My First Black Cock and Holiday Cock - True Story

Another request this one to be added for all to hear, this follows my theme of first times from when i was a lil younger. This one is about my first time seeing and enjoying a black cock and some sexy holiday sex. I have changed names and apologise now about spelling and grammer. Im not an author just a horny cunt!

When i was 17 mum and dad decided it would be a good idea to have one more f****y holiday before i became too old and though it was too uncool to go on holiday with my parents. Never one to turn down a free holiday i said it would be a great idea. My one stipulation was i wanted my own room, to which dad said just as well because that was my stipulation too. So off we went for a 2 week trip to Jamaica all inclusive. Couldnt of been happier if im honest. After a long flight and long bus ride from the airport we finally arrived at our hotel. It was late at night and we were all tired. We checked in and were given our room keys, it was then i noticed that dad had screwed me over, they were in a top suite and i was in a normal room. I wasnt too fussed really as it still had all the mod cons and i was alone to enjoy some me time with my dildo and clothes i had packed with me. Got to my room and pretty much went straight to sl**p. I was woken next morning by my dad telling me that there was a managers meeting in the lobby with intro drinks. I got ready and met them in the lobby. That was the first time i got a look at the manager who i would later know as James. He appeared in the lobby in full suit looking very smart, he was 6ft 5, broad frame, shaved hair bald, and a cute goatee. He caught my eye straight away, i had a black man fantasy for a while and had watched a lot of black porn of recent so my mind went racing straight away. He talked and introduced himself to people for a bit i just sat and stared at him, everynow and then he caught my eyesight. After he was finished he made his way over and introduced himself to me and my dad "hi im James, please call me James and let me know if there is anything i can do for you" i shook his huge hand and he smiled at me i nearly came there and then. My dad asked a question about internet access in his room or something im not too sure as i wasnt listening. James said " please, leave it with me sir i will sort out both rooms personally". After that we made our way out to the pool area and enjoyed our first day of sun and beer.

Later that afternoon about 4pm i left the parents at the pool as i had, had enough of the sunshine and wanted some "me" time after spending most of the day thinking about sex. Id had a few beers so was a lil hot and horny. I said to the parents "im going back to my room for a shower and nap, ill meet you at 8 for dinner?" mum was asl**p i think and dad just nodded and said "no problem son, enjoy". I gathered my stuff and made my way back to the room. As i passed through the lobby i noticedJames was there and he noticed me. He shouted over "excuse me Rob!" and made his way over "could you please tell your father i have sorted his internet its all up and running i left him some guidence" "Yea sure" i stuttered out. "I hope your having a good first day here with us, Is your internet ok?" he asked. "i havent had a chance to go on it , but i will have a look when i go back now, thank you." He smiled and said "no problem just let me know if its not". i smiled and went on my way needing that wank more than ever now.

I got back to my room and stripped off outta my shorts and vest instantly, i grabbed my suitcase and unpacked the rest of my things, putting my 8inch dildo, bikini and mini skirt onto the bed for my fun time. I took out my laptop and put some music on and jumped in the shower. As i showered i was thinking about James black cock and what it would look like. I was rock hard and needed to cum. I got out the shower and sat on the bed and loaded up some of the porn on my computer of a big black guy just using this white lad and thinking of James i started to play a little. After about 10 mins of wanking and playing with my ass there was a knock at the door. "one minute" i shouted. I grabbed a robe and threw it on, i put the clothes and dildo under a pillow, gutted i hadnt even had the chance to use them yet!! i put the laptop on the table and close the page i was watching. I walked over to the door and looked through the peep hole expecting to see dad. It was James, my heart skipped a beat there and then. I opened the door to James standing there. "Rob, hi how is everything?" i smiled and said "excellent thank you" He replied with "Im just doing the welcome calls to make sure everyone new is settled and has all they need, and also to check your internet is ok" "Thanks, yea i have all i need really, the hotel is amazing you must be proud to manage it. I havent checked my web yet, one sec and i shall have a quick look." "no problem do you mind if i come in while you check?" he said smiling. "please, keep the air con in here too." i walked over to the laptop and tried to connect but it wouldnt allow it. I asked him what i had to do. "do you mind if i have a look it probably just needs a password that was in the welcome pack" He sat down and typed and clicked for a second i went over to the sofa and sat opposite him. "There you are Rob, all logged in, its been having some glitches so im having to put in my password on everyones but its all sorted." "thanks so much James your a lifesaver" He looked over and smiled at me his face changed a little he said "You know Rob i dont mean to be snooping but you need to be careful with this sort of video, homosexuality is i*****l here in Jamaica, you could get into a lot of trouble" He turned the laptop on his knee towards me and he had clicked the video i was watching before he interupted.

I felt myself get very nervous and tried to mumble a response before i could he interupted me and said "its ok however as im American and im also gay so your secret is safe with me dont worry" i just smiled and said "thanks" He stood up and put the laptop on the chest of drawers still with the video on. He walked back over and said "mind if I sit and watch for a little bit" again like a rabbit caught in headlights i just nodded and smiled. He sat down on the chair opposite me and watched the movie. I could see him looking at me out the corner of my eye as i watched the movie and tried to descise my cock, i noticed him re-arange his pants a couple time. He caught my eye peering in his direction and awkwardly i muttered "can i get you a drink or anything" He looked smiled and said "how about you come and take these trousers off me so i can free my cock, its trapped in here. Take your robe off too please. I stood to go over and he stood up and removed his suit jacked and placed it on the table, he pulled on his tie and took it over his head and started to unbutton his shirt. I sheepishly took off my robe and threw it on the bed, i stood there naked with my cock pointing straight out at him. He smiled and removed his shirt first time i seen his amazing chest, buff but not too muscley but amazing for a guy of 48 lil hairy but you couldnt really see it. He kicked off his shoes and unbuttoned his trousers. I walked over and pulled them down to see the bulge in his loose boxers. He smiled and said "ever had or seen a black cock before son?" i said "no but iv seen them on videos like this" "good well get down on your knees and remove these boxers for me please" i did as i was told and knelt down, his bulge was right in my face, i could smell his cock and balls after a day of wearing a suit in 100 degree heat. They smelt amazing of pure man. I tugged down his boxers and his cock sprang out semi hard and his the underside of my chin. It was huge even semi hard it was a good 9 inches, cut and very thick. It was shaved bald and 2 huge black balls hung below it just dangling there. I just stared at it, it was bigger than anything i had seen or imagined, it was thick and veiny. "please it son, please it" he said looking down at my shocked face. I didnt need asked twice as i grabbed it and took it in my mouth. It was magical, i started to suck and wank it hard as it grew rock hard. it was about 11 inches long and lovely. I took as much as i could kept choking myself going nuts on it. He kept groaning and moaning so i knew i was doing right. After about 5 mins he pulled it off me and said "stand up and go lie on the bed on your back with your head hanging off the end" i did as i was told knowing what was coming, he came over and placed his cock in my mouth and slowly started to fuck my mouth, me was moaning and started to fuck harder. I chocked a lot and coughed but he would pull out ask i was ok and go again. i was wanking my own cock and squirming about. He grabbed my legs and pulled them up and started to rub my hole, this seemed to turn him on more as he fucked my face harder. He spat on my arse and started to rub it in. I felt him prying a finger in there and i moaned on his cock which made him hump a bit too far and choke me. He pulled out and said "mmm son you got an amazing hole, i want to taste it get on all 4s" as i lifted up and wiped my face i knocked the pillow and revealed the clothes and dildo i had forgotten about.

He stopped in his tracks "well well well what do we have here?" he picked them up and before i could answer he said "put em on now, ill use this to open that sweet ass up" i did as i was told and put on the bikini and miniskirt but left the bikini bttms off. He pushed me on the bed on all 4s and pushed my ass up in the air. He started moaning saying "mmm im gonna enjoy this rob" he pulled the skirt over my ass and started to lick it. I felt him push in another finger he worked that for a little and i felt him push the dildo head on my hole. "take a deep breath" he said as he pushed the dildo head in. He continued to work me for a couple of mintes then pulled out the dildo and went over to his suit jacked. He took out his wallett and took out a condom. He ripped it open and slid it on his cock. He lay on the bed beside me and said "i want you to ride my black cock untill you get used to it rob" i said "ok but please take it easy your huge" he smiled and picked me up and threw me on top of him. I crouched down and spat on his cock and rubbed it in, i rubbed my hole and lowered myself onto his head. His head hit my hole and popped inside, it was huge and felt incredible. I slowly lowered a coupl of inches and pulled back out. I did that in and out untill i was quite the way in. He lay there moaning. I started to ride him quicker taking a lot of his thick cock. It was hurning but felt amazing and the pain soon went. He grabbed my ass cheeks and started to fuck back, going quicker and quicker it felt amazing. He said "yea ride me, you used to my big dick now son?" i said "yea sir fuck me" he said "good get on all 4s again and get ready" before i knew it he pushed me off him and i was on all 4s on the edge of the bed. He positioned himself behind me spat on my hole and worked his cock in. He started fucking me hard and fast i was screaming into the pillow which seemed to make him fuck harder. he pulled out after a little while and turned me over onto my back, lifted my legs and rammed his cock in my hole again. He started fucking me hard and fast again taunting me and slapping my ass. After about 10 mins he said "god im gonna cum son, get on your knees" he pulled out and i jumped on the floor and knelt, he was wanking hard with his condom off said "yea lick my balls im gonna shoot" he wanked hard as did i. "open wide boy" he said and just as i did he shot a big thick string into my mouth, this was quickly followed by another 3 over my face as he moaned, i wanked and starded to cum as he kept cuming another 3 spurts of thick cum on my face and he pushed his cock in my mouth and shot another 3 spurts. I started to suck him hard which made me cum harder. I swallowed and sucked him untill he started to go soft. He pulled out smiling and rubbed his cock on my face which was covered in cum, he looked down at my cummy cock and smiled saying "looks like you enjoyed that as much as me" i looked up and said "i think this could be a really good holiday"

After a bit more chit chat and cleaning he got dressed and left the room saying "ill see you again son, believe me. Keep my secret ill keep yours"

That was just one of many good meets that first week and the second week got even better. I will write that one and a few more when i can get the time. If you want to chat just add me and chat. I hoped you like the story as much as i like telling it. thanks Rob
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8 months ago
Hot story!
8 months ago
Very to think it was true...?
9 months ago
HOTTT! I been watchin BIG BLACK DICKS FUCKIN LIL WHITE BOYYZ LATELY! Makes me shoot my milk!!!
1 year ago
That sounded like you was hooked on cock after that event and wanted to be fucked good all the time. I like the story so much.
1 year ago
ooo that did it for me... now I got to clean up the mess
1 year ago
super lucky boy
1 year ago
really hot i love black cock... havent had one yet... but ur story put me hard as a rock wish i could have one for me so i could suck up
2 years ago
Just luv black cock,gud slag.xx
2 years ago