my wife and our friend cuckold true story

where to start my wife loves her tattoos so one day during sex we like to play fantasize about her fucking another man while I watch so this one particular sex session I asked her if shed like to fuck the guy who does her tattoos she said yes straight away but she said hes an ex weight lifter so he may have a small cock I said only one way to find out try it she said ok. so two weeks later off we went to get her this tattoo I said what you getting she said wait and see so off we went. when we got there it was quite we went in sad down and he said what would you like she smiled and pulled out a picture more like a symbol he said ok take a seat and ill draw it on for you so he did anyway I was watching her and she was having a good look at his crotch area and then winked at me I got the message alright so halfway through this tattoo he says whats this symbol mean then she says its the symbol of cuckold his face just grinned he said you two into that sort of thing she replied we never tried but we are gonna have a go he said to me don't you mind I replied no I love it so she says to him why do you fancy it he laugthed and said yeah deffo. any way we left that afternoon with a date for her that night so we went home she had a shower before you know it where on our way to his she was nervous but we new this guy well hes single well built and friendly. we arrived at his flat he opened the door let us in offered us drinks we sat for half an hour my wife necked wine like it was water she went off to the toilet and while she was gone he asked me when he should start I said now if ya like so I pulled the chair to the corner of the room he stood behind the door as she came back he grabbed her from behind he started to massage her shoulders work his hands over her body squeezing her breasts he lifts her top off to reveal her breasts in her bra then he turns her round and kisses her lips then pulls her breast from her bra and begins to suck her nipples and she has great nipples then she gets down on her knees un zipps his trousers reaches in and to our surprise pulls out a 8 inch cock but this cock is fat she turns to me and says wow I said to her enjoy your self so with that she puts it in her mouth and sucks him good he pulls her up then pushes her on to his bed then he slowly pulls her trousers then her knickers he puts his head between her legs and licks her pussy till she comes then he takes the rest of his cloths off then climbs between her legs forcing his cock up her no condom straight in she moaned so loud as he fucked her then she told him lay down ill fuck you so she climbed on I moved my self for a better look so I could see this monster pumping her he then said to her where should I come she replied come in me so with that he gave out a large gasp and filled her with come she climbed off and said to me hes huge ill be back in a mo she went off to the toilet he looked at me and said can I go again I replied fuck yeah so he got up waited behind the door again this time she came back he grabbed her she said you want more hey he pushed her to the bed put her on her knees by this time he was rock hard again he went straight in to her this his her fav position she loves it moaning loudly he fucks her hard for a while the rolls her over to missionary and fucks her hard this way sucking and grabbing her titts she comes at the same time as him the noise is great hes just come in my wife again im loving it she definatly loves it we are gonna do this again with him maybe ill join in I didn't fuck her that night she was so sore so I came on her titts bless her the end
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6 months ago
You need to break up the paragraphs for easier reading on line. Wall of text is bad. Also proof read the story. Out loud is best if possible. It will slow you down and hearing adds another level of fault checking.

Other than that the story was good. Just some technical issues.
8 months ago
I wish I lived in Texas and she would consider me to be her fuck Buddy
1 year ago
Nice story, but why would she assume weight lifters have small cocks...steroids?
1 year ago
wow, hot story...xx
1 year ago
Good Story