My First Group

"Same as usual, I don't claim to be a story writer, I apologise in advance for any grammar errors or spelling errors. This is 100% true except some of the names may be altered for privacy's sake."

Well this is a story which is all about my first time experiencing a group meeting. It was a day after my 16th birthday and was a surprise present from my "buddy" next door. (read earlier story for details on him) Anyway, the day of my birthday came and it was a great one, I was spoiled rotten off the folks and spent the day at school before having a meal out with the fam on the evening. As I got in from school I saw my neighbour John, for those of you who haven't read my first story John was my divorced neighbour, he was 52 years old, grey/black hair, 6ft built with a goatee. He was a handsome older guy who i had been having fun with for the past 4 months since our first amazing meeting. We had been seeing each other almost daily when I could sneak over to his for different reasons. He had began "tutoring" me in some school subjects which I managed to set up with the folks blessing, this came as a great way of getting over there for at least an hour uninterrupted. Anyway as I returned from school I saw him in the garden and chatted to him, he gave me a card for my birthday as he usually did anyway and said as I was leaving "come around tomorrow at about 7pm for your surprise present". Now I had imagined that it would be some new clothes or just a good pounding and load like normal, how I was wrong. That evening I couldn't think of anything else other than the following days action. I had become a real cock whore and craved his big dick badly.

The following evening came, I went in the shower to clean and make sure I was ready for it, I got dressed in my shorts, tshirt and trainers (no underwear) and made my way downstairs, told the folks I was going to Johns to do a little bit studying, they said to make sure I thanked him for his help, if only they knew how I would thank him.

As I walked up his garden path I was so excited at what was happening, I was gagging for his cock and was excited to whatever he had planned. I knocked at the door and he answered wearing only a dressing gown. He said "come on in son, happy birthday. This is going to be a night to remember, I want you straight upstairs into the bathroom, there are some clothes out lying for you, put them on and come back into the front room for your surprise." I smiled and ran up the stairs, I could hear him talking downstairs but presumed it was either the TV or him on the telephone. I entered the bathroom and there on the floor laid out was a nice tiny looking plaid skirt, some white knee socks and a bikini top. I quickly got undressed and redressed in his choice and was just about to head out the door when John appeared. He had lost the dressing gown and was nude sporting a thick hard erection and holding a video camera in his hand. He had videoed loads of our meet over the past few months so it was all normal to me, I instantly reached out for his thick cock, he smiled and said "not just yet son, you can have this soon enough but I've got a little treat for your first. Follow me" With that stepped back and put the camera on me smiling and moaning about how sexy I looked. He headed downstairs and I followed behind, as we got to the front room door he turned and said "happy birthday" with that he opened the door to the front room and I was greeted by 4 guys, all older looking, all nude and all sitting on the furniture watching a porno of John fucking me senseless on the TV. At once they all turned to see me standing there in skirt, stockings and bikini top with my erection making a tent in the skirt. The silence was broken by John saying "I knew you wanted more than one cock so thought id get you a buffet of my closest pals" I smiled and said "thanks" I was so nervous and didn't know what to do. I turned my head back towards the guys and noticed that one of them was familiar to me, a guy sitting on the chair in the window was the same guy I had been fucked off in the toilet block a couple of months back, I would recognise that fat cock anywhere. He glanced me a smile and a wink knowing it was me but not saying a thing, I quickly scoured the other 3 guys to see what I was dealing with. They all looked 45-55 years old, 2 were in good shape with nice cocks about 7 or 8 inches similar to Johns, medium thickness both uncut. They 3rd guy closes too me was a stocky guy with a big beer gut hanging out like a trophy, he caught me looking at him and smiled shaking his cock at me, it was big, about 9 inches and very fat and uncut.

After what seemed like forever me just standing there as 4 older hot guys sat there wanking to a porn of me being fucked, the fatter guy Alan broke the silence, "how about you show us what John has told us all about, kneel on the floor" I didn't need told twice, I walked into the middle of the floor and kneeled down, John came walking over with the camera pointing at me and said to the guys "ok guys watch this then its your turn" he took his cock and placed it in my mouth the whole time videoing from above. He wasted no time fucking my mouth hard and fast choking me and stretching my throat for what was to come, of course I was in my element and had become natural at sucking that cock and knowing what he liked. I took it hard for about 3 minutes before I heard him moan loudly and start to breathe heavily. I knew what was coming so I pulled his cock out of my mouth and started at the other guys wanking, I opened wide and wanked his jerking cock hard, he began to spurt his huge load into my mouth, spurt after spurt, I never lost eye contact with the others, which I think sent them over the edge. I leaned forward and cleaned Johns cock off and drained the last drops out before swallowing the entire load and licking my lips. John regained focus and said "thanks son, perfect as usual". I smiled. With that he turned and said "right lads, he's all yours, be as gentle as you can please".

John backed away into the corner of the room with his camera still in hand and his now softening happy cock between his legs, before I knew it all 4 guys were standing around me wanking, one by one they started to feed me their cocks. I was in heaven I dived on each on and give it a good seeing too, pleasing as many as possible, Alan's cock was the one I was loving the most, it was so hard long and thick it was amazing, he seemed to know this too and teased me with it making me lick his balls and ass which smelt like a true man. Whilst sucking his cock I felt some hands on my ass so started to push that out a little, I felt a finger tease my hole before being pushed in, then another, then I felt a tongue and mouth on it, eating and licking like no tomorrow, this made me suck and wank the other 3 cocks like there was no tomorrow. Suddenly the licking stopped and I felt a cock slapping off my arse then the head being pushed into my willing hole, he slid it in perfectly all the way to the hilt before waiting to make sure I was ok. Before I knew it I was being pounded and pounded hard, the guy was fucking me like he had little time, John was near by loving what he was seeing with his camera. After about 3 or 4 mins I felt a warm feeling in my ass, I knew he had spunked and was a little disappointed as he was doing a good job, he pulled out and left the room. There was only the 3 cocks left now and I was gonna make good use of them.

My toilet block friend was next he was sitting on the floor leaning against the sofa and said "come ride this boy, I know you will love it" I didn't need told twice I jumped straight on it and began to ride it like a horse, it stretched me a bit but I was lubed well with spunk, I was facing away so I could still suck the other two willing cocks, they took turns fucking my face as I bounced on this thick cock, I was sucking the 3rd guy when he stared to tense and moan, he pulled out and unloaded on my face nice big creamy load, he pushed his cock back into my mouth and made sure I cleaned off the last of his spunk, with that he stood up kissed my head and said "Thanks John, that was as good as you said, ill be back for more another time you 3 have fun with him ok" I barely noticed that conversation due to the cock that I was riding was starting to stiffen even more, Bill (the toilet guy as I later found out he was called) said "I don't want to cum yet so you better slow down son" with that Alan saw his opportunity and said "right then well I suppose its my turn for that ass" he pulled his huge cock out of my mouth just long enough so I could catch my breath and he pulled me up off Bills cock, he lay me on my back on the sofa and pushed his cock to the tip of my hole, he spat on his cock and said "here we go k**, enjoy" he thrust his cock deep into my arse forcing me to let out a scream and bill and john who were watching let out a giggle.

Alan, fucked me hard and fast like an a****l, he was sweating and calling me names, he seemed to be able to go for ages which I was surprised giving his shape, but he pounded me well and good I was moaning and groaning, eventually my mouth was filled by Bills cock who started to work that again, pulling out to make me lick his balls and ass before feeding his cock back in. Alan pulled out and I though to myself " that was good must be ready to shoot" he pulled me up and pushed me in front of his cock and said "get a taste of that boy, it should be lovely" I dived on it and worked it fast hoping for his cum, he was pulling his nipples and taking a little drink. He looked down and said "ready for round 2?" and before I could answer he pulled out of my mouth and picked me up and stood me up, span me around and said "kneel on the stool, and point that ass up" I knelt forward and popped my ass in the air, immediately, my ass was filled with his cock hard and fast as I was expecting and Bill came around the front and fed me his cock. I felt my stomach starting to clench and before I knew it my cock was spilling out my load without being touched just because of the fucking I was taking. After another 30 mins of these two taking turns on my mouth and ass I was I was told to get on my knees, I was finished and could barely kneel, Alan and Bill stood over me and started to wank over my face, Bill moaned loudly and unloaded a nice load on my face, he shoved his cock back in my mouth and unloaded 2 or 3 more spurts whilst moaning loudly, he pulled out as he went soft. I looked up at Alan who was pulling his nipples with one hand and wanking his fat cock hard with the other. He let out a moan and a huge load hit my square in the face, he rammed his cock into my mouth and unleashed another 4 or 5 big spurts, pushing his cock as deep as he could. I managed to take the whole thing and cleaned him off till he went limp in my mouth. He pulled out and used his fingers to feed me the cum from my face into my mouth. They were both sat on the sofa again catching their breath. I stood up barely able to stand, smiling and covered in cum, John grabbed my cock and started to wank me, it took no time and I was shooting hard, my legs gave way and I sat on the floor cum leaking out of my ass and cock just ruined. I lay there as one by one they guys left. John came back in smiling at me, he said "any comments?" pointing the camera at me. I smiled and said "happy birthday to me".

That was my first ever group session, and it wasn't my last. It was however one of the best nights I have had to date. I loved every minute of it and loved the video when I watched it back on many occasions with John.

Hope you enjoyed my story and sorry it went on a little but it was worth telling. Thanks x

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4 months ago
omg i luv this experience u had great story
7 months ago
Great story - I'd love to be at a party like that x
8 months ago
Horny in the extreme....more please?
8 months ago
Wow, so horny to read. Love all your stories. x
9 months ago
Excellent story wand very well written. Reminds me of my first group when I was that age. I didn't wear girls clothes but my mentor (the older man who taught me how to suck cock and how to please men with my boy pussy) just introduced me to his friends and I was made to strip naked for them. After that it was all a blur of all those hands all over me and then having a cock inserted in my mouth and ass at the same time. That was a first for me and the feeling was incredible.

Thanks again for the wonderful story.