Hard Female Whippings ..Three Short Stories 1

Female Hard Bare Ass Prison Strapping

Silence Woman!! How dare you speak to me like this, from the cushy little cell, you are in?!! At over twenty five years old, you really need a lesson in respect!! You would not be so insolent, if I ran this Prison!! For such utter disobedience, your bare ass would get a taste of the lash you would not be forgetting in a hurry - hard!! I'd have you dragged to the correction cells, by two burly Female wardens. Both blonde amazons, over 6ft tall, with powerful swimmer physiques. You would be brought and stood before me. For daring to try to speak, you would get a mighty slap around the face, from one of the guards. You'd be holding back the tears before howling for leniency, as I say give this slut's bare buttocks a fucking good hard taste of the big leather prison strap!

You whimper as your white tee shirt is torn off and your breasts spring out. You are tied with your wrists about three feet apart up over your head, from a beam and a gym pommel horse is placed just in front of your cunt. You can lean about 2ft forward. The guards strong hands continue to roughly yank down your jeans and panties and I say all whuppin's are on the bare butt and hard here girl!!

You plead as the heftier guard reaches for the prison strap, as you watch. She unfurls 3ft of heavy bull hide - 10cm wide with a 15cm handle. I say teach this bitch a hard lesson - count slut! The guard goes 4ft behind you and swings the monster strap back and with an almighty crack, lashes it with her full arm strength, against your soft naked buttocks. You stoically squeal one miss, as a band of red fire appears on your trembling cheeks. The leather whooshes and cracks again, you thrust against the horse and your bare butt is already an angry red! - T-t-two miss you utter. You thrust and howl and your tits bounce as the next lash breaks your resolve, as it tears across your defenceless bare ass!! Threeeeee missss you scream, your voice beginning to break up. Whooooosh craaack. AAAAAaaaaaaaaaarrh t-t-t-that's four miss you wail, as you fight against your bonds, sweating away! The hide whups down like thunder again and you thrust forward again, your cheeks jiggling, purple and burning white hot. Euuuuuruururghhhh is all you can manage!

Enough I say, as you hang limp sobbing for forgiveness. You hang broken as I say take this insolent inmate to the infirmary. That's what you would get, if I ran this prison?!! ..You've gone very quiet young Lady?!!

The Plantation Mistress Learns All About Hard Ass Paddling Discipline

So, you feel it is alright to consort with our slaves late at night?!! You drink their grog, act like a whore around them, indulge their conversation and then cause the horses to bolt from the stables, due to your sluttiness and then almost burn down the barn!! ..Well, you’ll be heading back to the barn for licks tonight my stupid, dear Wife! You want to act like a slave on this plantation, you will be treated like one. As my Lady here, we run this place properly! ..You there, find the overseer and bring him to the barn!

As ordered, I scurried off and found the overseer. A bruiser of a Man. Muscles upon muscles and with the strength of the stallion, I interrupted him returning to the stable-barn. We had barely been in the hay-strewn, breezy storage barn two minutes, when the door burst open and my Master angrily tossed his sobbing Wife to the floor. He eyeballed his overseer and said here was someone firmly in need of his maple discipline. The Mistress was pleading for mercy. She fled for the door, only to be grappled back in by the two big Men, who always assisted in such matters, who were waiting just outside! The Master grabbed his Wife’s blouse and with one sweeping rip, tore it off, exposing her pert tits. You get yourself naked slut, he ordered. Milady was wailing and trembling as the overseer growled in deep tones, do it now Woman. With trembling hands, she obeyed, as we five watched on, as she stripped herself naked. Her glistening pussy, curvy peach buttocks and nice breasts glimmered slightly, in the flickering torchlight of the barn, as she fearfully waited..

The two hefty assistants grabbed her arms and one tied her wrists together in front of her, with a short rope. Milady howled and pleaded as she was then held sat on the floor, as the overseer attached the bindings – one buckled strap round each ankle, with a rope attached to each. He then tossed the two ropes about half a metre apart over the high rafter. The two assistants then hauled the rope and Milady was gradually pulled up, hung upside down so her bare buttocks were about 5ft up in the air! And what a bubble peach of a backside!! To my shame, I felt a slight stiffness in my loins. As she continued to wail, she was a beautiful sight of Feminine beauty.

The Master then announced thirty years old – thirty hard licks!! Milady screamed NOOooo, as the mighty overseer took the fearsome paddle in hand. Maple wood. Maybe a 15cm handle on a rectangle shape of well used, 1cm thick wood, perhaps 30 x 20cm. The Master grabbed his Wife’s hair and put his face next to her and bawled you will not disobey me Woman! He stood and said to his overseer this Woman tonight, is not your Mistress, she is a slut needing to have her bare arse tanned fucking hard. He nodded. You there – count..

One, I shouted. The overseer placed the mighty paddle across the quivering, defenceless cheeks, drew it back and with an audible whoooosh, brought it down with an almighty crack across Milady’s buttocks. Her whole body jolted and she howled out. As the brute pulled the paddle away, the whole ass was an angry pink. Two! The wood whapped down, with almighty power again. Her bare, round cheeks indented with the sheer impact. The wailing and sobs were brutal. Three! Her tits jiggled deliciously, as her bare ass thrusted forward, from the impact of the paddle. At this point, her tortured cheeks were a scarlet hue of undoubted agony! The sweat glistened all over her hot, nude body. Four! Another almighty thwwaaaaack, savage cracking sound, thrusting naked buttocks and audible pain!

My Mistress was experiencing first hand, why the slaves were well behaved in their daily chores. Never again, would there be such Mistress / slave debaunchery! Five!....

Female News Reporter Gets Bullwhipped By South American Cartel Boss

I really did not think it was sane, sensible or not dangerous, to head on out to that remote South American farm, to try to get footage of what was going on there?! The Police had been repelled at gunpoint, the dogs had been set on intruders, aerial surveillance bamboozled by netting. It was a huge story, waiting to be told – but common sense really was not her speciality! Endless awards, for her intuitive coverage of World events. She, with sensation behind her and I, her loyal and if I say so, rather good cameraman?! We spent six hours crawling under the nets, dodging the patrols and getting up onto that hill that looked down over the main house and grounds. Mr Big was said to do business there and this was the potential footage to enlighten the World ..So she said! She was and is, a very hot looking Lady – and she well knew it. For her thirty five years, she was in great shape. Porcelain skin, flat tummy, big boobs, a very nice bottom, long legs and a natural chic presence! We set up the shot – just hidden away enough to be able to have her and the farm in the background, in one shot! ..This was our moment.

After the customary hair and make-up thirty seconds, we began to film. About a minute in, I thought it was going very well ..until she suddenly stopped talking and I heard the click of the pistol and the rowdy initial banter, from the guard. We found ourselves kneeling, with one guy watching over us, as the other two watched the footage on my camera. One of them flipped his mobile open and made a call. It ended with him clearly stating that it definitely was that Woman!

We were taken down the hill, hands on heads to the grounds in front of main house. I was told to stand, flanked by two guards. She was dragged forward by the other and we all stood waiting for a couple of minutes. Then, the main door opened and there he was – it was Mr Big himself. A white suit, white Havana hat and thousands of pounds worth of jewellery! He strode forward and looked her up and down, after giving me an uninterested glance. She was fighting back the tears as he ran his hand through her hair, then caressed her ample buttocks with one hand and massaged her tits with the other! I have watched you Miss – you’re news stories ,always spectacular, always uncovering the headline, always the big story! He took a moment to ponder, as she quivered in front of him. He said something eye-opening, by the reaction of the goon holding her. He ushered another guy, with a statement in a foreign tongue I did not comprehend. Mr Big then addressed me and said you will film and give me the footage and we will make a statement to the corrupt West you indulge and give you news everyone will want to watch!! ..He then laughed! One of the Men shadowing me thrust my camera under my nose and said you film now!

With little choice, I set my lens up and clicked record. At this point, Mr Big grabbed a tearful, not so fearless Woman colleague of mine by the hair and said you will now learn why my rivals fear me and that my people respect my rules Miss famous Lady reporter. You will not need to pout your sex to the camera here! With this he ushered the Man sent off moments ago, who had returned with two more Men, to do what he ordered. She wailed as two of the Men set about stripping her of her top and bra. For the first time ever and after much secret lusting, I stared upon her firm ample tits, tight tummy and fabulous upper body. Suddenly, the third Man produced two ropes about three metres long, from a bag and passed one each to the two other Men. She screamed to know what they were doing as they each tied a rope to one wrist tightly? They then each went a few metres to either side of her and pulled the ropes tight, so her arms were pulled out horizontally from her body. My eyes opened wide and my Female colleague wailed as Mr Big took the bag and pulled out an enormous bullwhip. I had never seen anything like it. She begged as just in front of her, he unfurled it. Without it’s handle, it must have been twelve feet long, wickedly pointed at one end and around 3cm thick by the handle. He shouted you will learn not to interfere Woman! The third guy then had her shrieking, as he went behind her, reached round, unzipped her cargo type trousers and with firm hands, yanked them to her knees. Plllleeeasse she wailed as he then tore off her skimpy knickers. I looked on in awe, at her tight pussy and the swell of her firm, yet ample now completely bared buttocks. She now awaited the lash, with fear in her eyes. It was a sight to behold.

Mr Big stepped behind her, moved about ten feet to her left and drew back the monstrous bullwhip. Learn now girl, he roared as he expertly scythed the whip through the air and cracked it with great power across the upper part of her naked back. It cracked like a rifle shot as harsh leather met flesh. Her reaction was a long pitiful wail. Instantly, a red weal appeared and the tears flooded down her face. Mr Big drew the lash away and again, it whooooshed through the air. This time the bullwhip cracked across her bare buttocks. She thrusted forward, as the Men held the ropes. Her ass cheeks wobbled terribly as the whip tore in. Another stripe of fire appeared and the scream was pure pain! Once again, the lash swirled up, around and cracked with great venom across her firm naked shoulders and this time, ripped around her and caught her right tit. Her breasts visibly wobbled as her body thrust forward. Whooooooosh – craaaaack! Once more that huge bullwhip lashed across her bare ass with massive power. Flesh being severely punished. The howl from it’s owner, was one of complete submission!

For the twelfth and final time, the mighty lash cracked against now striped and agonised, tender nude buttocks! Mr Big coiled the bullwhip back up and grabbed her hair, kissed her tear-streaked face and said down the camera do not mess with my fucking business – or this awaits you!!

I was then told to give over the camera, a bag placed over my head and then woke up in our embassy in the capital, some time later! We have won many awards since that clip was posted online. My colleague is now known as my Wife. Nothing else we have ever done has managed 50,000,000 hits on online streaming tubes. I wonder if they call them ‘hits’ because of our clip?...

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