Caught in pantyhose and sucked a cock

I was at a small mens retail clothing store looking for a new pair of slacks. A black salesman named Terrance offered to assist me with my selection and find my size. I wanted a new pair that would be tight on my butt and not to long so when I sat down the pants would rise up considerable and allow me to show off my nyloned ankles and feet in I slipped off my slipon dress shoes. Finding a couple of pairs of slacks to try on, Terrance e****ted me to the dressing rooms at the back corner of the store. There were 2 small rooms with only a full lenght curtain of all things to pull closed when a dressing room was occupied. Neither romm was being used. I entered one of the rooms and Terance said he would be right outside if I needed assistance or had any questions.
After pulling the curtain closed I noticed a full lenght mirror on one of the walls, an upolstered chair in one corner and a hook on the opposite wall. I slid off my slip on penny loafers to reveal my nyloned covered feet and the color of pink nail polish on my toes shinned thru. I placed the 2 pairs of slacks on the chair, slid off my pants and hung them on the wall hook. Now I could admire my biege colored sheer to waist pantyhose legs and butt in the full lenght mirror. I was carefully adjusting my pantyhose from my feet, up my legs to my butt. I was not wearing any underwear. First the right leg and then slowly I bent over to start up my left leg when I heard the a man softly make a MMMMMMM sound. I had not heard the curtain open at all, and there stood Terrance.
Terrance looked to be about 30 years of age, was taller than me, and appeared to be in good shape. He said 'Well, you have really lovely legs', as he entered the small room and closed the curtain behind him. Without saying another word he reached around me a picked up one of the slacks on the chair. I stood there nub, nervous, and excited all at the same time. 'Let's see how these new pants fit on these gorgeous legs and fine butt of yours.' He kneeled down and said 'place your hand on my shoulder and left your right foot.' I did as I was told. He began slip the right leg of the new slacks onto my stocking feet and up my right leg very slowly. Terrance said 'Wow, your legs are very shapely, and it looks like you shave them,,is that right?' 'Yes, I do, thank you,' I replied. Once he had that pant leg above my knee, he said, ' Now the other one.' I turned swiched hands on his broad shoulders and he repeated the process for my left leg.
Then Terance slowly stood up and started to caress my sheer biege colored nyloned thighs with both of his hands. First on the outer thighs and then toward the inner thighs and upwards to my butt. I started to become very sexually aroused, excited, and full of desire to be Terrance's toy. He pulled the slacks up to my waist rubbed my small hairless nyloned covered cock and fastened the pants. Terrance said, 'Turn around slowly and let me see.' 'Oh yes, he said very nice.' The dress pants were tight on my butt just as I had wanted.
'Ok, let's take them off. Do it yourself.' Terrance odered, his voice becoming more stern and controlling. As I did so, Terrance started removing his own pants and underwear. 'Fold those slacks nicely on the chair, Terrance commanded and adjust your pantyhose like you did before.' I did as I was told and I stood there as Terrance finished takng off his clothes and placing them on the wall hook after throwing my own pants off the hook to the floor. 'Now then do you like lookin at my black cock.' He asked. 'Yes, yes I do,' I said.
'Well start rubbing my black cock with both your hands, you pretty white sissy.' There I was in pantyhose, painted toenails and no underwear rubbing Terrance's black cock. It was a gorgeous shade of black, and as I rubbed his cock and balls he pulled me closer and placed his hands on each of my nyloned butt checks and began to sqeeze them. His cock started getting harder and bigger. I was feeling so sensual, sexy, and submissive. He knew he had me!
Terrance did not say another word, he placed his hands on my shoulders and began to f***e me down on to my knees. I Knew now what I was going to be doing next. My Lips and mouth started to moisted.
Once on my knees still holding and caressing his black cock with my hands, Terrance placed his hands on the back of my head, and I started kissing the tip of his cock. It tasted so wounderful, with a musty-manly smell. After several kisses to the tip of his cock I gegan to Lick the head and then Lick up and down the shaft. His cock was now a Big Black Man's Cock aimed right into my face and towards my mouth. I opened my mouth wider and wider as I started sucking and takin in his delicious beefy treat. I keep on sucking his BBC as best I could. I reached around with my soft gurly hands and grabbed his black ass; sqeezed his cheecks and held on to engulf his manhood. I must have sucked on his BBC for what felt like 30 minutes before Terrance stared to moan and I could feel the pulsation of his BBC inside my mouth. Then I could taste the precum as it slid down my throat. I knew he was about to burst a load into my mouth.
As terrance released his load of Black Man's cum into my mouth his grip on the back of my head became very strong. The juices were more than I could take and flowed out the edges of my mouth and lips. He pulled out and I instinctly started licking up and down his BBC. 'Damn boy', said Terrance, you are one fine sissy cocksucker."
I left the store without any new slacks, only the feeling of satisfaction and I look forward to returning in 2 weeks, wearing sheer to waist pantyhose, Lipstick, and taking a pair of highheels to give Terrance my full gurly attention.

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Hot hot hot
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Holy shit that's hot...I'm hard! thx
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Nice .. Got me hard
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love it