My Neighbors

My wife and I were going on vacation and we had asked the neighbors daughter to look after our cat and get the mail in for us. My wife and I are in our low thirties and Katie, our neighbors daughter, is a sophomore in college. Three days before we were to leave, she came over to see where things were at. My wife was still at work, working over to get caught up, when Katie came over.

Katie apologized for being in her bikini but said she had been sunbathing. Beads of sweat were running down into her cleavage. Going from the heat outside the cool of our house had given Katie a chill and her nipples were protruding against the piece of cloth covering them. I excused myself to get a towel for her to dry with. When I returned, she ask if I would dry off her back. When I finished, I d****d the towel over her shoulders and got back in front of her. As she dried off the sweat from her chest, I watched with astonishment as she pulled each breast out, dried it off and then placed it back inside her top. I had an erection straining at my shorts by the time she got to her crotch. I was really caught up in this erotic show she was putting on for me. She asked where Tina, my wife, was at and I explained she still working and would be for a good while trying to catch up before vacation. My dick was like her nipples, straining to get out. I ask her the usually questions about college life and schooling. Over the last six years, I had watched Katie grow up and she is a fine looking woman. When ever she was sunbathing, I would try to sneak peeks of her beautiful body as she was stretched out on their deck.

We were laughing and telling about things that had happened when she asked me about watching her sunbathe. I was honest and told her that on many occasions I had and that if I had known she was out today, I would have been watching again. She informed me that I now had an up close view and proceeded to twirl around in front of me. I remarked that it was much better up close, I could see more detail. You could feel the sexual tension growing between us. I told her with her body she could have anything she wanted. We both laughed. Katie got right in front of me and I took advantage of the situation. I took her face in both hand and leaned over and passionately kissed her. Katie returned my kiss and began rubbing her crotch against my penis, I knew I was going to get a piece of ass. I released her face and took her hands and guided them to my shorts. She unbuttoned and unzipped them, letting them fall to the floor. She then pulled down my underwear, releasing my erect penis. Katie wrapped her arms around me and pulled me close, my penis poking her in the stomach. Still kissing with our tongues playing tag. I wanted to grab a hand full of one her tits but resisted the temptation. One of her hands found my balls and began playing with them. Feeling bolder, I untied the straps to her top. As it fell, it was stopped by my penis, still sticking in Katie's stomach. I now had access to her ample breasts. I loved the feel of her nipples as I squeezed on her breasts. Our lips broke and she got on her tip toes, I stooped and she straddled my penis and remarked that it sure felt good sliding on her pussy lips.

I picked her up and took her into the den. I laid her on the couch and got between her legs. Moistening my penis head with her wet pussy juice, I then slid it into her love hole. Her young pussy was good and tight. It gradually adjusted to the girth of my penis and our fucking became smoother. Before long, Katie was moaning and yelling at me to fill up her pussy with cum. She gripped my arms and held on as her orgasm reached its height. She was calling me a bastard one second and then telling me she loved my dick the next. As her orgasm was subsiding, I felt the cum boiling. As it was ready to release, I pulled out and shot hot streams of cum over her tits and stomach. Katie scooped up some from her stomach and tasted. She sat up and proceeded to lick off my dick. She went to the bathroom and I got a paper towel out of the kitchen and cleaned up the cum that had dripped on the couch as she was cleaning my shaft.

When she returned to the den, still naked, she remarked that getting laid was the perfect ending to a day of sunbathing. She also told me I had the fattest dick she had ever seen, she just knew she was going to be sore later from having her pussy stretched. I told her Tina wouldn't be home for some time and she didn't need to leave just yet. She asked what I had in mind for her.

I got her to lay on the couch with her ass on the arm. I knelt and started devouring her hair pie. During the eating of her pussy, I found out it was a first for her. Guys had always wanted to get their dicks sucked but had never eaten her pussy. Her withering and rubbing her tits and mashing her pussy into my face let me know that she was enjoying my eating of her pussy. I was pinching and rubbing her clit as I ate her out. It wasn't long before she began another orgasm. Just as before it was a fucking good one. Eating her cunt and watching her orgasm had got me hard again.

With her pussy at the right level on the arm of the couch, I stood up and lined up the pussy spreader. The orgasm had tightened up her pussy. As I worked to insert, Katie had her legs spread to allow room. When I finally got in, Katie looked and told me I was splitting her in two. My stroking continued to work on her vagina muscles and she matching my strokes as we fucked away. I kept pounding away at her hole as I neared orgasm. I quite humping when I felt my cum ready to explode from my penis. This time I kept to ole boy inserted as it filled her pussy with man cream. As it was squirting its last drops of cum, she fucking orgasmed again. I wiped the last drops of cum on her hair covered pussy mound. I tossed her a towel so she could keep from dripping cum all over the carpet as she made her way to the bathroom.

I finally showed her where things were at, gave her a key to the house, and told her what a great fuck she had been. She informed me that her pussy would be sore from the stretching it had been given by my thick dick. I told Katie I was going to be off the next three days, working around the house and getting things ready for vacation, hoping she would take the bait and offer me some more of her sweet young pussy. With the door standing open, she turned to face me and said April, one of her friends, would be over tomorrow and I might want to get my work done in the morning. When she finished saying that, she grabbed my dick and ask if I thought I could do that. I replied if April was half as good looking as her, it would be a pleasure to have them over.

I made sure the place was tidy before Tina got home. When she arrived she was wore out and ate and went to bed. When she left the house at 7:30 the next morning, she said she probably wouldn't get home till about 7 PM. I went to work in the yard. About 11 am I saw a car pull into Katie's driveway. The girl that got out was slightly taller than Katie, with less tits but a bigger ass. She was a fucking knock out just like Katie. I was sure as hell hoping this was April. I went around back and started racking up some grass from where I had mowed yesterday. I heard the two ladies out back and heard Katie refer to the friend as April so I knew that the knock out I had seen out front was indeed April. Just thinking about it got my dick hard. My mind was on April and Katie and wondering if they would be over and would I get the chance to spread their cunt lips with my dick. All this was keeping me with a semi hard dick. I heard the fence gate and looked up to see Sue, Katie's mother, entering the back yard. She ask if I wanted to come have a sandwich with her and the girls. She kept glancing at my crotch, there is just no way to hide and erection. I told her I would love to and ask what she was doing home. She told me she didn't have to be at work till 2 pm and would be leaving after lunch. I told her I would wash off a little and be over. As I walked up to their deck through their back yard, the ladies, April and Katie, both looked at me. I could tell April was giving me the once over but as I looked at Katie, she winked, smiled and slid the small piece of material covering her nipple over for me to see. April did not see this as she was still looking at me. Sue was coming out of the door onto the deck with sandwiches and told Katie to go get some drinks. Katie got up and April went with her. Sue, who is in her 40's is a fine looking woman also. Its easy to see where Katie gets her gook looks and figure from. The apple didn't fall from the tree. I sat down and we exchanged pleasantries as she finished setting out the food. Sue had put on a top with no bra and tied it up under her tits, her dark nipples were showing through her white top, and had on very short shorts. Eating lunch with three gorgeous women, very skimpily dressed, I was destined to go through lunch with an erection.

I sat down on one of the picnic table benches and Sue sat down beside me. April and Katie returned from the house with four cans of Pepsi. Sue had spread a tablecloth and had the fixings to go with the sandwiches. Sue reached for the potato salad which was right in front of me and when she did, she rested her free hand on my leg. I reached for something in front of her and used the movement to end up closer to her. While we were not touching, we were the next thing to it. Sue had used her free hand to move or reach things but it always ended up resting on my thigh. I surmised that the bulge she had seen in my shorts when she came to invite me had wetted her sexual appetite. I moved forward as far as I could, this let her hand rest almost at my crotch. Sue had begun rubbing my leg. I didn't know if April and Katie could see any of this or not. They didn't appear to be aware. I spread my legs, now touching Sue's. April got up to get something and Sue jerked her hand away from my leg. As soon as she sat back down, her hand went back to my leg. Feeling her hand rub my leg and staring at two beautiful sets of tits, my boner wasn't about to relax. Sue ask April and Katie to clear the table and put things away when we finished. When they got their arms full and turned their backs, I placed my hand at Sue's crotch. Time was short and I wanted to know if she was playing or meant business. April and Katie were laughing when they went in the house. With no resistance to my hand, I worked it till I had it under her shorts leg and slid her panties out of the way and started rubbing her clit. She looked at me and said she wished she didn't have to go to work today. I told her I would be off again tomorrow. She slipped her hand to my boner. Sue asked if she could come over in the morning when Tina left and I told her I would be waiting. She grinned and said if I didn't stop on her clit she was going to orgasm with her daughter probably looking out the window at us. I told her it might do her good to see her mother orgasm. Just then April and Katie came through the door. I removed my hand and Sue removed hers from my dick. Sue and April folded up the tablecloth and while they were doing it, they were both looking at my erection

I thanked Sue and decided they had all seen my erection so what the hell, I got up and went back to my yard work, erection and all.

About one thirty I saw Sue heading off to work. She was no more than out of sight when I saw April and Katie heading my way.

We went inside together and Katie ask if I thought I could handle her and April. I looked at April and ask her if she was ready. She looked at me and told me she wanted to see the dick that had Katie squealing with delight. I dropped my shorts and told her she would have to do the rest. I looked over and Katie was already naked and rubbing her clit. April got in front of me and lowered my underwear. She looked over at Katie and said no wonder her pussy was sore after letting that thick dick fuck her. I untied her bikini top straps and she stepped out of the bottoms. We were now all naked and ready to fuck. April knelt in front of me and started licking on my penis. She didn't try to stick it in her mouth, she just licked around on it. Katie got on the couch in the position she had been in yesterday, with her ass on the arm. She told me she was ready to take me to get over there and get that fat thing in her cunt. I lined the ole boy up and moistened the head with her pussy juice. I eased it up her love hole and then we started rocking. April was watching as I reamed out her hole. I motioned for April to come over and I got two fingers up her cunt while I fucked away at Katie. I used my other hand to rub on Katie's clit. April was a juicy bitch. My fingers and hand was covered with her love drippings. Katie fucking blew. She was cussing and calling me everything in the book. I still hadn't blown my load of cum and pulled out of Katie and told April to take her place. Reluctantly April assumed the position on the couch. I started pushing my dick into her tender cunt. I looked at her and ask if she was a fucking virgin and she said hell no, if Katie could get me in she could too. I finally got in but dam she was tight. Even though she was juiced to the maximum. Her pussy finally accepted me and I started stroking her hole. Katie had bent over her and started sucking on one of her nipples. I couldn't take no more. I pulled out and shot cum all over April's belly and in Katie's hair and the side of her face. Katie moved in front of me and began devouring my penis. She licked me clean. I had some towels in the den in anticipation of them coming over and April got one and cleaned off the cum. Katie cleaned the cum off her face. I had April get back on the couch and started eating her pussy. She had orgasmed while I was shooting cum all over her. These two ladies had the sweetest pussy juice I had ever tasted. I was feverishly working on April's cunt when I felt Katie getting between my legs. She got positioned and started sucking off my semi hard man meat. I reached up and got one of April's nipples and started squeezing on it. I think she out did Katie when she orgasmed. She grabbed by head with both hands and mashed my face into her pussy and was yelling and screaming about wanting that fat dick up in her again. I released her cunt and nipple and looked down at Katie who was still attached to my penis.

Katie had me hard again. I had April get back on the couch and once again entered her tight hole. I was rubbing her clit as I fucked away. Katie had a hand between my legs gripping my balls as I banged away at April. April was moaning and then began shouting as my thick meat speared her hole. Her orgasm seemed to last forever. As she relaxed, I pulled out and Katie took her place. I was doing the same with Katie, rubbing and pulling on her clit as I fucked her little hole. April was just laying in the floor. Katie started her orgasm and as she did, I pulled out and sprayed my cum over her belly and tits.

We cleaned up and all the while they were talking about how thick my dick was. April remarked that she was already feeling the results of being stretched by my monster. Katie got in front of me and was using her tits to rub my semi hard penis. Before long she had me at full staff again. I bent her over the kitchen table and I fucked her from behind. I was sweating and the beads of sweat were dropping onto Katie's ass as I fucked away. I don't know how but April had gotten between my legs and was licking my balls as I fucked Katie. Time was getting short for Katie, she was begging me to blow my load. Her orgasm hit. She started cussing and humping back on my penis. I pulled out and had April get on the other end of the table and bend over and entered her from the rear. April was one tight little bitch. My dick was getting sore from her tight hole. It didn't take long for April to orgasm. Hers was just as intense as Katie's. I pulled out just as I shot a glob of cum on April's back. One good blob was all I had left. These girls had drained me for the day. I squeezed Aprils' ass and told her she had been a great fuck. I walked around to Katie, who was still laid out on the table and grabbed her tit and her she was great piece of ass.

After we relaxed for a bit, we dressed and the girls went back to Katie's.

I was whipped. I laid down and slept for an hour or so. I got most of the things done I needed to do before Tina got home. She was wore out again. She said the next day would be just like this one.

Tina left for work at 7:30 AM. I was standing in the kitchen in my boxers when there was knock on the back door. I was not sure Tina had even cleared the neighborhood. I opened the door for Sue, who was in her housecoat with a cup in her hand. I ask what the cup was for and was told it was just in case someone saw her coming to the back door, they would think she was just after some milk or sugar. I ask where Katie was and was told she was still in bed and had her alarm set for 10:30.

I removed my boxers and was standing before Sue naked. I stood in front of her and wrapped my arms around her and our lips met. Our kiss was electrifying. Sue returned my embrace as our tongues danced together. My penis was being aroused and sticking into Sue's stomach. We were still in a lip lock as I moved enough to untie her robe. Sue was naked underneath the robe. My hands were now free to explore her wonderful body. Her hand found my penis and she gasped as she tried to place her hand around it. Our kiss broke and her eyes went to my penis. As she gently stroked it, she remarked that it was going to stretch her pussy. She had never seen one as thick as mine. I took her to the couch and got her on the lay down with her ass on the arm, just as I had her daughter. I moistened the head with her pussy juice and started easing into her love nest. She spread her legs farther, trying to allow more room for my fat dick. She was tighter than her daughter. I worked it slowly in and out of her and she finally loosened up some. I was able to stroke faster. As I stroked her faster her first orgasm hit. She was pinching her nipples and yelling at me to not stop. Her hands relaxed, but I was still fucking away at her hole. Just as I was ready to fill her cunt with cum, her second orgasm hit. This one was more violent than the first. She was bucking and begging me to fill her with my cum. I didn't disappoint. Me penis started squirting it juice inside her as many small orgasms rocked her body. As my penis was softening, I eased out of her warm pussy. Sue motioned for me and I stood beside her. She took my penis, soaked with both our juices, and licked it clean.

As she walked to the bathroom, my cum was oozing out of her pussy and sliding down her leg. As she bent over washing her pussy and legs, I started pulling on her nipples. She finished and turned to face me, telling me that we were going to do this again. I replied that I would be waiting for the chance. She squeezed my dick and told me she was going to have a hard time working today with a sore, stretched pussy and thinking of the screwing she had just received. We kissed and she got her cup and robe and slipped out the back door.

This was the best workout my penis had received since my college days. Tina liked to fuck but every two or three days is all she wants it and with her work schedule lately it was even less than that.. I was wondering if I was going to get a chance to screw Katie again today before we went on vacation.

I was out in the yard pulling weeds out of the flower beds when I heard someone. I turned to find Katie motioning for me to come to the gate. She told me she was going to the mall with April but would be home about the time her mom left for work. She winked at me and told me she would see me then. I ask if April would be with her when she returned and was told she didn't think so. It seems April was real sore and walking bow legged this morning.

I went inside and washed my hands. I watched Katie leave and then went over to Sue's. I rang the door bell and Sue called from the other side asking who it was. I told her it was Bill and the door flew open. She had a bra and panties on and that was all. She looked great. She told me she was getting ready to come over to my house since Katie had left and wouldn't be back for awhile. I knew I was playing with fire by fucking mother and daughter but I was thinking with my penis and enjoying the hell out of it. I suggested we go back to my house since we didn't know exactly when Katie would be back.

Sue threw on her shorts and top and we went back to my house. I wanted her bad. I pusher her bra and top up exposing her breasts. I covered a nipple with my mouth and sucked on her dark nipple. Sue was moaning as I continued sucking on her breast. I slid a hand inside her shorts and started rubbing on her clitoris, slipping a finger or two inside her cunt from time to time, while not releasing her breast. Her cunt was sopping wet, my fingers squished when they went in and out of her hole. Her moaning changed to begging me to fuck her. I released her nipple and cunt and removed my shorts. I laid on the floor as Sue stripped. She straddled me and started easing down on my rigid pole. She was gently bouncing up and down on my tool, not going too fast. I laid there and enjoyed the sight of this woman adjusting to the girth of my penis, her tits gently swaying as she fucked herself. She tensed up and sat there as her orgasm ripped through her body. She sat there staring at me cussing and telling me what a great fuck partner I was. As her orgasm subsided, she started to work herself up and down on my pole again. I stopped her and took her to a bedroom where I laid her on the edge of the bed. As I stood in front of her I lined up my tool and then rammed it home. Sue squealed in pain I stuffed my dick up her cunt. I began fucking her hard, making her pussy accept my thick dick. She was now enjoying the fucking she was getting. Just as her second orgasm started, I pulled out and shot all over her stomach and tits. She was rubbing my man cream into her nipples as her orgasm subsided. Sue looked at the clock and realized she needed to get home and get ready for work. She kissed the head of my penis, dressed, and told me she couldn't wait for me get back from vacation.
At one thirty I was pulling weeds out of a flower bed when Sue left for work. She blew the horn and waved as she backed out of their driveway. Sue had already gotten me off twice that morning and I knew Katie would be over sometime that afternoon to get laid. I was glad I was getting a rest.

I was still pulling weeds when Katie pulled into their driveway about three thirty. Surprisingly April was with her. They were both dressed like sluts. They were wearing extremely short shorts that looked like they were two sizes too small, with knit tops that just barely came below their bras. Katie sat down beside me and reached for my crotch, squeezing my dick and asking if I was "UP" for both of them. We went inside. April and Katie were undressing as we went in the back door. I stripped and led them back to the bedroom, fondling there asses as we went. I laid down on the bed and Katie straddled me, just like her mother had done earlier. I had April sit on my face so I could eat her hair pie. Both girls were ready to fuck. Katie had squatted over my dick with it firmly implanted in her cut. She was just squatted there, using her cunt muscles to squeeze my dick. I could feel her pussy juice running down my shaft and onto my balls. Meantime I was nibbling away at April's cunt. I had my hand maneuvered around so I could rub her clitoris as my tongue probed the recesses of her hole. It felt like I had ruptured Katie's pussy with all the fluid that running down my dick. She was putting me in orbit with her cunt muscles squeezing my dick. April was at her orgasm. She was grinding her cute little pussy into my face and I was rubbing hard on her clitoris. Katie reached from behind and grabbed her nipples and was pinching them. This was all it took for April. She began bucking and yelling at me to tongue fuck her and eat her love goo. Katie released her nipples and April rolled off my mouth. Katie eased off my dick and leaned forward and covered my mouth with hers. She hungrily kissed me, our tongues ramming at each other. She sat back up and mounted me again. Her pussy had left a huge wet spot on my abdomen where it leaking. This time she was in to fucking. She was going up and down on my pole as April watched. April finally leaned over and placed a tit before my mouth. I opened up and took as much as I could as Katie continued her bouncing on my dick. Katie was slowing down as her orgasm neared. As she froze and clinched her teeth, blowing hard and yelling at me to cum in her pussy, I obliged. I can't explain why this time had been so special but all I wanted to do was fill her with cum. Katie leaned over on April's back, I was still eating on her nipple. My dick was still inserted in her cunt and was slowly deflating. When we finally separated, we had a pretty good mess.

There was a big wet spot under my balls where Katie's juice and some of my cum had ended up. My eating of April's tit had caused her cunt to leak some more and there was another wet spot there. Katie cleaned off my penis with her tongue. They both wanted to know when I would be back from vacation. I took the bedspread off and started it washing. I explained to them I didn't need Tina wondering who had been fucking in our spare bed.
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2 months ago
Damn, where do you get horny neighbors like that. I wanna move next to Sue. lol. Lovely story
10 months ago
NEXT Thanks for the posting
3 years ago
You really needed that vacation.
3 years ago
i want neighbors like that.
3 years ago
Very good story Lucky Bastard !!!
3 years ago
best story ever !
4 years ago
excellent lucky dude
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4 years ago
great story, lucky you i just wish sue
4 years ago
wow that was a great story you really fucked those pussies good