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The postman part 2

2 hrs after he left I was done cleaning my house, and I took a long shower and made sure My fuck hole was as clean as possible. I really DID want frank to fuck me as long as he wanted to and I knew I would enjoy all of his white cock.

About 6:30 he was at the door and I was excited and opened it to find frank standing there with a long coat on and a large bag, when he came in a took off the coat..He had on leather chaps no underwear and a leather vest his cock was bigger then I remembered and he was a massive man. He reached with his huge hand and grab me by the neck and ask me where the ba... Continue»
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The postman rang twice

I have known my mailman for about 6 years..He is a big beer bellied bear type white guy about 6'5 and hair everwhere, is name is frank. He has always beleived that I am gay and says things like "HEY FAGGOT!" and I respond you know you want this ass!

Anyway I was in the living room watching a vid about a white bear fucking a black guy like a dog in heat and I had this huge dildo and was slamming in and out of my ass when the doorbell rang, Pissed, I paused the vid, pulled that dildo out and went to answer the door. well...I forgot that all I had on was a cut off tee shirt and was naked waste... Continue»
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Fuck me until I get..

I ave your white baby...that will never happen, but don't let that stop you from trying...breed my black ass, over and over again..give me an all white male line up and make suck all f your white cocks and the rest can breed my my ass all damn nigt long!
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