My girlfriend's secret

I've been with Rose for almost three years, and I'm not gonna let something like this change how I feel about her.

It was about a week ago that I found out, but only because she said she didnt like keeping secrets from me, I didn't care because I love her. It was New Year's Eve, we were at her parents house with her f****y and a few friends. Rose and I were on the couch in the living room watching 'How It's Made' on the discovery channel. Her father Mike walked in "Hey would anyone like a beer?" he seemed buzzed already, Mike wasn't a cheap d***k, but it didn't take a lot to get him loopy, "No thanks daddy, may I just have a Mt Dew instead?" It almost surprised me that Rose didn't drink either, at first I thought it was because I was there, "You don't drink either?" I asked almost immediately. "No, alcohol makes me hurl, and it makes people into idiots, no offense daddy." I really was amazed, "None taken honey, yeah sure, would you like a sodey pop too, jack?" out of the corner of my eye I saw Rose face palm, "Yes, sir, thank you." I said with a chuckle. As he left the room I turned to Rose, "You really don't drink? Awesome, me neither, I tried a jello shot on my 17th birthday, and it made me hurl." She smiled "Wow, I tried a strawberry martini on my 17th and pretty much the same thing." I was smiling too, "Just something else to-" Just before I finished her dad showed up in the doorway and tripped over his own foot, when he did the cans flew out of his hands, across the room, hit the wall, and exploded on impact sraying the soda all over us. Rose was covered almost head to toe, though she managed to cover her face, I was drenched and now we both smelled like lemon lime soda. "See what I mean?" she whispered to me as she stood up. As I stood up, Mike also was able to get his balance back, "Daw, shit, my bad guys." he said laughing almost as if he did it on purpose. "It's fine sir, at least it doesn't stink." Rose leaned over to me and said, "I'm going upstairs to change, come on, I'll see if my dad has something that'll fit you." She lead me up the stairs quickly while everyone was distracted.

When we got in her room she closed the door quietly, then looked at me, I couldn't help noticing her nipples through her white t-shirt. She looked up at me, "Ok well you can take that shirt off, I'll find you something in a minute." "Alright then." As I took my shirt off I caught her staring at my abs, nothing awe inspiring, I have an 8-pack. I saw her bit her lower lips a little, the instant my shirt was off she was looking away. I walked over and poked her, "Ok, your turn." She giggled then slowly pulled her shirt up and off, what also caught me off guard was the she wasn't wearing a bra. I don't know anything about women's breast sizes, but hers were fair, her nipples were still a bit hard from the soda. "They haven't changed much since you last saw them." she commented. "Yeah but they're still amazing just like the rest of you." I couldn't help myself I gently grabbed them with my hands, I noticed she was a little aroused by it. Then she looked into the mirror, "Oh no my pants are soaked too." She mumbled "Damnit!" but I still heard it, she walked over to the dresser on the right, but paused for some reason. "Is something wrong?" I asked, even though i already knew the answer to that was 'yes'. "It's just there's something I haven't told you about yet. It's so embarrassing I don't think I can." the look on her face worried me a little. "What ever it is, I can handle it." Then she looked like she was going to cry. "But how do I know that you're not gonna be disgusted and leave me when you find out?" I grabbed her and just kissed her simple, honest, and loving. When I let go I looked right in her eyes, "Do you remember what I told you yesterday? There is nothing that will stop me from loving you, ever." she hesitated, "But-" "Nothing! Ever, don't try to make excuses!" I turned her toward the mirror, "You see that girl there? there's the girl I fell in love with, and not just for some big boob or even a tight pussy!" She started smiling again. "Ok, but I at least need you to keep this between us, can you do that for me?" "Always, now what is it?" she turned around and stepped back a bit, then looked at me. I saw a tear come to her eye, then she started to unzip her jeans, then I noticed a small bump in the crotch of her jeans, but I didn't say anything. Then slowly she eazed them down until the were around her knees, I almost couldn't believe what I was seeing, Rose is a hermaphrodite! A fairly small penis, I leaned a little to my right, yeah, and a vagina, woah...When I looked back up she was crying softly, I felt my heart sink. "Well, now you know. If you want to leave, I won't stop you, just please don't say anything to anyone." I walked over to her and hugged her, "You have nothing to be ashamed of, this is how you are. I'm not disgusted, or anything like that." She stopped crying and looked up at me, "You're not trying to mess with me are you" I just smiled, "We're been together for almost three years now, do you honestly think I'm just gonna leave you now? Come on Rose, you graduated with a 3.5 gpa, you're smarter than this." She laughed "I guess I didn't know you that well until now." She was crying again but this time she was happy. We kissed again, but this time I felt a small tap on my jeans, Rose immediately jumped back, "Oh god, I'm sorry I-" I stopped her, "It's ok, I've got one too." we both laughed, then she had a little more serious look on her face, "Jack do you think I could ask you something?" "Sure what is it?" She grabbed her crotch, "Do you think we could, umm.." I looked at her, "Uh fuck?" She looked embarrassed again, "You make it sound so evil! I just want to have sex with my boyfriend, but I was wondering, would you be open to having another girl around?" I raised an eyebrow, "Of course, but who do you have in mind? And can this other girl keep secrets too?" "Yes, its my best friend Lindsay." I wasn't so sure, "That's fine but are you sure you want Lindsay? She doesn't really seem to like me." Rose wiped the tears from her face and looked at me after grabbing her cell phone, "That's because she thought you were just gonna leave me when you found out... It'll be ok I promise." I honestly couldn't say no to her, "Ok then, but I'm not gonna-" "You don't want me to fuck you in the ass right? That's something I don't want to do either. It wouldn't be right." I just smiled at her, "Yeah that's about it, but how is she going to get up here without anyone following her and finding out your secret too?" She gave me a little evil smile, "Linday's very agile, she's going to climb the back porch to the window." I just said ok.

About 5 minutes later we heard footsteps outside the window, followed by a quiet knock. Rose, still topless with her pants just below her hips, she tucked her penis between her legs so that it wasn't noticeable, then went over to the window to let Lindsay in. "Hey, excellent timing, my dad and the others are about to leave out the back-quick get in!" I saw Lindsay's nipples through her gray hoodie,she wasn't wearing a bra, she was also wearing short blue running shorts, as she hopped in the window I could see, she wasn't wearting panties either! Lindsay had dark brown hair like mine, only it was in a ponytail, she said it's because she can move more easily when her hair is up. Through the window we heard everyone leaving out the back door, Rose quickly pulled the blinds down and turned off the light, I could over hear the conversation, "So they're not coming with us?" Rose's aunt Lidia said. "N-no I thi-think they went to bed, look even the lights are out." that was obviously Mike, he was so buzzed he was studdering. About a minute later we heard the car start and leave. Rose waited a few seconds then turned the light back on, "Awesome, Lindsay what's up?" I saw Lindsay's eyes just staring at Rose, "I dropped by like you asked, so when are you going to tell me why you're topless?" It was obvious Rose didn't tell her yet, but she was about to. "Ok, I need to tell you something, It's really big, but I need you to keep it between us, it's a really big secret." Lindsay snapped back to reality, "You know I can keep a secret Rose, does this involve jack too?" Rose had a big smile on now, "Yes it does, but that's why you're here too." I just sat quietly with a smile and listened as Rose continued, "Ok, well I'm not sure how to go about this so I'll start like this, you've had sex before right?" Lindsay raised an eyebrow, "Yes but only with girls, not guys." Rose was still smiling, "Well, jack and I are still virgins, and I was hoping you'd maybe want to turn this into a threesome?" Lindsay was smiling now too, "You bet I do, but that still doesn't answer my other question, what do you want to tell me? Rose paused, her smile dropped a little, I think I should show you instead." Rose slowly walked over to Lindsay and stopped a couple steps away from the bed and shot me a quick look. I knew what that meant, so I sat back, I could see Lindsay's eyes were locked on Rose's jeans, then Rose slowly eased her pants down then gently pulled her penis out, at that instant Lindsay's eyes were like bowling balls, "You have a-" Rose interrupted her, "A penis, yes." Lindsay was shocked, but not disgusted, she reached up and touched Rose's cock, to which Rose was turn on instantly, her cock started to grow, Lindsay lifted it up, "But you still have a vagina too?" Lindsay was amazed, curious, and horny all at the same time. I stood up and as I started to take my jeans off I looked over to see Lindsay, slowly stroking Rose's cock which she still couldn't believe was real. When I walked back over to Rose, I slid her jeans down to her ankles, and she lifted her feet one at a time, out of the legs. Then I tossed them over to mine in the corner. Rose turned her head to look at me with a smile, "No one else is going to know." She turned back to Lindsay who was still stroking Rose's cock. I started to play with Rose's breasts, then Lindsay immediately snapped out of her hypnosis, when she saw what I was doing she took her hoodie off, I was right; she had no bra, her breasts were about the same size as Rose's, only her nipples were a little bigger. Lindsay threw her hoodie over to where our pants were then looked up at Rose, "Can I, uh?" Rose looked down and with a horny look in her eye said, "Hold on." She motioned for me to stop, so I did, she got on her back on the bad, then looked at Lindsay, "Ok, now, I'm afraid If you did that while I'm standing up, I'd lose my balance." Lindsay quickly took off her shorts, and I was right 'again', Lindsay had no panties on, the whole crotch of there panties were damp. She threw her panties across the room to where the rest of our clothes were, the now formed a small hill that smelled like mt dew and pussy, she hopped up and got over Rose in a 69 position, they both immediately went to work, Rose was licking ans fingering Lindsay's pussy, and Lindsay was sucking Rose's cock, and fingering her pussy. I felt like a ghost for a minute just watching with my now rock hard cock. Rose paused and looked at me, "Well? It's not a threesome if it's only two people." I looked at Rose, who was motioning for me to get in front of Lindsay, I looked at Lindsay, she was spreading Rose's pussy and looking at me with a horny smile. I got on the bed and looked at Lindsay, Rose was already back to licking Lindsay's pussy. Lindsay grabbed my cock and licked the tip, I felt a shock up my spine. But that wasn't it, she put my cock against Rose's, then started jerking us both, I always thought Lindsay was a quiet girl, this time i was wrong. She looked up at me and whispered, "You love her don't you?" I couldn't speak. All I could do was nod, "Uh huh, she really got lucky with you, I can't help but be a little jealous, everyone I've been with is a either a f*cking retard or an asshole, but no worries. I'm not gonna take you from her, but I know she won't mind sharing." I smiled and managed to mutter a "Thanks." That got Rose's attention, "What are you talking about with my boyfriend?" Lindsay chuckled, "Just about how lucky you are to have a guy this awesome." She winked at me then started rubbing the tip of my cock against Rose's pussy, I heard her moan a little, then I felt Lindsay push my cock in a little more, Rose moaned a little louder, then all of a sudden we heard Mike's car pull up out back, it was like an echo, all three of us mumbled "Oh, shit!" at the same time. I could see the panic on Rose's face, "If they find us like this, oh god!!!" I looked around really quick, "Quick Lindsay, in the closet!" I whispered, we all jumped up, Lindsay and I flew into the closet. I heard the back door open, then Rose gasped out side the door, the closet door flew open and she threw in our clothes then shut it quickly again. Then I heard someone coming up the stairs, I could also hear Rose quickly getting into her favorite green silk pj's (they're the ones I bought her last christmas), she snatched the book off her dresser and hopped on her bed, and pretended like she was reading. Then the room door opened, "Hey Rose do, you know where I put my wallet?" Oh, for god's sake, Mike's a complete dumb-ass right now. I couldn't help myself "What the hell is wrong with Mike? I'll bet anything it's in his back pocket." I whispered really quick." Lindsay chuckled quietly, she was still horny. "Hmm, I see Jack went home already." "Yeah, he's got some errands to run tomorrow, but he said, he's see me tomorrow when he's done." Lindsay was getting annoyed now too, she reached back slowly started rubbing my cock, I got hard fast. "Anyway about my wallet?" I heard Rose scoff, "It's either down stairs in the kitchen, on the living room table, or it's in you're back pocket." "That's what I said." I whispered, Lindsay giggled quietly again, now she was getting resltess, she quietly turned around and started rubbing my cock between her legs and moaned quietly. "You're gonna get us in trouble." I mumbled "I don't care I came here to fuck, so I'm gonna fuck." She was annoyed now, Lindsay wasn't the kind of girl you kept waiting, If there was a line at the store aisle, she's go find a shorter one, If there was a traffic jam, she's pull a u-turn and go a different way. "Ok, but keep quiet." I mumbled. She pressed herself up against me while I was leaning against the wall, then she started to push my cock into her pussy. She moaned quietly, and so did I. My cock went in slowly, Lindsay's pussy was really tight for a girl who's had sex before, but then she did say it was only with other girls. "Okay well when you see jack let him know it was good seeing him again, and he's welcome around anytime." Mike's still here?! Ok well that's nice of him to say, but still he's taking a little too long. "Ok dad, I'll let him know. Rose said as calmly as she could, I could tell she was getting impatient too. Lindsay was now slowly pumping on my cock and breathing as quietly as she could even though she was hyperventilating, she pulled my hands up and wanted me to start playing with her breasts. I wasn't going to say no, "But when you get ready to cum, you're gonna blow that load in Rose's pussy first." she whispered with a horny squeak in her voice. She didn't have to see my face to know I was smiling. Finally Rose's bedroom door shut, I heard her get off the bed and slowly walk over to the closet, "Oh, god please don't get mad." I thought to myself. The closet door opened, and Rose had a teasing smile on, "You were in here having fun without me?" I was amazed again that she wasn't mad, we heard the back door shut and the car leave again, Lindsay was still slowly riding my cock, with Rose staring, she was pitching a tent through those pjs, the peak of it was a little wet, the fabric must have helped. "I guess it's my turn to say it. Well?" Rose looked at me with an eyebrow raised, "Ok." Rose stepped forward and pulled her cock out. Lindsay pulled my cock out of her pussy and turned to face Rose. Lindsay grabbed my cock again and slowly pushed into her ass, "Pick me up?" she asked me with an innocent moan. I picked her up, her legs were spread almost as wide as the closet door. Rose stepped even closer while slowly stroking her cock. I was slowly pumping in and out of Lindsay's ass now. Rose aimed her cock at Lindsay's pussy and started to push in. Lindsay was moaning quietly even though Mike and the others were gone now. "Oh god, why the hell didn't I know about this sooner?!" Rose smiled while slowly pumping in and out of Lindsay's pussy, "I don't know, but I think it's safe to say this will stay between us?" Lindsay was moaning so much she barely managed "You f*cking bet it will!" Rose leaned up and we kissed again, deep for about another minute, then when we stopped rose looked at me, "Do you think we could go back over there?" she motioned to the bed. "Of course, lets go." Lindsay was lost in the ecstasy, "What are we doing?" I laughed, "Hold on." Rose and I stopped for a moment, Rose pulled her cock out of Lindsay's pussy and walked over to the bed, I followed with Lindsay bouncing on my cock. Rose sat down on the bad and took her silk pants off. Lindsay finally caught up, "We're back at the bed now huh?" I lifted Lindsay off my cock and laid her on the bed, she was breathing heavily . "Yep, but hold on to you're pussy k**, cuz we're not through yet!" Rose laughed at my cropped movie line. She threw her pants over to the closet and then laid back on the bed, "I hope you don't mind if I leave this on for now, the silk feels amazing on my nipples." I looked at her hard nipples, "Not at all, just don't use it as an excuse for cumming before me." Rose smiled. Lindsay was back to normal now, and saw Rose laying back on the bed, "So, is this round 2 now?" Rose and I looked at each other, "Yeah, you in?" Rose said with a suggestive smile?" Lindsay sat up, "Yes, I am." she said confidently. Rose was getting hard again, and so was I, but Rose's cock was the first one Lindsay noticed. "Well come on Lindz, I'm waiting." Lindsay moved over and strattled Rose. I walked up and leaned over Lindsay, she looked back at me, "Ah-ah-ah," she waved a finger at me, "Not my ass again, it was awesome, but your girlfriend get your attention now." I looked around at Rose, she was biting her lip again, I looked down and Rose's legs were spread just wide enough so Lindsay wouldn't lose her balance, and I could get to her pussy. Lindsay grabbed my cock and pulled me forward a little, she started rubbing the tip of my cock against Rose's pussy, while at the same time she was rubbing Rose's cock against her own pussy. Rose was moaning quietly, then Lindsay started pushing Rose's cock into her pussy first, it was easier for Rose because her cock wasn't as big, "Aahh! Jesus Lindsay, you're so tight, I thought you've had sex before?!" Lindsay giggled, "Yes, but I've only had sex with girls, remember?" Then Lindsay started pushing my cock into Rose's pussy, she's tight too, but then that's to be expected, Rose is a virgin. After about a minute, Rose's pussy started to loosen up a bit, as did Lindsay's, but not by much obviously. Lindsay started to move up and down slowly, so I started to moving too. After about another minute Rose's pussy let up and I was pumping at a normal pace. Lindsay was still moving slowly but she wasn't struggling anymore. Rose was lost in the ecstasy now, then Lindsay got up and turned around while Rose was distracted, "What's up?" I whispered quickly. "Well, you got to enjoy my ass, now it's her turn." No argument there. She squatted down and aimed Rose's cock, that was dripping precum, at her ass and started to push it in. Rose snapped out of her hypnotism and realized what was going on, but she didn't say anything, instead she put her hand over Lindsay's and helped. "Well Lindsay, what's this about?" Rose said with a tease. "Well, jack got to enjoy my ass, now you get to." Lindsay said innocently. Rose giggled, "I'd love to, but you know what I really want?" Lindsay, looked back, "Oh, what's that?" "Well, Lindz, when i get ready to cum, I want every last drop to go in that tight little pussy of yours." Lindsay laughed, "Oh, that's no problem, but do you still want this?" Lindsay asked Rose moaned, "Yes, but I've got a better idea, hey jack would you please stand up for a moment?" I smiled at her, "Alright." Lindsay got off too, then Rose laid Lindsay on the bed, and climbed on after. "Now we'll all get what we want." Rose guided her cock into Lindsay's ass, I got on the bed and started f*cking Rose's pussy again. We just kept at it like this for about another 5 minutes. Then I felt it, I could tell Rose did too, she looked back at me and said, "Oh I think I'm ready, how about you?" I saw Lindsay, she nodded, so I followed, "Yeah, same here." Just before we all came, I saw Rose quickly yank her cock out of Lindsay's ass and shove it all the way in her pussy, I shoved mine all the way in Rose's pussy as well, then it just hit us like a ton of bricks, Rose moaned really loud, Lindsay followed, I did too but I wasn't as loud. I shot my cum deep into Rose's pussy, and she shot her load deep in Lindsay's pussy. It was like a train of cum, we we're breathing so heavily, my cock just slipped out of Rose's pussy and drooped like a weight on a string, Rose's cock slipped out of Lindsay's pussy and she held it up almost like it was going to fall off it she were to let go. "Damn, I am so glad you asked me to come around tonight, or I would have just been at home watching porn like always. This was a million times better." Rose laughed, "Definitely, now you promised to keep this between us, don't forget." Lindsay sat up with Rose's cum slowly dripping from her pussy, "Oh, yeah no one else will ever know, hey uh, I don't suppose we could do this again sometime?" Rose let her cock fall and pulled Lindsay in for a kiss, "You're damn right we will." she said when they finished. Lindsay smiled "Okay, now I'm sorry to f*ck and scram, but I gotta work tomorrow, and-" Rose stopped her, "Hold on, we should at least clean you up first." Rose bent down and licked up some of the cum off the sheets, the strand that was dangling from Lindsay's pussy then swallowed, "There you go." Lindsay smiled but then looked down in shock, "Oh shit I forgot to take my pill today!" Rose leaned back into my arms, "Thats not a problem, I only have one testicle, and one ovary, I have such a low sperm count that it's impossible to get a girl pregnant, I could literally pour a gallon of my sperm into your pussy, and you won't get pregnant. Also my eggs won't be fertile until I'm 27, so same rule applies to me, I could even creampie myself and nothing would happen." Lindsay got a horny look on her face, "Oh really? You could do that?" Rose nodded, "Yep, I'd try it right now, but I'm spent." Lindsay stood up and picked up her shorts and hoodie out of the closet and started getting dressed, "Now that's something I want to see." Rose giggled, "No problem but like I said, next time." she yawned, I immediately caught that was a fake. Lindsay got her clothes on and rubbed her pussy a little, "Mmm, that was good. I'm off then, thank's for the fun night." She zipped up her hoodie and climbed out the window. "It's no problem at all, I got to take my best friends virginity, and lose mine to the love of my life at the same time." Rose said looking up at me. "You two are excellent together, I'm a little jealous," Lindsay said with tears in her eyes, "but at least I now have to sexy f*ck buddies to play with now. Anyway I talk to you guys later, hit me up again when you two are feeling frisky, k? bye!" Rose smiled "Of course, bye!" Lindsay jumped down into the grass, then we sw her dart across the backyard, then with one hand she lifted herself up and over the fence, and disappeared. "She's really something, huh? Too bad about her relationship problems," Rose said looking out the window at the fence. "I hope she can find a guy like you to be with." she looked at me with a tear in her eye. "I know she will, I know a guy at the shop who's having problems, I'll talk to him." The tear ran down Rose's face, "You really are an amazing guy, but for now," she wiped the tear away, stood up and took off the green silk top, "It's just you and me." her cock stood up a little as if it was listening. I pulled her close and kissed her, I felt both of our cocks getting hard. "So how do you want me?" Rose asked looking at me, anxiously waiting to find out. I thought for a second, instead of telling her I laid her on her back on the bed, then got in front of her, I rubbed the tip of my cock on her pussy, "How about like this?" Rose bit her lip, "Well, enough with the teasing, I'm good to go." I saw the veins in our cocks bulge out a bit as I started to slide my cock in and out of her pussy, she moaned a little, I looked down, she reached up and started stroking her cock slowly, then as I started going faster, she did too, I was pumping in and out like a machine for a while, then I felt that pressure building up again, I saw Rose felt it too. For just a moment I pulled out of her. I grabbed her cock and curled it around until it met her pussy, then I slowly pushed it in. "So that's what mine feels like." Rose said breathing heavily. I quickly put my cock back in her pussy, and kept going like normal, then she cringed, and we both came, a lot, both our loads deep in her pussy, some of our sperm squirted out between our cocks, and onto the bed sheets landing almost right on top of where we came earlier. I slowly moved in and out a little more, then I pulled out. Rose's pussy was dripping so much cum, she sat up to look, "Holy shit, did I do that?" I smiled at her, "No, that was both of us." Rose smiled as her cock finally slipped out of her pussy, her cock was still dripping a little. "Oh, my god, where was all that cum earlier?" she said jokingly. I laughed, "Lindsay got all of it, remember?" Rose picked up the strand of cum off the end of her cock with her finger and stuck it in her mouth, "Hmm, I wonder if this one was mine, or yours." She sucked it off her finger with a quiet pop. I was aroused by it but, my cock was dead. She looked up at me, "Well either way, one of us needs to stop eating so much hot-sauce." I laughed, obviously she figured out it was my strand. We stood up off the bed, Rose's pussy was still dripping a little cum, "Well, that was one hell of a New Year's Eve." She picked up a strand of cum from her pussy and ate that one too. "Yeah, so did you think of any resolutions, yet?" I asked her. Rose looked at me with a smile, "One... but I'm sure you already know it by now." she kissed me one last time before the clock struck midnight.

Just before the clock struck midnight, I made a resolution: No one out side out little circle, will ever know about my girlfriends secret.
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2 years ago
Very nice story, but it would seriously help if you splitted it in a few more paragraphs; it was quite uncomfortable to read it like this.
2 years ago
hot story. I'd love to meet a hermaphrodite
2 years ago
i made more of a revised copy in the note pad (and i even took the time to correct my spelling errors-lol), i was going to upload it, but not right this minute.
2 years ago
Very horny story