Neighbor women emasculate and punish neighbor boy

Brandon is a 16yo boy growing up in a rural area. Him and the neighbor k**s like to hang out together. He especially likes hanging out at his friends houses that have hot moms. 

A few of the moms in the area have taken notice that when Brandon is over he'll stair at their ass whenever he gets the chance. One day three of them happen to be talking and one of them brings up how she has noticed Brandon is always staring at her ass, and the other 2 say he's done the same to them. They all agree that if the opportunity comes up they should make it so he's not such a little perv and teach him his place.

A few weeks later Brandon goes over to see a couple of his friends. Their mom Lynn opens the door and tells him their gone to a friends house for the night, but he can come in if he wants. As she turns and walks back in the house she looks over her shoulder to see if he's looking at her ass. He glances away as she looks over her shoulder, but it's still obvious that his eyes were locked on her big juicy ass. He's not sure why it is but her big ass he can't resist looking at. 

Lynn is a late 30s single mom with 2 teenage sons. Ever since having her second son she's had a big ass and wide hips, but has managed to keep her waist size small. After talking for a few minutes Brandon brings up that he has some adult letter books he's done with if she wants them. 

She says she'll take them, so Brandon hurries home and back with them. He hands her them and asks her to read a certain story in one of them and wants to know if it is something as a woman she would like to do. The story is of 2 women who take revenge on a boy by humiliating him and fucking him with a strapon. After finishing the story Lynn says to him you must have some fantasies about this happening to you. How would you like to be my little slave boy? Brandon couldn't believe what he was hearing. This hot older woman  is about to make his fantasies a reality. 

Lynn goes in her bedroom and finds a pair of crotchless panties, some thigh high stockings, and a garter belt. She brings them out and hands them to him. She tells Brandon to go take a shower, shave all his body hair, and put on the cloths she gave him. Brandon does as she tells him, and once dressed in the cloths she gave him comes back out. He feels exposed and humiliated as he stands in front of her and is told to spin around so she can inspect him. She comments on how he has a big girl like ass ment for getting fucked. She has him follow her down into her basement. There is a gyno chair there that she tells him to sit down in. Once in the chair she ties his legs securely to the stirrups , then she ties his arms to the chair arms, and finishing by putting belts around his belly and thighs. When lynn is finishes Brandon is completely at her mercy and unable to move at all. 

Lynn tells him that she has a few calls to make to some people who want to help out with this. She does back up stairs telling him she'll be back in a minute and they'll get started on making it so he's no longer a little perv. 

About an hour later she came back down followed by Lucy, and Kelly, the 2 other neighbor women. As they come down and see him already in the chair restrained, Kelly says it seems you've got him already for us to castrate. Brandon can't believe what he thinks he just heard and figures he must have miss heard what she said. 

Lynn sets down a small case on a table that's next to the gyno chair. She takes a scalpel, a needle and thread. The 3 women are standing around Brandon when Lucy s tells him it's time for you to loose them balls to us so you stop being such a perv, and learn what the place of white bois is. 

Brandon starts to beg them not to castrate him. He tells Lynn how this wasn't part of the story or what he wanted. Lynn says to him that you said you wanted to be my slave, and as my slave your purpose in to please me. Castrating you will please me so that's what we're gonna do rather you like it or not. 

Lynn says to them lets get started as Brandon is still begging her not to castrate him. Finally Lynn tells him to stop begging and accept that he's gonna be castrated or else they would gag him. She says how this is for the best and that he will realize it once trained. 

With that lynn moves in between his legs. She takes and reaches through the hole in the crotchless panties and pulls his balls through the hole exposing them. Brandon starts breathing hard as for the first time ever he has felt a woman's hands on his balls and knowing what her intentions for them are. Lynn takes and dumps an entire bottle of rubbing alcohol over his balls. Brandon starts to squirm as the alcohol burns on his balls. Brandon does his best to look and see what Lynn is doing between his legs. He sees that all 3 women are getting on latex gloves. 

Once they all have gloves on he sees Lynn reach for the scalpel. Then he feels his balls in her gloves hand. Lucy reaches over his leg grabbing one side of his sac with both hands and stretching it so the skins stretched tight. Brandon couldn't see between his legs to see what they were doing, but he sure could feel the discomfort of his sac being pulled tight. 

Then lynn took the scalpel and pushed the point into his sac where Lucy was holding it tight slicing about a 2" cut into it. Brandon screamed out in pain and shock. As he screamed he struggled against the restrains which would not allow him to move. Once his sac was cut open Kelly reached over and squeezed his sac forcing his testicle out the cut. The testicle was exposed and just dangling by the tube attached to it. Lynn grabbed a piece of string and tied it tight around the tube. Then she said who wants to make him half a boy. Kelly quickly said I do. Lynn handed her the scalpel and said all that's left is to cut the tube and that'll  get rid of that worthless testicle. She then says to Brandon who's crying at this point, your about to feel your first testicle be removed, which means your almost half way finished. Kelly takes the scalpel and puts it against the tube connecting his testicle to him as Lynn stretches it tight. Then with a flick of her wrist she slices through the tube. Brandon screams as a sharp pain goes through him, which is followed by his sobbing please to stop. Lynn holds his severed testicle up like a trophy as they gather around to look at it. Then lynn holds it up to make sure Brandon can see that his testicle really is in their hand.

Lynn drops the testicle in a little silver dish sitting on the stand. Grabbing a needle and thread she stitched his sac shot. Next she took the scalpel and sliced open the other side of his sac while Kelly held it tight. Lucy grabbed his sac and squeezed his remaining testicle out of the slice in his sac. Brandon is just sobbing at this point between his screams of pain. Lynn takes a piece of string and ties it around the tube to his testicle. Lucy grabs the scalpel and says to Brandon I'm about to cut off your last ball that means your never gonna cum again, or even wanna get an erection. All of a sudden lynn asks him are you a virgin? Brandon manages to get a yes out between sobs. With a school like giggle Kelly says he's never gonna get to fuck a girl. They all smile and enjoy knowing Brandon will never experience sex with a girl. Lynn then pulls the tube tight, and Lucy slices through the tube leaving his last testicle hanging from Lynn's hand. As Lynn raises her hand he sees his now detached testicle, and knows he's really castrated. Lynn works quick to stitch his sac up. 

All 3 of the women take a minute to look at Brandon's empty sac and admire their work. Now Brandon is just sobbing as the women look over his sac and don't seem to notice anything else about him. 

After a few minutes Lynn says your about half way to becoming the sissy your ment to be. The 3 women start untieing Brandon telling him it's time for the last 2 steps in making him into  complete sissy. 

Once he's untied he tries to get up but finds his legs to be really weak. Lucy and Kelly both grab an arm to help him get up then walk over to an area with a bunch of eye hooks in the floor. They tell Brandon to get on his knees, and bend over so his face in on the ground and ass in the air. Once in this position they put cuffs on his wrists, ankles, and thighs. They take strips of leather and use it to attach the cuffs to the eye hooks making it so his ass has to stay high in the air. 

Once again Brandon has the feeling of being vulnerable with his virgin ass in the air spread open like a little slut. Kelly tells Lynn that he's ready, so you can bring down the black men. Brandon starts wondering what's about to happen to him and what black men could possibly have to do with it. Lynn takes off up the stairs, and comes back down after a few minutes followed by 6 black men. 

The black men all look to be older. He guesses them to be some place between 35-55. He knows they're not nowheres near his age. Lynn points to Brandon and says to them that's the white boi your gonna be fucking and breaking his virgin white ass in. Lynn says to make sure you aren't gental with him and make sure you cum deep in his ass like your trying to breed him. 

Brandon can't believe what he's hearing. Not only have they taken his balls, but now their gonna have black men **** his virgin white ass right in front of them. As the black men started to get undressed Brandon asks Lucy why are you doing this to me? She says your place in life is being the black cock slut. Now that your castrated no woman will want you, you'll never be able to fuck a woman, but your ass and mouth are perfect for taking black cock and cum. Your not gonna like it to start, but after your ass is broke in and becomes a pussy, along with your lowering testosterone you'll soon love serving black men. We're even gonna help you learn to love black men and need their huge cocks in your ass by putting you on feminizing hormones. 

Brandon glanced over where the black men were getting undressed. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. Everyone of them had a huge black cock, at least twice the size of his. Six huge black cocks that are all about to fuck his virgin ass. The smallest one had to still be over 8" long and thick, and the biggest had to be a foot long or close to it. Then he had a comforting thought. There is no way something that big will ever fit in his ass. 

All 3 of the women were staring at those huge black cocks too. Finally Kelly says I want to see one of those huge cocks pounding her tight ass. From some place Lynn comes up with a tube of ky lubricant and hands it to one of the black men. 

He starts lubing up his 10" cock and stroking it as he kneels behind Brandon. He squeezes some ky on Brandon's ass and lets it drip between his cheeks. Brandon can feel the slippery ness of it running down his ass. The next thing he feels in his huge black cock push between his cheeks till it is pushing to get in his ass. He can feel the pressure build as the black man pulls his hips back and pushes his cock forward. Then he starts panicking as he feels his ass start to give way. Suddenly his ass opened up and as soon as the head of his huge black cock popped in the black man shoves all 10" in. 

Brandon's first indication that the black mans entire cock in now in him is the sound of the black mans pelvis hitting his ass so hard it would have knocked him flat if it weren't for the restraints holding him in place. A second later this terrible pain shoots through him starting at his ass. Not only is it painful, but he can feel that huge black cock inside him even where the head is up in his belly. Once again Brandon screams out in pain and begs for the cock to be taken out of his ass. The black man wastes little time. He starts pumping Brandon's ass only a couple seconds after slamming the entire thing into him. At the time Lynn is down low in front of Brandon watching his face, while Lucy, and Kelly watch a black cock enter his ass for the first time and fuck him. 

As the black man pounds his ass the women start swapping places and talking. Kelly was adding to Brandon's humiliation by telling him how the black man has taken his last piece of manhood, and that once the black man shoots his seed in him the black man owns him. 

After a minute or so the intensity of the pain goes away. Brandon still has a terrible feeling of being violated as he can feel all 10" of his black cock going deep inside him as his ass is used for the black mans pleasure. Soon the black man shoves his entire cock up his white ass holding it there as he cums. 

Brandon can feel his huge load of black seed unloading in him. It feels like it's hot thick liquid spraying his insides. As the black man pulls out of him Brandon cries and sobs. He's never felt so dirty in his life as what he just felt. He realizes that a black man has just taken his ass and fucked it till he cum. This means he's truelly a black owned slave now. 

As the black man who just finished fucking him moves out from behind him another one takes his place. This continues till all 6 black men have fucked him and bred him like a slut in heat. By the time they have finished his ass is gaping open from being pounded by their huge black cocks. So much black seed has been shot in him that it's running down his inner thighs. 

Brandon is still quietly sobbing, as even though it's over he can feel how stretched and filled with black seed his white ass is. He now knows what it's like to be used for the pleasure of black men with no regard for him. Lynn says to him that he can't imagine how truelly broke in his ass is now. She tells him how his ass in now wide open and ready to take huge black cocks all the time. 

Kelly gets behind Brandon with a box of tampons and a towel. She starts putting tampons in his ass, and continues till she has 14 of them in his ass. Kelly tells him to leave them in till morning. She says this will make sure that all the black seed stays in his ass rather than leaking out and going to waste. As she talks to him Kelly wipes the black seed from his ass and thighs. She tells him how his ass is now a pussy that will be getting fucked bareback by any black men who want it. Kelly tells him that he will never be allowed to ask a black man to use a condom unless it's the black man who wants to use one. Kelly says a white boi has no right to be protected from anything a black man has, and should feel great about receiving anything a black man gives him. Brandon does his best to agree with her hoping it'll get this over as soon as possible. 

Finally the black men leave and they untie his hands. They help him to his knees, but leave his legs tied. Lucy stands in front of him and hands him some pills along with a drink of water. Lucy tells him if he wants to be untied the rest of the way he has to take the pills first. When he asks what they are, lynn tells him that some are estrogen hormones and others are testosterone blockers. Kelly says over his shoulder that these are the pills which are going to give him tits and an even bigger ass so more black men will fuck him. 

He takes the pills, and they untie him. Once untied they help him to a chair. Lynn says now it's time for you to understand what your place is. To start everyday you will be taking these hormones everyday so that your tits and ass get as big as possible. The bigger your ass and hips get the better for taking BBC. Lynn says that soon he'll have to quit school and will be moving in with Kelly so that she can make sure he's getting used right. Kelly is gonna also train him to be a black cock slut. That's right Kelly says, once your living with me black men will fuck your white pussy bareback everyday.  Kelly continues by saying that your gonna learn to suck black cock like a pro too, or else your gonna find yourself over my knees having a sore ass all the time. 

Kelly says from this point on your gonna refer to me as mommy, and your mommy is gonna train her girl to be a good black owned girl. Kelly is a single early 40s woman who has a very thick voluptuous body. She's a strong woman who would have little trouble over powering Brandon if need be. 

Lucy comes over to him and hands him a stack of thongs. Lucy says from now on you will always have on panties and as soon as you get home throw away all your boy tipe underwear. Lucy says once your living with Kelly you'll only be wearing girls cloths along with make up and even getting your ears pierced. Before long the hormones will make it so no one will know you used to be a boy. 

The other thing your gonna be trained to do is lick pussy clean. All 3 of us have seen you looking at our asses. Soon you will get to watch black men fuck me and Kelly spread our legs so black men can fuck our white pussy just like I'm sure you were dreaming of doing, but never will. You won't get to see Lynn getting fucked by black men simply because she likes women only these days. You will be licking mine and Kelly's pussy clean after black men fill us with their potent seed. 

Lynn finally says to Brandon, so do you understand what's gonna happen, and your place? Yes Brandon answers just hoping to get out of there. Alright lynn says, you can go home now then, but I expect you back here after school tomorrow. When you come you had better be wearing panties and we expect you to keep all your body hair shaved off at all times. 
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13 days ago
I am a gay White prostitute working for Black pimps. They want to castrate me to made me a transsexual prostitute.
1 month ago
Awesome story,getting castrated was a little over the top for me,but the rest of these story I really enjoyed, from being told this is going to happen and there is nothing he could do about it,I so got off on the words that once a black man has cums in you, your now black owned and have no right to say NO. Very hot .
1 year ago
i will do EVERYTHNG you say MISTRESS
1 year ago
Any of you ladies who read this feel as though this is what white bois deserve? Would love to see comments here from women sharing their thoughts on this
1 year ago
now that would be crazy lol woudn't ever want that to happen to me lol
1 year ago
SEXY KOOL,sweetie!