Her 1st Big Black Cock

My girlfriend is 27 short with curves in all the right places, a great ass with large breast that are made for attention, she has a sexual appetite that would give any man a run for their money. I'm in my early 40's 6 ft slim and have a respectable 7.5" cock that she loves to ride, we have been francizing about her trying another guy in a 3 way for quite some time and had been watching the local postings on CL and AFF.
I responded to a CL posting by a black male looking for woman to hang with and friends with benefits, he was 27 well-built and had a big 9.5" cock. He was interested and after exchanging pictures he was interested but reluctant to try a 3 way so I told him I'd try and set up a meeting with my girlfriend. She was reluctant at first but one Friday evening I was out of town and she was out with friends drinking and having a good time and agreed to chat with him, I emailed him her number and they started chatting. He sent her pictures of his huge black cock and she sent him pictures of her playing with toys and face pictures, she said he agreed to a 3 way if they meet first, she asked if was okay to meet and if she could use my place to meet. I told her to go for it and set it up even though she was nervous we were both excited, she asked what time I would be back in town and told her about 11 pm and my understanding was that we would meet and they would go first and then I would join in.
I arrived back in town about 10:30 pm and when I got to my house the lights were off and my girlfriend’s car was in the driveway. I assumed she was getting ready for me and him to arrive and was totally surprised when I entered the house through the back door and stepped into the kitchen, I could hear her loud moans and screams and realized they were fucking. I took off my shoes and set my bag down in the living room and quietly approached the bedroom door, the house was pitch black and so once I was outside the bedroom door I couldn’t tell if the door was opened or closed. My girlfriend was screaming and moaning so loud I though the door was opened but I tried it and found the door shut, so I stood and listened to the hot sex that was happening in my bed and tried to decide if I should go in or not. I could hear his cock slamming into her and her cries of "oh my god" and "fuck yes" coupled with the sound of the bed squeaking as he pounded her pussy with his 9.5" black cock! I listened for a few more minutes until it all clicked that she had gotten him to agree to a 3 way by meeting him for one on one so I decided to listen instead and responded to the ragging hard on in my pants and pulled my cock out and started stroking. I listened as they took a break and then when back at it, I could tell he had her up against the head board because she knocked off some things on the night stand, her cries of pleasure as she begged for him to fuck her hard with his big cock and to not stop as she had an earth shattering orgasm on that bbc sent me to the edge several times and even though I had stopped stroking my cock cum was dripping out the end. I could tell he had her on her doggy style at some point because of the sound of him smacking her well rounded ass. I imagination ran wild as I listened envisioning his bbc in her tight little white pussy, going deeper and stretching it more than it had ever been.
After what seemed like an eternity but was only 45 minutes, I heard her tell him I would be home soon, I could hear them getting dressed and so I slipped into the guest bedroom, the master bedroom door opened and they walked out into the kitchen and he left through the back door. Just then my phone beeped, it was my girlfriend telling me to give her a 5 minutes and then I could come home, I quietly slipped out of the bedroom into the living room and found her watching out the front window. I slipped up behind her and put my arms around her waist, she jumped and turned to see it was me, she looked confused but then realized I had been in the house. She asked how long I had been home and told her long enough to listen to the fuck session and her last orgasm from her new black lover, we kissed and as our tongues engaged each other I lead her back to the bedroom. We stripped each other’s cloths off and I laid her back on the edge of the bed and buried my tongue in her well fucked pussy, she moaned and screamed as I licked her pussy to another orgasm. Once I was finished licking her pussy I crawled up and slid my hard cock into her just hot little pussy, as I slowly fucked her she told me how they had meet and quickly went from kissing to undressing each other. She had pulled out his large cock and he had laid her on the bed, she said her pussy was so wet that he had no trouble sliding his massive cock slowly into her pussy, it only took a short time for him to make her cum on that monster and after making her cum all over his cock he shot his cock in her pussy. She had made him put on a condom so he stopped and slipped on a new one tossing the spent on the floor, they had started back at it and she said he did her on her hands and knees and made her cum all over his cock again, this is when I had waked in, he had then flipped her on her back at which point she was stroking her pussy so he pulled off the condom and started stroking his cock. After more hot kissing, tonguing, and dirty talk he drove his unsheathed cock into her wet pussy, surprising her but at that point she decided what the hell thinking his bare cock felt wonderfully in her pussy. They fucked missionary until she came a second time which I got to enjoy listening to and he shot his second load of cream into her pussy. At this point I couldn’t take any more and shot my load into her well fucked pussy thinking of his bare black cock shooting his hot cum into her tight wet white pussy!
We spend the next day in bed and the next week was a nonstop orgy as we replayed the night, we’re planning the next meeting and I hope this time I can be there first hand.

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3 years ago
Very hot!
3 years ago
Hot story...can't wait for more
3 years ago
looking forward to hearing what happens next:)