Research Found Surprise Health Benefits Of Regular

Stress and tiredness caused by the recession (and awkward predicaments of the BlackBerry phase among others) are putting a damper on our love lives, somehow.

For instance, Many British and American couples shy away from getting jiggy under the sheets due to their dwindling libidos and lack of energy, caused by being overworked, being blighted with money worries and the chilliest weather overcast by the seasons.

A study of 1,000 people found that couples had more sex a year ago (world-wide) – and they blame juggling jobs, c***dcare, finance struggles and lame sex performace as the culprit.

In Jamaica, things are different; no matter how stressful or tired, they just keep going on and on like the Energizer Bunny!

If you need more persuasion to knock you out of your sexless slumber, note that having regular sex with a Jamaican can keep you young, stress-free and healthier.

Aside from its obvious benefits (wink, wink), making love with a Jamaican can boost your overall health and ultimately make you happier and more relaxed than many other nationalities, literally.

Plus, you could even shift those stubborn pounds on the scales… having sex with a Jamaican is just like working-out at the gym for 3 hours.

Besides being fun and pleasurable, having sex with a Jamaican also offers many health boosts many of us take for granted.

According to research from Wilkes University, making love twice a week releases an antibody called immunoglobulin A or IgA, which helps protect the body from infections and illnesses. Just imagine if your doing this with a Jamaican?

Other research suggests that frequent ejaculations in men reduces the risk of prostate cancer later in life. According to the British Journal of Urology International, men who ejaculate five or more times a week, had a lower risk of prostate cancer.

For Jamaicans, it doesn’t take an expert to connect an energetic love making session with burning calories.

Just thirty minutes of action under the sheets burns off around 85 calories.

After 42 half-hour sessions, you could burn 3,570 calories, which is the equivalent of 1lb in weight. By having sex three times a week for a year, you could burn off the equivalent of 5lbs a year. In Jamaica, Who needs a diet?!

During sex, a hormone called oxytocin is released when the body climaxes, which increases the level of endorphins that acts like natural a pain relief.

This causes the body to relax. Many notice their aches and pains, like swelling, inflammation, headaches and menstrual cramps, disappear after sex and gradually improve with regular action.

Jamaican women who have regular orgasms are generally more relaxed, less depressed and mentally, physically and emotionally satisfied.

Jamaican men usually aim for maximum performance in the bed just to prove their sexual reputation.

Having regular sex with a Jamaican also helps the body sl**p better as it relieves tension plus it helps the brain produce serotonin – the chemical that gives the body a ‘mood’ lift and is commonly found in antidepressants.

Having regular sex with a Jamaican releases a surge of plethora chemicals into the body, also known as the ‘happy hormones’, and they contain testosterone.

As we age, the level of testosterone decreases, so the more sex you have with a Jamaican, the more your hormone levels increases. This surge of hormone help keep bones and muscles healthy – plus it keeps skin looking plump and youthful.

In women, regular sex also helps keep the pelvic floor muscles healthy, which decreases the chances of not-so-sexy incontinence later in life. Ever wonder why Jamaican women are so ‘sexy?

In conclusion, real Jamaicans are usually experts in bed. If you agree (or disagree), let us know with your comments below!
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2 years ago
Very interesting study indeed, I will pass on to all the women I know :-)