Him. Slowly, He moved His hands up to the laces on the back of her corset, pulling at them, loosening them from the fabric as she trailed her mouth down to His collarbone, tugging His shirt out of the way and biting down gently. She held the warm skin between her teeth and moved her tongue over it, as His fingers deftly worked at the laces until they were completely undone, and slid the corset off of her and onto the floor.

He tilted His head to nip at her neck and she moaned as His mouth moved down to her chest. He covered her nipples with His mouth, sucking on them until they reached their full hardness, pulling her hips forward so that she could in turn feel His. Her hands curled in His hair as she ground her hips slowly against Him. The heat increased between her thighs and she trailed her hands to the hem of His shirt, playing with it before slipping it over His head, breaking the lock His lips had over her nipples. After she tossed His shirt to the side, she moved her hands once again to the back of His head and guided Him back to her chest. He looked up at her and grinned before sucking her hard nubs back into His mouth, nibbling them, running circles around them with His tongue. She moaned and d**g her nails down His back, trailing them around His sides and up over His abs as she squirmed against the bulge in His pants, letting it rub against her warmth.

Her fingers trailed lightly over the waistband of His pants, teasing for just a moment before moving to the button and undoing it, sliding the zipper slowly down as she grinned at Him. He raised His hips up as she slid off of His lap, tugging His pants and boxers down to His ankles. He kicked off His shoes and she pulled off each sock slowly, tucking them into His shoes before setting them aside. She gazed up at Him as she slid His pants from His ankles, tossing them into the growing pile of clothing. She moved back up, grazing her body against His legs, letting her face come less than an inch from His hardness. He groaned as her hot breath washed over Him. She smiled up at Him before standing and unhooking the garters from her fishnets. His hazel eyes moved over her, drinking in her form as she turned to face away from Him. Her thumbs locked into each side of her g-string, tugging it down over her cheeks and down her thighs. She bent over at the waist as she slid them down further, her skirt lifting up and revealing most of her backside to Him. He grinned and couldn't resist reaching up to give it a nice firm smack causing her to jump slightly. "Mmm, thank You, Sir" she whispered before stepping out of her panties and adding them to the pile. As she moved her hands to the waist of her skirt, the sound of His deep, low growl stopped her. "Leave it" was all He uttered as she turned her head, looking at Him over her shoulder.

She smiled and turned slowly back around to face Him, placed a knee on either side of His hips and slowly settled down onto Him. His arms moved back around her waist, hands moving all over her soft, warm back as she tilted her head down, bringing her lips to His, her tongue moving slowly across His lips. Her hands cupped the side of His face briefly before sliding down to His chest, grazing over His nipples, taking them between her thumb and forefingers, He sucked in a quick breath as she pinched them slightly. He leaned forward and nibbled on her ear, her head tilted to the side exposing more of her neck to Him as His nibbles moved down it. She began to slowly move her hips against His and He responded in kind, His breath staggered as His hardness pressed up against her heat. She moaned softly and slid her hands down His abs, resting as they met between Their bodies, lightly moving across His thick member, feeling her own wetness on it, she held it against her mound.

"Mmmmm", He groaned, "You are driving me nuts, pet... are you going crazy as well?" She moaned and whimpered softly, "yes, Sir, very much so." He grinned wickedly and asked, "Why should I give it to you?" She groaned and ran her tongue down His neck, whispering against His ear, "Because I've been such a good girl, I've missed Your touch... and I need You..." He nipped gently at her neck and whispered back, "Badly?" She squirmed hard against Him and whimpered a "very badly, Sir..." His sly grin crept over His lips once more as He took His throbbing cock into His hand, rubbed the tip against her clit in small circles before sliding it further down, resting it at her opening. She breathed in sharply and gazed down, keeping those ice blue orbs locked onto His hardness as He lifted His hips and moved just an inch inside her velvet walls. She gasped and whimpered, trying not push herself down upon Him when He grasped her hair roughly and pulled her head to His for a deep, probing kiss, sliding another inch inside her wetness. She moaned into His mouth and lost her control, trying to sneak herself forward onto His cock. "Ah ah ah, pet" He told her as He shook His head, sliding His glistening cock out an inch. She groaned and sat still, resting her forehead against His, pleading with Him, "pleeeease Sir..." He smiled at her as He spoke, "Patience, My pet... good things come to those who wait." She nodded and bit her lip softly and, as He told her what a good girl she was, He moved His hips forward again, sliding two thick inches into her waiting pussy.

Her head fell backwards as her walls squeezed down around His member. He brought His hand down and circled His thumb over her clit, diving briefly into her wetness and back up. She moaned and wriggled, moving her hand to His shoulder, she squeezed it tight as He slid two more inches into her... then teasingly removed them, waiting for the whimper He knew was coming before thrusting hard up into Her, burying His cock completely inside her, her loud moans driving Him crazy. Her head moved down and she nibbled at His neck, uttering a muffled "Thank You, Sir" against His neck as she suckled the flesh there. He lifted one of her breasts to His mouth, nipping at the nipple before covering it with His mouth, sucking hard on it then biting down harder, causing her to groan low in her throat. Her hands moved to the back of His head and curled in His hair, tugging on it, coaxing louder groans from Him.

Suddenly, He moved His hands under her thighs and lifted her as He stood up, walking Them towards the wall and pushing her hard against it. She gasped as she felt the cold wall against her heated body, instinctively wrapping a leg around His waist and pulling Him closer to her. He jumped as she tilted her head down and bit His collarbone hard, groaning and speaking against His captured flesh, "Take me, Sir..." He growled and thrust harder against her, her body slamming against the wall, pinning her to it as His balls slapped hard against her ass. She groaned and bit down harder on His collarbone, her nails dragging down His back, leaving red lines in their wake. His back arched as He growled louder, looking down at her arched neck He took the opportunity and sunk His teeth deep into her flesh, causing her to cry out against His own captured skin. Their noises became more a****listic as He continued to pound her into the wall, exchanging bites, groans and growls, nails leaving deep scratches on each Other's skin as They let loose.

He grasped her wrists and pinned them above her head as she moaned, "Ohh Sir... please... please may I cum for You." He growled low in her ear, "Yes pet, cum for Me now." He bent His neck to bite hers hard as His cock began to shoot hot spurts of cum into her tight, wet hole. She trembled hard against Him as she let herself go, her pussy spasming over His cock, groaning and crying out as the pain shot through her body. He moaned loudly as He continued to slam into her, her muscles clenching and unclenching Him. She dug her heel into His back as her body continued to shake, Their combined fluids running down her thighs as she panted and gasped for breath.

Breathlessly, He gathered what remained of His strength to carry her over to the bed, laying her gently on her back. She let out a deep sigh as she felt the coolness of the sheets against her warm, slick skin. He lay there above her, His softening cock still nestled within her as she moved both legs behind His back, keeping Him held close. Laying her hands on the back of His neck, she pulled His face to her and kissed Him softly between breaths. He smiled and rolled Them to Their sides, kissing her deeply before whispering softly, "Tired, pet?" She smiled at Him and nodded softly, "I am quite exhausted, Sir." He returned her smile and whispered against her ear, "Then let Us sl**p now."

Her moans broke her out of her daydream as she realized she had three fingers buried deep inside her dripping pussy and was very close to cumming. Her eyes opened slowly and she was startled, halting her movements when she saw His beautiful hazel eyes looking back at her. He grinned and spoke softly, "Don't stop on my account, pet, I have been enjoying watching you." Lowering His voice to just barely above a whisper, He moved His face next to hers, His warm breath washing over her neck, "Cum for Me...."

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