Erin and Anneke's Corruption

NOTE: This is a work of fiction. All characters appearing herein are fictitious, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. All persons appearing in this story are eighteen years of age or older.

My Danish girlfriend, Anneke, has the sweetest pale puffy nipples I've ever tasted. It so happened that I was licking them this particular Saturday night, while both our parents were out at a show. I'm Erin. Anneke moved to the US with her at the beginning of my last year of high school, and we hit it off right away. Tonight, we had each other's clothes half off, our tongues and hands busy. After all, the nuns at my Catholic grade school used to tell me all the time that "Idle hands are the Devil's workshop." Wouldn't want to give the Devil an opening, would I?
"Ooh, keep doing zhat," Anneke moaned. "Oh, yah, bite me, Erin. Bite my nipple, hard. Oh, yah, yah, yah!" She usually spoke English with little or no accent, but her Danish came out when she was excited. I was proud at how Danish she was sounding because of what I was doing.
The girl was insatiable! I'd never had anyone who liked her nipples bitten so hard! I was sure I was practically biting her left one off, but she kept moaning for more, so I kept obliging. Meanwhile, I slid my hand down her smooth, pale belly and unsnapped her jeans, undid the zipper, and started to slide them down. As I'd thought, the slut wasn't wearing any panties!
I took my teeth off her nipple long enough to say, "Aren't you the dirty girl, now, not wearing panties? Might think you'd planned to get laid or something. Next thing I know, you'll be poking holes in your pants pockets so you can play with your pussy while nobody can see!"
"I can do better zhan zhat," Anneke said. "You know zhose buses with zhe engine over zhe back seat? I find that if I arrange zhe seam of my jeans right through zhe middle of my cunt, I can use zhe engine's vibrations to get myself off, and nobody notice!" She chuckled. "Now get back to chewing on my tit, you will please."
I had her pants off anyway, but I delayed getting back to sucking her tit, just to look at her. Her body was as smooth as milk pouring from a pitcher, her breasts like twin hills of snow, capped by nipples barely darker than the breasts themselves. My eyes lingered on her tight abdomen, the smooth cleft that led to her navel, then the rounded softness between her legs, where a tiny triangle of golden curls hinted at the delights that lay beneath. Looking at her always took my breath away.
"Damn, girl, you're beautiful," I whispered. "I think I could eat you right up now."
"Zo, vhy don't you get zhose clothings off and do just zhat?" she purred.
Which I did.
I was busy tonguing her pussy, licking up her juices, while she lapped away at my clit. Occasionally she would tickle my little knob with the silver stud that pierced her tongue, which would send me into heaven. I was so wet I was sure I'd drown her, but she just kept licking away, as did I. Orgasm after orgasm we gave each other. For a quick change of pace, I stuck a finger up her asshole, just to see what she'd do; to my surprise and delight, she moaned louder and stuck her finger into mine, which brought yet another wave of orgasm over me.
We would have continued like that all night, had Anneke's parents not decided to walk in on us.
For a second, everyone was speechless as Anneke and I grabbed for our clothes. But Anneke's father kicked them out of reach and yelled. "Slut! Whore! So this is what you learn from your American friends!"
Anneke's mother stood strangely quiet.
"You!" Anneke's father ordered her mother. Didn't she have a name? I thought. "Go and fetch the cane! We show this American bitch what we think of perverts!"
Wordlessly, Anneke's mother disappeared. Cane? I thought. For a nineteen-year-old? Was this the twelfth century?
"I should go," I began, but Anneke's father interrupted.
"You will stay here and watch. And perhaps learn something. Anneke, stand up and assume the proper position."
"Papa, no!" Anneke protested, but her father swatted her.
"Assume the proper position, I said! As long as you live in my house, you will obey my rules!"
With a sigh, Anneke stood up, her face crimson. She placed her hands behind her head, spread her legs slightly. I tried to make myself invisible. Anneke's mother returned. She had undressed to black underwear, with a bra that exposed her nipples, crotchless panties, garter belt and stockings. In her hands she held a rattan cane. I saw Anneke blanch at the sight of the rod.
Anneke's father pointed towards the kitchen. "You know where to go," he said.
"Papa. . ."
"If you do not obey me now, it will go all the worse for you," her father said.
I moved toward the door. "I'll just be going now," I repeated.
"You will go nowhere," Anneke's father said. "Remember, my car is behind yours in the driveway. You cannot leave until I let you out." Without another word, he gestured to Anneke and we four trekked through the kitchen, down a flight of stairs to where a locked door awaited. Anneke's father unlocked the door and flipped on a light.
The room was empty except for a bench. "You know what to do, girl," said Anneke's father. He extended his hand, and her mother placed the cane in it, the way a nurse hands a surgical instrument to a doctor.
Anneke crossed the room and knelt over the bench. Her father then spread apart her wrists and ankles and fastened them to shackles bolted into the floor. "Stick your ass out further, girl," her father directed. He ordered Anneke's mother to hold onto me, so that I could not run or turn away.
"You will count each stroke," Anneke's father ordered.
"Yes, Papa," Anneke murmured.
Crack! The cane struck with such f***e I backed away as though it had struck me. I could hear the pain in Anneke's voice as she squeaked, "One."
"I cannot hear you," her father said.
"One," she repeated, louder.
Whack! "Oww! Oww! Two," she called. A red mark appeared on Anneke's ass.
Whack! "Three." Another red mark crossed the first. Anneke was squirming, but the bonds gave her no room to move.
Whack! "Four." Tears were flowing freely down my face now. I wanted it to stop more than I'd ever wanted anything in the world.
Whack! "F-five!" The marks were getting redder, angrier. Anneke's mother's grip on me tightened. But even as I struggled, I felt my cunt grow wet, as though Anneke's tongue were licking me. When the next blow landed, Anneke's mother's hand touched my bare breast, arousing the nipple. I half sobbed, half moaned.
Whack! "Seven" Whack! "Eight" I felt warm lips at my ear and throat. I pressed myself against the body that held me, unable to take my eyes from what was happening to Anneke, but powerless to resist the hot, wet feelings that took me over. Anneke's mother was squeezing my tits openly now, then running her hands openly down my body, stopping just short of my cunt, though I wanted her to touch me that too. I reached around and felt for her cunt, felt its smooth, shaved surface. A finger told me she was as wet as I was. While Anneke's father continued whacking her ass, her mother and I quietly fingered each other, our breathing increasing with each stroke of the cane, growing in intensity every time Anneke squirmed and cried out another number.
After twenty strokes, Anneke's ass was a mass of angry red stripes. Her mother's fingers worked harder and harder at my button, as I did at hers. I was oblivious to anything except the exciting sight of my friend's red ass and my own pleasure. As I came, my cunt juice squirted from me, running down my legs. Anneke's mother gave a violent tremble and a low moan, and it was all we could both do to stand up.
Anneke's father let me go home. I thought about that basement room, and Anneke's mother's fingers. I almost had an accident when the thought made me cum again. And what of Anneke? Her parents would probably make sure she never came near me again.
So I was surprised and relieved to hear Anneke's voice on the phone two weeks later, sounding like the Anneke I'd fallen in love with. "It's all right, love," she reassured me. "It's all right."
"You keep saying that," I said. "But he beat you. I saw how your ass looked. It was awful. He only stopped when you fainted."
"Yah, but he never catches on. I zhink my mother knows, but she won't tell him."
"Tell him what?"
Anneke laughed. "I only pretended to faint," she said. "If he'd kept it up any more, I'd have squirted all over you and Mama! Whew! Hurt like hell, but my Gott, what a turn-on!"
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3 years ago
Foxy, sexy, tasty and very funny! ;-)P
Wonder whether Erin ever read it?