Bi Christmas surprise

I was chatting with a couple from Oklahoma , who contacted me on a swinger's web site. Paul and Dawn were a little over 5 years older than me. They said they spend the holiday in Texas in the town where I live. They wanted to meet when they came down for Christmas

When Paul and Dawn arrived in Dallas, they set up a meet at a local pub . I went to the pub and met Paul. He said Dawn sends him to check out the people they meet. After talking with Paul for a while he suggested we go to his vacation home and meet Dawn.

I followed Paul to his house and met Dawn. She was absolutely gorgeous. She was wearing a Black polo shirt and a tight red skirt. The skirt showed off the qualities of her ass, which was quite impressive, and her nice smooth legs. We sat in the den and made small talk for awhile. Dawn then stood up and said, are we going to talk all night or are we going to fuck. She then took off her shirt showing her ample titties and hard nipples then lifted up her skirt , showing me her shaved, sweet pussy. I said Fuck and stood up taking off my pants. Dawn knelt in front of me, said right answer, and took my dick in her mouth. She swallowed my dick and started sucking it with everything she had. I got week in the knees and almost blew my load right then and there. I had to pull away from Dawn and tell her I needed to get my pants off. She smiled and said meet me in the bedroom.

I followed her to the bedroom where Paul was already naked. Dawn laid down on the bed, spread her legs and started fingering her pussy.
I was trying to get undressed as quickly as I could. Dawn said, Randy , are you going to eat my pussy or what. Dawn rolled over on her knees as I lay down, she mounts my face and drives her sweet pussy into my lips… mmmmm she moans .as I started lapping at her sweet pussy. Her clit was swollen and her pussy juices where flowing at a unbelievable rate.

Suddenly, Paul entered her with his manhood, and his ball were resting on my chin . I started to get up, Dawn held my thighs as she was giving me head and Paul held my shoulders as he drilled his manhood into Dawn . Dawn said , Randy you are mine and will sit there until I say otherwise . With that, I went back to enjoying Dawn's sweet pussy. Hoping that Paul would with draw and allow me to taste her before he cums.

After sucking what seemed to be gallons of her sweet pussy juice, Dawn said please fuck me hard now Paul. His ball began slapping my chin as he drilled her like a mad man then he growned and dove it deeper and harder, she clenched her pussy muscles and started pumping his cock with her pussy. This about blew my mind, I have never had a woman do this. Paul was about to cum all over the place, I didn't want him to cum yet and she said yes cum in me now please. He pumped her hard and fast and before long Paul was cumming inside her. I didn't think it would ever stop cumming. Dawn screamed, and arched her back and came hard. I lapped up her pussy juice as it mixed with Pauls cum, it oozed all over my lips, Paul withdrew and press his sticky rod against my lips, forcing it in, Ahhh I have never done this, but it tastes so sweet…..

My cock was so hard now, Dawn deep throated my manhood as Paul pumped his cock into my mouth. I could feel My dick was swollen, the fire in my balls building I wanted to explode inside her. After a few minutes, Dawn began pumping my dick with her lips again. This made me get harder. After several of her pumps, she came again and squirted the wet cum from Paul and her cream all over me. She did this several times. I was ready to go again, she was so hot. Paul started pumping his dick in her again, she asked him to stop and and lay beside her. I reluctantly did this, I want so bad to fuck her. When I pulled out of Dawn’s mouth , I notices Paul’s cum started leaking out of her pussy in torrents. As I layed beside Dawn, she told me to clean her up. I reluctantly went between her legs, making slurping sounds lapping up the cum out of Dawn's pussy.

Dawn and Paul layed in each others arms as I cleaned her pussy. Dawn whispered in Paul's ear , you just made me yours, now make him yours, fuck his ass. I have had bi experiences before, but not this kind. But what the hell, if it made her happy and allowed me to fuck her, then I was game.

Paul got up and positioned himself behind me . I arched my ass in the air, ready for Paul to take me, he put the head of his cock slowly into my asshole, then slid it all the way in. Paul moaned as he did this. Dawn said now fuck him hard like you did me honey. He started slamming his cock in hard and fast. I kept moaning as he continued fuck my virgin ass. Paul told Dawn he was fixing to cum and she said, do it, do it, make him yours! He thrust his manhood deep into my ass and exploded. I felt his load inside me and run down my thigh, Dawn screamed, Yes! and started cumming herself. After Paul finished unloading into my ass , he pulled out and laid beside Dawn again. She said that was awesome. She then suggested we take a shower and then a nap in her room, since the night was still young.

I awoke a little while later with my dick in Dawn's mouth. Man could she suck a dick. Dawn looked at me and said, well hello honey, ready for some more. With as hard as my dick was in her hand, the answer was yes. Dawn sucked on my dick for a little while longer. Then pressed her finger into my ass and massaged my prostate. Ahhh my cock was at attention, I felt the heat building in my balls, Dawn stroked my ass and squeezed my balls , as she deep throated my manhood. She opened the drawer on the bedside table and pull out a dildo, . My ass still swollen from Pauls cock inside, she pressed it into me, ahhh this was different, as it vibrated inside me. I began to cum into her mouth. She lapped it up , then she got on top of me and kissed me, sharing the load I just gave her, I tasted my cum and her soft lips, mmm it was like honey.. sweet, sticky warm…
Dawn then moved on top of me. She postioned my dick at the entrance of her pussy and said, just lay there, I'll do all the work. She then slowly slid down the length of my dick and stopped. She started massaging my dick with her pussy which was out of this world. She started working her pussy up and down my dick, making me want to cum so badly. She leaned over me and whispered, no, no, no, you have already came inside my mouth, my pussy and ass are jealous. With that said, she raised up, removing my dick from her sweet pussy and placing it at the entrance of her ass. She then slid down my dick with her ass, taking all of it. Oh that feels so good she purred. She pumped my dick while I fingered her clit. She threw her head back and screamed oh shit, I cumming. When she came she squirted and it went all over my crouch and belly. Man that was hot. It put me over the edge and I came all in her ass, which made her cum again. Dawn said, see you aren't the only one who can take it in the ass. When Dawn pulled her ass off of my dick, she told me to clean her up. licking the cum off of her ass and thighs .

It was a hot night, with Dawn getting what she wanted, a load in each hole. That was eight years ago. I have looked forward to fall each year and hated to see summer come. Each winter with Dawn and Paul has been awesome

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7 months ago
Very very nice!!
11 months ago
great story...lucky you found them
1 year ago
Cum again and again....
1 year ago
Hot fucking story.Maybe we will cum to Dallas
1 year ago
your lucky you found a nice couple.
1 year ago
Thank you this experience was the best and I would enjoy doing it again
1 year ago
good story!
2 years ago
very hot....wish this would happen to me
2 years ago
I just want more...
2 years ago
mmm i want some