A few hours of fun.

As I entered your apartment I placed my holdall on the floor, it contained the results of hours and hours of self abuse.
There were about 30 to 40 porn magazines that were in a disgusting state - just how I like them. Every magazine had stained pages, some of which had stuck and torn in places and the smell of stale cum could be intoxicating.
I had been spraying my sperm over these girls for years and the record of my masturbating sessions was plain to see. Most pictures had several loads on them, some as many as six loads of my creamy spunk on them.

Anyway you show me into the bedroom and I begin to remove my street clothes. Underneath them I am wearing smooth black stockings held up with a black lacy garter belt, trimmed with some red bows. Matching the garter belt is a tiny G-string, barely holding my bulge.
Once I am undressed and standing before you in my sexy lingerie, you remove the dressing gown you had on.
You look fantastic, the turquoise basque and black stockings are so sexy and the liitle turquoise and black panties only just conceals your cock.

You then show me your collection of magazines which are in a pile and judging by what I can see by the covers they are in a similar state to my collection.
So I take mine out from the bag an put them on the bed, you take yours and put them bedside mine.
We both climb onto the bed and begin to look at each others magazines.

We spend the 30-40 minutes looking at these stained, torn, smelly well used porn mags, occasionally stopping to stroke one another through the thin material of our panties.
By now the tiny triangles are doing a ridiculous job of containing our cocks as they strain to erupt out.
I tease yours out and stroke and wank it for a couple of minutes, before taking it into my mouth. As I suck you I hear you moan gently.
Meanwhile you reach down and seize hold of my cock and stroke me and eventually we move round into a 69 position, with my head between your silky, stocking clad legs.

After several minutes we sit up and decide to select a picture each that we want to splatter with our cum. I choose a picture that I had seen earlier, a blonde girl, of course dressed in stockings and garter belt, no panties squatting down and facing the camera. So hot with her cunt spread wide.
You choose a picture form my collection, a very hot brunette laying down with her legs raised and her pink panties pulled around her thighs. She has a really sexy expression on her face as she pouts for the camera.

We clear all the magazines from the bed and place our selected pics close by.
Removing our panties we kneel facing each other and lay our cocks close together, you wrap your hand around them both and wank us. It feels really good my prick being rubbed by yours. We swap and I now wank us. But you soon push me down and start to lick my cock, before taking the full length in your mouth. The ecstasy of the warm, wet orifice is stunning and for a while I just lay back and enjoy it.
But I want to taste you again, so we swap around and I kneel between your legs, sliding my mouth slowly over your cock head and down over the shaft.
We suck, play and wank each other for what seems like hours but we are reaching the point when we are unable to hold out for much longer.
Whilst I am sucking you I feel you harden in me and you begin to thrust gently in my mouth. I become excited as I sense the outcome. Feverishly I suck on you, gently squeezing your balls, urging you to fill my mouth with your creamy cum. Then the first spurt, you shudder slightly, the the second, you are pumping vigorously in me and I am loving it. My mouth is filling up and I know the nectar will start to spill out, I reach round for the magazine of mine you had chosen and held it under my chin. Just in time I feel some of your spunk spill out of my mouth and run down my chin. I can't see, just hope the picture catches it all. I squeeze your shaft and balls to drain every last drop from you. Picking up the magazine I let your cum run out of my mouth all over the picture.

Putting down my magazine with your spunk on it I then pick your magazine, holding the crouching blonde girl in front of me I seize my cock and begin pumping it. Just a matter of a few seconds before I am spurting all over her, covering the picture with hot jizz.

After recovering we both get dressed and pack away our magazines. I leave my magazine with you spunk all over it for as long as possible to dry.
When I eventually arrive back home the first thing I do is open the sticky pages. They are quite wet still and had begun to stick together, fortunately they had just stuck in places which looks very good.
The next day the magazine was now completely dry and looking so, so good some lovely, hot stains and some tears mostly around the edges, where it had begun to stick together. I write your name on the top of the page to remind on my next wanking session of the great time we had.

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7 months ago
Hmmm I would love to feel that, I am now hard thinking about it.
7 months ago
That is so horny! My cock is rigid and wet with precum.
1 year ago
Back again and love this story, wish we could do it for real, love to feel your cock against mine and in my mouth then spunking over me and in my mouth
1 year ago
mmmmmmmm love this story, would love to feel your hard cock in my mouth, sitting here now wanking my stiff cock just reading the story and thinking about it