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The postman part 2

2 hrs after he left I was done cleaning my house, and I took a long shower and made sure My fuck hole was as clean as possible. I really DID want frank to fuck me as long as he wanted to and I knew I would enjoy all of his white cock.

About 6:30 he was at the door and I was excited and opened it to find frank standing there with a long coat on and a large bag, when he came in a took off the coat..He had on leather chaps no underwear and a leather vest his cock was bigger then I remembered and he was a massive man. He reached with his huge hand and grab me by the neck and ask me where the bathroom was I told him down the hall and he dragged me down the hall stopping in the kitchen to grab the long handled spounge I use to wash bottles with..When we got the the bathroom he told me to step into the tub and get on all fours, HELL now I was afraid and did what he told me to.

Then he turned on the shower(cold water) and took my bar of soap and began to wash my ass cheeks and shoved the bar up my ass..I WAS FUCKING HOT! then he took the bottle brush and shoved it up my hole and was cleaning my cum dump hole like it was a bottle.he shoved the shower nosle near my ass and rinsed me off. then grab my nech again and took me out of the tub.

He grabed his bag pushed me into the beedroom and push me on the bed and told me to sit and keep my nigger faggot trap shut.( I DID)

He reached in the bag and pulled out a collar and put that on me, then a leash and he put a blindfold on me and told me to sit mouth shut..then I felt his cock on my lips and he told me to suck his white dick I opened my mouth and he didn't put his cock in, he shoved his meat in my mouth and began to fuck my throat again only harder and I almost wanted to gag as he fucked my throat! when he came, he pulled me up laid me face down on my bed and roped my arms and ankles so that I was spread wide apart. I felt him put oil all over my ass cheeks and in my hole as he finger fucked my hole and called me a low life nigger fag, and that he was going to find out just much of one I was!

He spread my ass cheeks apart and began to shove something huge in my fuck hole and pushed and pulled it in and out as he called me more names. At tis point I was so excited that I found myself calling him sir and that I WAS his nigger faggot! and then it came..I felt him as his cock was moving around my fuck hole and then he shoved it in, put all of his weight on me and began to to fuck me like a madman! all the while I felt his breath near my ear as he called me a nigger faggot and he fucked me for what seemed like forever until he shot his load in and all one my asscheeks..HE PULLED his cock out untied me and left!

I am BI and never though of myself as some nigger faggot UNTIL NOW!

Posted by whiteonblack 2 years ago
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6 months ago
Nigger faggots suck the best cock ;)
2 years ago
Pretty good story. Should have made it one entry though, the first part was too short.d