Justin Bieber and bbc

Justin Bieber was appearing on the show David Hayes vs... a special where
the former world heavy weight champion meets with celebrities teaching them
some boxing techniques whilst chatting about their lives and careers.

Justin arrogantly strode into the gym to meet the huge man that was going
to teach him some stuff. He looked tiny in comparison to the statuesque
built boxer, but that didn't stop Justin's large amount of self confidence
displaying itself. He was bouncing around throwing punches without any
direction, showing off in his usual way.

There was however another reason for Justin's attitude today you see Justin
liked black men, but it wasn't just the attitude and style which he tried
to incorporate into his look and music that he liked it was something much
more something he couldn't control. He definitely wouldn't call himself gay
he saw this as more of a fetish, black guys more specifically black
cock. He never got fucked and never wanted to but sucking, that was his
weakness and only black cocks white guys held no interest for him at all.

Before cementing his place with the A list he would suck any black cock he
could it didn't matter to him he would fall to his knees for any black
cock. Now one of the most famous people on the planet he was more choosey
preferring his cock be attached to a perfect stud of a muscular black
man. He loved the complete contrast to himself, the heavily worked rugged
body, the darker hair and darker skin and most importantly the beautiful
black cock that hung between their legs.

He sucked all of the men in his employment, and as many of his friends he
dared to approach the subject with. That was a major reason why he
surrounded himself with black men not just for his image but because of his
obsession. A favourite jerk off memory of his was when a member of his
staff that he had previously sucked turned up with 5 friends just assuming
Justin would suck them all, which of course he did, he was on his knees for
hours as he sucked one after another of the group some more than once, his
knees hurt his throat ached but bringing those beautiful black cocks to
climax in his mouth, all over his face, he loved ever single moment of it.

With this in mind and considering David was hot, seriously hot, sparring
with him like this was making his cock thicken and as a young guy it didn't
take much anyway, luckily he'd worn over sized red sweats to conceal his
growing hardness. Trying his best to keep his head in the game, he listened
intently to David's instructions, his mind wandered though when David
demonstrated, he couldn't help stare at his muscular arms as he threw a
punch or the way his oversized shirt clung to his chest as he moved forward

Justin just about managed to hold himself together. As the session came to
an end the two men shook hands and thanked each other. Justin pulled one of
his entourage aside the two whispering in the corner.

Justin was in the changing room sorting himself out.

"So your friend came to see me!" David announced striding into the changing
room pulling his shirt from his body and tossing it on the bench.

Justin jumped at the unexpected company. The friend David spoke of was
employed with the sole responsibility of finding Justin the cock he needed
to satisfy his appetite. Usually though this employee dealt with the guys
and introduced the guys into the situation, Justin never spoke with them
directly before he was on his knees.

"O-ok!" Justin stuttered.

"Let's skip all the politeness. So you love black dick?" David stated with
his hands on his hips, Justin taking in the magnificent view of his god
like physique.

"Y-yes!" Justin replied nervously

"why? Why do you love it, tell me!"

"I-I don't know I can't help myself around it, I feel powerless I just need
to hold it and taste it and please it."

"Hmmmm!" David replied, he wasn't gay but this was the superstar Justin
Bieber and by the sounds of it he knew how to suck dick "A pretty white
bitch mouth like yours looks like it was made to take black dick!" He added
starting to play with the waistband of his pants.

Justin threw himself on his knees in front of the shirtless David.

"NO!" Justin said with urgency, "Let me, please!" Justin loved to free cock
from its confines it was like Christmas every single time but with a much
much better present as a result.

He curled his fingers around the waist band of David's sweats and pulled
them slowly down. Justin liked to take his time to unwrap his presents he
loved the anticipation of what lay beneath, he loved enjoying every
sensations that came along with it, and with a god like David it was even
better. The sweats were lowering revealed the top of David's clearly skin
tight boxers, pulling them more and with great excitement he felt the pants
resist against the size of David's cock, but finally relenting and
revealing the well defined outline of a magnificent dick. Justin pulled
them further down over David's massive thighs letting his index fingers run
down the side of each leg till the sweats found themselves in a heap at
David's feet. David stepped out of the sweats and kicked them aside, there
he stood before a kneeling Justin just his fitted black boxers separating
the youngster from his prize. Justin stroked his fingers across David's
material covered dick gently, then he rubbed his face into it and dragged
his tongue along its length dampening the fabric.

Justin not being able to wait any longer pulled the boxers down slowly. His
excitement grew as he saw David's cock move along with the boxers,
resisting against the elasic waitband before suddenly springing free and
slapping into Justin's forehead. David laughed as his cock hit Justin but
Justin loved. He loved black dick, he loved the way it looked, the way it
felt in his hand, the contrast with his pale skin, the way it tasted. His
favourite thing in the world was to be on his knees before a big black stud
with a thick throbbing dick stretching his throat open

Justin traced his fingers along the veins running down the length of
David's large 10 inch cock. It bounced around a little under his delicate
touch. He brought his face closer to it taking in its' scent, he loved the
way cock smelled. Lightly he flicked his tongue across the head causing a
sharp intake of breath from David, Justin definitely knows how to tease he

Justin took hold of the cock mesmerised by weight of it in his hand he
noted the hard flesh under smooth skin and he loved every part of it. He
slowly played with the shaft running his hand up and down watching the
milky skin of his hand work the dark skin of David's beautiful dick. He
worked it a little faster eager to please the god before him causing low
moans from the boxer.

Justin couldn't wait any longer though, playing with this massive cock just
wasn't enough he needed to taste it. The young singer pressed his soft lips
to the tip of David's cock. He swiftly opened his mouth to take the smooth
head in, rolling his tongue around it.

"FUUUUCK BOOOY!" Was all David could respond.

Justin worked the dick with his expert mouth and hand, sucking up and down,
his tongue running all over it. He went down on the cock slowly inch by
inch opening his throat gradually as he'd learned through his many hours of
practice till he was hilt deep, his nose tickled by David's short
hair. David looked down in disbelieve, how did his monster cock fit in this
little white boys mouth. Justin pulled all the way back up leaving the
dark skin slick with saliva.

"You really do love black cock don't you boy!" all Justin could do was nod
and hum an agreeable reply as he desperately took it down his throat again.

David grabbed Justin's hair so that Justin's face was turned to the side so
that he could see the outline of his cock as it hit the inside of Justin's
cheek. He slapped his face lightly with his hand turning his cheek a pinky
red colour still forcing his dick into the singer's cheek. Justin loved
being humiliated with black cock in his mouth it made the experience even
better for him.

David looked down on the young Justin to find him looking up at him with
his huge black dick looking way too big for Justin to handle stretching his
pretty little mouth. David flexed his powerful arms for boy and smiled
down cockily loving the power he had over an internationally famous popstar
and Justin loving the display of power and dominance David put on for him.

Justin reached up exploring the beautifully defined body of the boxing
champ. Never taking the dick from his mouth he ran his fingers of David's
sculpted abs, and up to his huge pecs squeezing each one. His hands reached
around taking hold of David's peach of a muscle ass to steady himself, he
loved he could feel it flex as David thrust forward into his accepting

David picked up the pace face fucking Justin roughly. Justin held David's
ass as the cock hit the back of this throat over and over. Suddenly David
thrust and held his cock there it's full 9 inches deep in Justin's
throat. This was just how Justin needed it, he could barely breath, saliva
was dribbling from his lips and down his chin, his face was going red, but
he had that cock there all of in his throat and he got off on that feeling
in a way he didn't even understand, he just knew he needed it.

David was on the edge, trying to resist desperately hold out just a little
longer. Justin could taste him, more and more precum flowing into his ever
willing mouth, he wanted more of it. Justin's expert mouth was too much
David couldn't hold back anymore.

the edge.

Justin held the cock firm in his mouth hearing this, cum hit the back of
his throat starting to flow down, it flowed across his tongue, filling his
mouth, shot after shot, swallowing as much as he could. Some escaped his
hungry mouth over his swollen lips and down his chin. David finally spent
pulled his sensitive cock from the unwilling mouth of Justin who was still
trying to suck on it. Along with the cock more cum escape Justin's mouth
running down and dripping from his chin. David slapped his heavy cock a few
times across Justin's pretty face wiping cum along with it, making sure to
smear some in his famous hair.

Justin fell backwards to rest on his elbows "Thanks man!" he said panting
cum running down his neck and chin, on his clothes and on his face and
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1 month ago
That was great. I would love to read one about Justin getting raped by a few BBCs
12 months ago
Fuckin' hot and probably true!