Naughty British Teacher

Lisa Neasham is a British secondary school english teacher from Newcastle. In the day, she teaches well and does everything she's supposed too. However she has one particular student in year 11 called Sam, who she adores. In her eyes he's perfect, everything she wants in a man. He's got amazing biceps, perfect eyes and a cute smile. Miss Neasham also loves that he has a massive bulge, she longs for him to shove his giant, throbbing cock inside her wet pussy and then cum all over her perfect ass. Oh how she wished for it, almost every day. But of course it would never happen, to her disappointment. She knew that he admired her, she always caught him (although said nothing) staring at her luscious ass or the little bit of cleavage she always got out whenever it was time for his lesson.
Lisa was always calm and didn't seem like much of a wild type, but this was in the day. At night, she would go out to clubs with her friends, and be the nasty little slut she always wants to be towards Sam. She gets d***k, strip-teases for random boys and on one occasion had a gangbang with 1 friend and 5 guys. The guys in the clubs always love her, after all she is a pitch perfect blonde, young adult with a great body, not to mention her fucking skills.
It was almost time for the summer holidays, and Sams time at school was nearly over. This of course meant he would never see Miss Neasham again, which was horrible to him. He wanted to fuck her so bad, english was his favourite subject, all because of her. He had a 9" cock, this made it really hard for him to hide his erection when he saw her perfect bum. Sam and his mates wanted to go out on the town one saturday night, as this would be the first experience of a real night club, for all of them. So they got their fake ID's and headed out for a wild night of booze, girls, d**gs, sex and mayhem.
Meanwhile, Lisa was just getting ready for her night out with her girls. Putting her make-up on, getting the right clothes that would attract a big cocked, strong man. Her and the girls headed out, barely wearing anything at all. What they were wearing would soon come off so it didn't matter that much too them. They always went into the same club, Tiger Tiger. And stayed there for the whole night, they didn't need to move club as there group motto was "Let the cock, come to you".
Sam and his mates had been out for a few hours now and had been too a few clubs, but they wanted to try and find some girls too take back to there hotel rooms and fuck senseless. The only club left was Tiger Tiger, so they got in and got a round of Vodka Red Bulls in. Sam spotted a girl on the dance floor with a perfect ass, he couldn't see her face but that didn't matter too him. He approached her and started grinding her. Luckily, the girl went with it and whispered in his ear "Give it too me baby, I can feel your big hard cock". She turned her head and stuck her tongue down his throat, kissing him ferociously. She grabbed his hand and led him too the toilets. For a second, she was shocked, then amazed, then just wanted him more. Sam was shocked, yet loved it. Sam had pulled his english teacher, of whom he had fancied for months.
Sam broke the awkward silence "You're a wild girl, you" he said.
"Wanna carry on, baby? You'll get an A*" she replied with a sly wink.
"Come back to the hotel room" Sam said.
When they got back to the hotel room, Lisa pushed Sam onto the bed, yet said nothing. She gave him a amazing strip tease, the same routine she had given too many men, wishing it was Sam. she licked his amazing abs and pulled down his trousers. A great shock came to her when she realised just how big he was. Without a thought she stuck it right down her throat, feeling her pussy, which by now was dripping wet, also. She then got up and pushed him over so he was lying down on the bed. She jumped on, saddling him. His cock felt so good inside her, this is what she had been longing for, for so long. Sam was burying his face in her great tits while she was bouncing up and down on his massive cock, moaning like crazy.
Sam didn't last long, but who could blame him, this was his first experience of sex, let alone with a incredibly sexy woman. He kneeled her down and busted a hot load down her throat, she swallowed it all. "Now its my turn too please you, Miss Neasham" Sam said eagerly.
"mmm ok baby" Lisa replied.
She jumped on the bed and opened her legs right open wide, inviting him in with her finger. He kneeled down and she shoved his face into her pussy. His tongue felt like magic to her, and she did something she never thought she could, squirted. She came without warning, all over his face and in his mouth. They then kissed gracefully, for about ten minutes, shoving each others tongues down each others. Lisa then fell asl**p in his arms.
When the 2 woke, they were both amazed too see each other. Lisa woke first, not remembering any of last night, but felt good for herself that she managed too have sex with someone who she desperately wanted too. She looked under the covers and looked at his huge cock with excitement, she gave it one quick lick, then Sam a kiss, and left. For the rest of the year, the 2 bonded very well in english. Although neither remember what happened that night, they both knew exactly what did.
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3 months ago
Tiger tiger is one of the crapiest pubs in town and how come they had a hotel room, when no m ention of it at beginging of story AND their both from Newcastle, hence why the hotel room??????
1 year ago
1 year ago
Like the story
Reminded me of my first blow job from my former 8th grade teacher when I was in 9th grade.
good writing