I just got out of prison and was living in the room above the garage at my grandmother's house. My dad had passed away while I'd been locked up and the motorcycle club he'd been in didn't take the old Indian that was at my grandmothers place. Guess they'd been unaware of it's existence ? They took possesion of everything else. I settled in okay, it was different being on the outside. I went in as an 18 year old k** and came out at 23. Not the person I was, but I wasn't an a****l like the life behind bars can make somebody.
The house next door to my grandmother's used to belong to a fireman. A fond memory of my youth was wanting to become one myself. The parents had moved to bigger and getter things. The house was occupied by one of the k**s. I remember her somewhat ? She was closer to one of older siblings age. I was the baby. The day we spoke, I'd heard the argueing while I was doing some yardwork. The husband drove off squeeling tires and I saw her crying on the porch. She looked over at me and I waved. When she walked over towards me, my eyes tried to stay on her face. I was raised to be respectful, but my years behind bars had made that an automatc response when somebody got near to you. She asked if I was Lori Ann's little b*****r ? When I said "yes", it made her smile. Her eyes glanced over my body. I had on jeans and a "wife beater". The tank top exposed not only my big arms from years of hitting the wieght pile in the prison yard. It showed all the ink I'd gotten while locked up.
When she asked if I remembered her, I repiled,"you are either Amy or Lisa" She smiled and said "Nope, I am Mariaane" She bent over to pick up something in my grandmother's driveway and her robe slipped open. She was totaly nude underneath. I saw a a thick bushy black triangle and medium sixed boobs with large brown nipples. This definiily caught my attention. I got a hummer at the bus station in the alley when coming back to my hometown. That was about it. When she gave me that look. It was obvious that the ball was in my court. Marianne said, "you sure as hell ain't that skinny lil k** anymore". I reached up and rubbed her cheek...looked her right in the eyes and said, "I havn't been laid since 1983..." Her grin was all I needed to see to realize that I was about to get some pussy.
She said her boyfriend wouldn't come back for a bit and if he did, she didn't really give a fuck. I didn't say a word. Marianne rubbed my arms, then said, "even if he did...he'd leave before trying to do anything" I just striaght out told her how it was. I told her I didn;t give a rat's ass if he did cause I was gonna fuck the dog snot out of you regardlss. Before we even got all the way inside the front door of her house. She was on her kness and undoing my jeans. I could lie and say I have this huge cock. But I won't. My cock is the standard white boy issue. A lil bit more tha 6 inches, yet it has some girth. Surely, I am no pencil dick mother fucker.
I can say this, she was okay at giving head. It felt good to eat pussy. Her's was a beautiful looking one at that. Thick puffy lips, snug side by side close together, protruding nicely from her thighs with just a slight cleft running between them. They had so much black hair on them that it was difficult seeing where the opening was at. After amking her get off a few times, I suppose. She begged me to fuck her. I debated on which way to pound first. She was a looker, so I decided to look into her eyes as it slid inside her snatch. I began slow, but soon began to pound away. Her boobs were slamming against her chin cause I had her legs resting up on my shoulders. I began to think ahead to how I was gonna do it next and the front dor opened.
It was her boyfriend. I didn't stop and he watched me fuck his girlfriend.
She was oblivious to him even being there till after we both came. I shot a huge load all over her patch and belly. She finaly noticed him and just waved at him. I got up and pulled my jeans back on and said to him, "hey holmes. I'm an old friend of Marianne's from c***dhod" He didn't say a word and I walked past him and out the door. Needless tosay, the yardwork was so much easier to do and my grandmother noted that I seemed to be in a way better mood.
Marianne flurted with me quite a bit afterwards but I never went back over and continued to pursue any sexual activity. I had a nice talk with her boyfriend. It came down to me realizing that life was hard enough as it is and me making this dude scared shitless of me wasn't gonna do him and Marianne any good. I had no interest in a girlfriend and she got what she wanted, revenge. After that,while I was doing yardwork for my grandmother...Dude would come over and give me a beer.
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