My First Gay Time - With Neighbour

I am not an author and do not claim to be, however i was told that my first time was a horny story so thought i would share. Everything i tell you is true except for the names i have changed them for privacy rights.

I was 15 living at home with my mum, dad and b*****r. We lived a normal f****y life and all that. I was always interested in sex in both male and female. I had experimented with sticking different things in my arse and enjoyed the feeling, i had also always looked at the dicks on my dads pornos and found them interesting.

We lived next door to a divorced guy called John, he was always at our house as he was a good friend of the parents and i had always known him and been around him. John was 52 years old, grey/black hair, 6ft built with a goatee. He was a handsome older guy who i had thought about once or twice but not a lot as he was a close f****y friend.

It was a Sunday morning and i was in my back garden playing with the dog, throwing things for him. His tennis ball went over the fence joining our fence so i walked over to the gate in the fence and let myself into Johns back garden (done this many times over the years to retrieve things). I went in as normal walked over and threw the ball over and walked back to the gate, as i was passing i looked in the window and what i seen stopped me dead in my tracks. John was standing in his back room in what looked like, stockings, suspenders, heels and had his back to me looking at his TV. I got a little closer and leant down behind the wall so i could get a better view and there he was in white stockings, and suspenders in red heels i couldnt see the front but it looked like he was wanking to something on TV but i couldnt see. My cock was stiff on end and my heart was pounding hard. I moved a little to see what was on TV, it was a porn of 2 black guys fucking some white younger lad. I moved back to hide and tripped a watering can over and made a reacket of noise. John turned his head and eyeballed me straight in the eyes. We both froze for what seemed like a couple of seconds and i turned and ran back into my garden and into the house. I didnt know what to do my heart was pounding, my cock was rock hard and i was worrying i was going to get wrong for spying.

20 minutes passed and i was upstairs in my room still with a hard cock replying the image of what i had seen over and over. I didnt know or think John was gay. Was he? It would explain the divorce and lack of women since. My train of thought was interupted by a knock at the door, i knew who it would be. My heart went nuts again after just recovering. I tucked my hard on into the waistband of my shorts and made my way down to answer. As i opened the porch door i could see it was John, wearing shorts and tshirt this time. I answered the door and before i could say anything John said "Hi Rob, are the parents still at church?" he knew they were as they always were Sundays 9 till 2. I said "yea they are" he interupted again and said "good we need to talk, follow me" He turned and went back out my front garden and headed to his. I grabbed my shoes put them on quickly and closed the door behind me and followed him.

He went into his house and left the door ajar. I went in and closed behind me, he said "im in the back room please come in" i went in and he asked me to sit. He started to apologise for what he had seen and was asking that i please would keep it to myself as to what i was doing. I told him that it was my fault and i was sorry i was looking but i was shocked by what i seen and apologised. His face changed after that and he looked at me and said " Why were you shocked Rob? Have you never seen anything like that before?" I just shook my head. He asked if i could see what he was watching on TV. I nodded and he asked if i had seen videos like that before i said "yea i have seen porno movies that my dad has but they are women with men not gay ones. Are you gay John?" He looked at me and said "Yes Rob i am, thats why i was watching that kind of movie." My eyes moved south for a split second and i noticed he had a huge bulge forming in his shorts that wasnt there before. Was this turning him on? He noticed me looking and said "wanna watch the video a little? i wont say anything to anyone" I nodded, he grabbed the remote and pressed play. It came on the screen two big black men one at each end of this little white boy. One was fucking him very hard and the other slapping his face with his huge black cock. I sat there amazed at what i saw i couldnt believe it. John stared at me the whole time, he noticed the bulge in my shorts and said "Take those off if your more comfortable Rob. Do you mind if i take mine off?" i said "no". John stood up and took off his tshirt and lowered his shorts. As he turned i got the first real look of his cock standing there hard in front of me. It was about 8 inches long, medium thickness, uncut but below it hung two of the biggest balls iv seen to date. They were like fists in a bag just hanging there, they made his cock bend in a downward motion. John grabbed his cock and yanked it a could of times and sat back down, he sat in his chair and was wanking. I couldnt believe it i was mezmerized by what was happening. He looked over and nodded at me, i stood up and took my shoes, shorts and tshirt off to reveal my 7 inch, uncut cock and normal sized balls which looked tiny im comparisson to his. John smiled. I sat back down and just watched the TV while looking at John out the corner of my eye. A couple of minutes passed untill the silence was broken again by John saying "Rob, have you ever seen a penis before?" i said no. He stood up and walked over to my chair with his cock in hand he stood in front of me and said "go on, get a good look. You can touch it if you would like" I reached out a hand and grabbed it. It felt so soft but hard at the same time. I moved my hand down to his smooth balls and back up to his shaft. I looked up at John and smiled we both knew what i wanted and what he did. He moved his hips towards me slowly and i lowered my mouth onto his cock. Not knowing what to do it probably wasnt my best performance at first but i slowly got into a nice pattern and John was groaning so he enjoyed it.

A few minutes of this passed and before i knew it John was humping my face slowly i groaned and he grabbed the back of my head and started to go faster. I left go of his cock and let him take over. He started fucking me really hard in the mouth and making me choke and telling me to breathe. He started to breath heavily and said "Rob im gonna cum, i want you to swallow as much as possible, I shoot a big load but swallow as much as possible ok" i didnt have chance to even answer before a huge jet of cum blasted down my throat making me choke, i tried to pull awa but he pulled me in closer releasing another 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 jets of cum, it felt like a tap was running. I choked again and this time his cock fell out my mouth with a lot of cum, he grabbed his cock and continued to wank onto my face and open mouth as i coughed he kept saying "swallow it Rob, taste your first taste of cum." I swallowed as much as i could but was covered in cum. He looked down at me and said "well done cum slut, that was your first taste of cum did you enjoy it?" I wiped the cum from my face and licked it and said "yes sir it was incredible" He smiled and said "your turn!" with that he pushed me back in the chair and knelt infront of me, he grabbed my aching cock and took my whole length straight into his mouth right to the hilt. This was the first time anyone had even touched my cock and it was enough to send me over the edge. I instantly started coming hard. My body shook and i moaned loud. i think it took him by surprise but he stayed there and swallowed all of it. He pulled off and said "Rob that was a nice load but it was quick was it your first time?" i nodded as i still couldnt speak. He smiled and said "Its gonna be a morning of first my boy".

He picked me up and led me by the hand upstairs, we went into his bedroom and he told me to lie on the bed. He turned on his tv and pressed play and a porn came on of a group of guys all fucking and sucking. I said "wow how many u got?" he just laughed and said "enough". He went into his draw by the bedside and pulled out a bag of things, he said "here go into the bathroom and put these on and come back out" I took the bag and went in the bathroom. I opened the bag and looked in. It was the tights, heels and suspenders he had been wearing and a plaid mini skirt. I instantly got hard and loved the idea of wearing them. After i figured out how they went on and what must of felt liek forever i came out of the bathroom wearing my white stockings and suspenders a mini skirt and red heels. He was lying on the bed watching the porn wanking his now rock hard again cock. He looked at me and smiled he said "yea thats my lil slutty boy, we are gonna have some fun from now on Rob" i smiled and he pushed me onto the bed and said "get on all 4s put your face in the bed and point that virgin ass up in the air" I did as he said and Instantly felt his tounge dive onto my hole and start to lick it. My cock was rock hard and the thought of him bending me over wearing these things as i could see the porn on TV. Then the thought hit me, he was going to fuck me. I said "iv never had sex before just used a couple of things on my ass" He cut me off and said "trust me, Il take good care of this hole, now come here and suck my cock" I moved around so i was lying on the bed sucking him on the edge of it, he was leaning over and slapping my arse and rubbing my hole. He stuck his finger in my mouth then pulled it out and i felt it on my hole, he slid it in and i flinched. He said "you just keep sucking that cock and dont think about ur ass ok!" he spat on his hand and rubbed in into my hole and pushed 2 fingers inside. They went in easier and he worked my hole for a couple of mintues. He pulled his fingers out and his cock away from my mouth, he spat on his cock and said "ok boy lie on ur back, pull your legs up as high towards your chest as they will go ok". I did as he said and within seconds i felt the tip of his cock on my hole. He smiled and said "just keep taking deep breaths and it gets better after the first 30 seconds ok" I nodded and began to breathe. He f***ed his head into my hole slowly, it hurt bad and inch by inch he pushed more untill he was in all the way. He looked at me and said "now relax" he held there for a minute and then pulled out most of the way and slowly back in. Gradually his pace got quicker and before long he had picked up his speed and the pain had gone as he said. It was there a little but it was covered up by this undescribable joy and excitement, he was fucking my hard and reched down and wanked my cock, again i came after about 20 seconds but he didnt stop he kept on fucking me. after about 10 mins of him fucking me he pulled out and climbed up to my face and shoved his cock in my mouth saying "yea boy, taste that. Thats ur ass on my cock" he made me suck him for about a minute then pulled out and told me to get on all 4s again, he got behind me positioned his cock on my hole but this time just rammed it in all the way. I let out a cry and that seemed to spur him on as he bagan to uncontrolably fuck my arse. He grabbed the suspenders and rode my ass for what seemed like ages, I heard him pick up moaning and groaning more and more and felt his cock get harder. All of a sudden i felt a wave of heat in my arse and i knew he was cumming in me, jet after jet i could feel my arse filling up. He pulled his cock out my arse spilling some on the bed and shooting a jet of spunk up my back. He climbed up and put his cock in my mouth as another jet his me directly in the face, i sucked hard as he wanked his cock. Another 2 big jets came into my mouth this time i was prepared and swallowed every drop and cleaned him off as he rubbed my ass with his hand. He fingered my ass and pulled them up and made me clean his fingers. It was a mizture of his cum and my ass and it made me shoot my load over my stomach as he did it. He smiled at me and collapsed on the bed beside me. We lay there for a couple of mintues regaining breath. He finally stood up and began to undress me. He said "go get in the shower and clean yourself off" i got up legs full of jelly and cum running out my ass and climbed into his shower. After 5 mins of showering the door to the cubicle opened and he climbed in washing my back cock and ass and i returned the favour. After the shower i got dressed and he showed me out as i was leaving i said thank you he looked at me and said "remember no one knows any of this either way ok boy?" i nodded and said "no problem John" and returned home.

That was my first time and it wasnt the last time with my neighbour John i went on to have 5 glorious years of no holes barred sex, but those are stories for another time. I hope you enjoyed the story and im sorry for the lenght of it and all of the spelling and grammar mistakes.

thanks for reading
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8 days ago
luv 2 meet wayne put him in some panties and let him cum in my mouth
8 days ago
me too! i'd luv 2 suck off a boy while he wears panties
8 days ago
15 yrs old wearing lingerie sucking u off and letting u fuck him........lucky sod, only tasted my own cum but would luv 2 taste a boys
3 months ago
nice story, made me wish i was john with a 15yr old femboi neighbour next door to me who i could dress up and fuck, i would be breeding his tight little boypussy every chance i got
5 months ago
6 months ago
Fuck you write well, great story
7 months ago
Super great story and very well written. The word pictures you created made me believe that I was that boy in that room. I was seduced by an older man when I was slightly younger and it started me out on the road I followed for the next 9 to 10 years. That man became my mentor, teaching me how to suck cock, how to breathe, when to swallow so I could take a cock deeper and he must of taken over a thousand pics of me plus he shared me with some of his friends.
8 months ago
HOT story and hot neighbor !
9 months ago
WOW, I wish someone had introduced me on to gay sex when I was 15!

I love to cross dress all the way, including breast forms, wig and make up. I have a latex fetish and usually dress in rubber. I have a Boyfriend who has a rubber fetish too and we usually dress in latex for sex. I am the Bottom and he always fucks me bareback and cums inside me.

If someone had turned me had turned me on to gay sex at 15 I could have skipped the whole period of my life with girls and could have been the one getting fucked all that time!

Great story, thanks for sharing!

1 year ago
Back a few years, I was just like John and had a neighbor 15 years old and he caught me cross dressing one day looking through my bedroom window. He ran away when he saw me looking back at him.His name was wyane and he called to see me the next day. wyane loved dressing up in lingerie and watching porn with me.We spent many hours on my water bed. Great times.
1 year ago
Wow! Great story! Wish I had a neighbor like that.
1 year ago
Fantastic. Sounds like me & my friends dads first time together xx
2 years ago
mmmm great story
2 years ago
wow very cose to my first experince
2 years ago
hi everyone am new to site really loved your fantastic storie looking forward to many more
2 years ago
thats one hot story please check out mine at some point cheers
2 years ago
Great story
2 years ago
very hot storie
2 years ago
great story.. and not to long... very hot
2 years ago
awesome...cant wait for more
2 years ago
Mmmmm, I wish I had started getting fucked at 15! I started with girls before I discovered the pleasures of being fucked.
2 years ago
even though im not really into xdressing, i have to admit that was really fckn hott. Xdressing and all.
2 years ago
i wish i had a neibhor like that :)
2 years ago
Wow so hot very erotic enjoyed it so much i came all ove myself
2 years ago
Great stuff! Nice work.
2 years ago
2 years ago
yea i can post some more for you huys glad you liked them. add me and chat to me if you want too x
2 years ago
Great story. Thank you for posting
2 years ago
love your storie
2 years ago
realy good and flowed nicely,more to follow i hope