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I went out the other night on a girls night out my boyfriend was home alone he always wanted me to spices things up a bit but i was always too scared but this night was different.

It was late in the night many drinks been drank and i been texting my boyfriend horny thoughts all night but decided to send a picture of me kissing this girl i just kissed in the toilet 5 mins before i never done out like this before but i really liked it ( bit like the song lol )he phoned me str8 away he been bit moody all night but all was different he ask who the girl was and i told it was a friend of a friend he ask if she was a good kisser and i told him she was great but not as good as you lol and ask if we was all coming back if so he make some cocktails up.

We grabbed some food got a cab back me Helen Sophie and Paul lad who Helen just pulled a hour before lol.

Back at the flat my sexy boyfriend Hugo had made some sexy cocktails for us all he is a sex mad pevr always on this site. We all chatting Hugo was a bit stoned said hello to Sophie who i just kissed 30 mins before with a smile music was playing cocktails was flowing Hugo go go was half pissed as he cannot handle his drink decided the get the Twister out and ask who fancied playing we all thought it was a great idea.

Hugo said it was different rules each time u fell over u was not out but you lose a item of clothing i was shiting myself as i only had a tight sexy top on and hot pants and g-string Hugo was right on it socks on and all lol.

After 20 mins Hugo was down to socks and his tight boxers i am in my bra and g string Helen amazing tits was out and Sophie 2 only person doing well was Paul think he double jointed pmsl still had pants one and everything lol.

After 30 mins Hugo just came out and asked Sophie if he could have a snog as that all he been thinking about for the last few hours i was pissed right off at first but i done it 2 hours before but never seen my man snog anyone in front of me this felt weird and my heart races i looked over the snog lasted longer and mine so i ask Hugo if he thought she was a good kisser he said mint but not as good as you lol like i said before witty bastard Paul felt left out so i said Sophie why not kiss him and Helen than said tried us all and she turned round and said she like to fuck us all i said piss off she was pissed and naked Twister and a couple of snogs is not a gangbang lol but u could tell in her eyes she met it.

It all come out Sophie said she likes to be touched by loads of people at the same time she loves being stroked in all the right places could tell Hugo was fucking loving it by his cheesey smile and i could see him getting hard in his boxers he been asking about doing this but was always scared always wanted to give it a go but this time seamed just right so i went over to my babe pulled his boxers down and started sucking him slowing nice and deep biting it at the end the way he likes it whilst everyone else was watching.

Hugo stopped himself from coming and got up and said why do we not all try out mine and his amazing new bed which cost £2790 he had to get price out always does

We was in the bedroom we lighted some candles all took our clothes off this felt so random all from a kiss in a gay bar to his i did not know if i really wanted this but was too late music was playing we all got on our massive bed Sophie was in the middle of the 6ft bed looking like a really dirty girl i was getting hornier and hornier so i thought fuck it i give Hugo everything he always wanted to see me licking a girl out and making her cum.

I been with a few girls before but not really liked it but this was different i started to lick slowing rolling my tongue around and around mean while Helen was sucking Paul off which made me wetter my baby boy was all hard watching what was going on waited for premission i asked Sophie to suck his cock deep be as rough as u like Hugo's cock was deep down her throat Paul had put his hard cock inside Sophie not so tight pussy lol i am a bitch his went on for a bit Helen joined in with me sucking my man he fucking loved it his eyes was popping out of this head Paul was fucking loving it the other end Hugo asked me if he could fuck Sophie up the arse as i am far too tight and hurts me too much i said yes but thought twice Paul was on the bottom my man behind he put his cock inside with Pauls at first thought it looked a bit gay at first but turned me on and know i am far too tight for two hard cocks at once but Sophie was much bigger than me and took them 2 cocks like a super trooper i could tell they both was about to cum so i said share the wealth all 3 of us was licking and sucking there cocks in turns wanking biting kissing Paul came first all over Sophies and Helnes face i could see it coming after my eye op do not like cum in my face lol then my man did just that he never cum light it was thick warm slimey on me face was not happy but girls started to lick it off which blew my mind we all had a cig Hugo skinned up i had made brews all round.

Everyone left about 5pm what the fuck just gone on loved every min of it seeing my man happy me making another woman cum in my mouth was a top night Hugo was still hard think he popped a few pills fucked me all over whiles talking about me licking Sophiee out he did not last very long he came again deep deep inside me which made me cum like never before.

Wow what a night.

To Be Continued

Katie xxx
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