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The postman rang twice

I have known my mailman for about 6 years..He is a big beer bellied bear type white guy about 6'5 and hair everwhere, is name is frank. He has always beleived that I am gay and says things like "HEY FAGGOT!" and I respond you know you want this ass!

Anyway I was in the living room watching a vid about a white bear fucking a black guy like a dog in heat and I had this huge dildo and was slamming in and out of my ass when the doorbell rang, Pissed, I paused the vid, pulled that dildo out and went to answer the door. well...I forgot that all I had on was a cut off tee shirt and was naked waste down.

Frank look suprised and as he looked me over I ran and got a robe. when I got back to the door he told me "well faggot I see you fucking forgot your clothes"

Frank I said what do you want, He showed me a package and said I had to sign for it..And asked " do you want to the package? I knew I did because it was my new toy and I Wanted to try it out. so I said yes..He told me that If I wanted it I would have to suck his cock and He walked in and closed my door..This is a huge guy and Besides..I did always want to play with him anyway..So I got down on my knees unzipped and pulled out his cock..Hair everywhere around his dick!

I put that fat uncut cock in my mouth and began to suck like a bitch in heat! he was moaning a holding the bck of my head and forcing his cock down my throat as much as he could fucking my throat like it was a pussy..

Then he came..I am talking load of spunk! down my throat ,on my face and I swear up my nose..As he left, he told me that he would be back after his shift was over..Part 2 next!
Posted by whiteonblack 2 years ago
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10 months ago
1 year ago
nice hot story!