Caught By My Black Stepdaddy parts 1&2

what the hell are you doing was all i remember hearing before i broke into tears...over and over i was being questioned and i had no answers....when marcus saw me crying he sensed my pain and walked closer to consoul me...calm down...i had an i dear that something was going on that's why i drove up here but i had no idea that you were this deep into this lifestyle...i am not going to judge you so relax and calm down and don't worry i won't tell your mother, although she is the one who asked me to check up on you...she was worried you were into d** was so releived that i grabbed marcus in tears and thanked him over and over, until i noticed a growing bulge between us in his pants...we looked at each other and stood silently...we both knew what had just step father had become excited while holding me in his arms...his erection was still growing as we parted and i could not resist looking at the growing tent in his pants....before he could say anything i kissed him...he was stunned and surprised but allowed me to probe his mouth with my tongue...i felt his hands move up my silky leggs until he was holding my ass...we broke our embrace and we both exhaled...once again i spoke first and reassured him tat i wantedto do that ever since i had first met him...i resented the fact that he was fucking my mother when i wanted him to be with me, but i never voiced my thoughts for fear of the ice had been we both knew we wanted each other...this was the first time marcus has ever seen me dressed and it was like he was now looking at my twin s****r...i wanted to do or say something but decided to let him decide if he wanted to continue this my surprised he told me i looked very sexy. when i heard him tell me that i was in heaven...marcus had just told me that he found me sexy...i knew that ment that he also wanted me sexualy...i know how black men like white girls and i was a younger version of my mother in hiseyes now and he knew he had total control over me and unlike my mother i was willing to do anything to please him...i had heard him and my mother discussing how he wanted anal sex and she did not...i also knew that he liked her to dress like a slut during sex but that she would undress as soon as they finished fucking and last but not least my mother was not really into oral sex all she loved was being fucked by a big black dick...i wanted to treat this man like the man he deserved to be treated like...he was my black mandingo man...i wanted to be his private white submissive pantyhose femme slut and serve him when ever asked and enjoy everything he wanted done...he stepped back and took a good look at my outfit and smiled...shaking his head he told me i was the most sexy girl he had exer seen being so young and firm was something he had never enjoyed...he told me i was like a sexy sixteen year old girl and when i told him i was still a virgin he laughed...he said he never though he would ever have sex with you sexy white teen virgin....even if i was special...that evening we sat and talked we discussed how we were going to make this new relationship work and keep it secret...after two glasses of wine and some soft music i felt marcus touching my legg...his strong hands moved swiftly up my inner thighs until i felt him grabbing me inside my pantyhose...after catching my breath i exhaled and marcus quickly told me to open my leggs he stroked me i remained soft and quickly grew wet...i was amazed that i was reacting like a girl with a wet quick as he touched me he removed his hand and told me to kneel between his leggs and unzip his mind was rushing but i knew what he wanted and i wanted it more...i opened his pants and removed his hard wet precumm cover black dick...i looked up like a hungry baby and asked for permission to taste it...marcus just smiled and nodded, my head ropped and my tongue flickered like a butterfly on the head of his dick as i tasted his thick salty precumm.i could not resist putting my lipps on the head and sliding down to the base root of his lovely black dick....i had stopped breathing and was living on precumm...i almost blacked out before cumming up for air...that was very nice marcus told me but i will teach you how to really please your daddy...get me an old stocking and place it over my dick i stood quikly and ran to my dresser and returned with one stocking...i placed it over his still leaking dick and began to suck his precumm through my old was an amazing sensation...i had never imagined sucking a dick inside and stocking but sound thew feeling made my mouth tingle...i slowly sucked marcus like the whore of my dreams living out every dick sucking fantasy in real life...i was going insane and i knew it i was giving my will and my control to my daddy and did it with pleasure...all i wanted was for him to want more...i removed my black dress and stood in my nylons and heels...i turned slowly so marcus could inspect every nook and cranny of my now belonged to him and was his to do with as he wished when ever he wanted...i sucked him until my mouth became raw from the stocking and then placed it over my hand and stroked him until he came in my hand...i licked every drop from my stocking encased hand and smiled as he leaned down to kiss my cumm covered red daddy loved me and i loved him and this was just the beginning of an intense sexual submissive relationship....we had to stop so he could return and re assure my mother everything was ok and i was not a d**g addict...but he told me before he left that i should wash the stocking because he wasgoing to use it as a condom when he returned to take my cherry virgin ass..
It had been a few days since Marcus and I had our little encounter. It was the most exciting sexual experience I had ever had up until that point and I craved more. More of my step daddy's big black dick! It was all I could think about and nothing was going to quench my thirst until I had it again. I had just gotten out of the shower when I got a text. It was from Marcus. He said that my mom was going away on business for a few days and he wanted to see me. To finish what we had started. And not to get dressed because he had a little surprise for me! I started getting butterflies in my stomach and my soft femmecock began to get hard. I couldn't wait for him to get here and make me his submissive sissy slut in pantyhose!

It was around 5 pm when daddy pulled up. I jumped out of my chair and greeted him at the door. He was carrying a box with a big red bow on it. This is for you he said. Thank you daddy... was my reply. I opened my present and inside was a sexy French maid outfit with a new pair of ultra sheer to the waist nude pantyhose, black seamed full fashion stockings, a black garter belt and a black thong. with an ultra sheer front...He told me to oil my body put on my makeup and get dressed... then come back down to do my chores. So I raced to my room to get dressed and slutty for my daddy.
When I came back down he handed me a feather duster and told me to get to work. He sat down in the chair and I began to dust. sensualy moving my tight little pantyhose encased ass that was peeking out from under my little ruffled maids skirt. With my sheer black thong riding up between my cheeks slightly separating them. I bent over right in front of my daddy to dust the table. My legs slightly spread as i slow rolled my ass. I could tell daddy liked what he saw. As I stood up Marcus got to his feet and took me by the hips and slowly pulled my ass into his crotch. I could feel his dick getting hard as he slid his hand up my nylon encased legs and rubbed my hard nipples with the other. He kissed my neck as he slowly began to rub my soft femmecock. First over my thong and then under. I could feel my femmecock slowly getting hard. I began leaking precum. Marcus' dick was rock hard and I could feel it pressing against my ass. He pulled down my thong and turned me around. He pulled me close and starting to passionately kiss me. I was trembling with excitement. He asked me if I wanted his dick... With a huge smile on my face I nodded very quickly and said yes daddy! He took off his shirt as I got to my knees and undid he pants. I pulled them along with his underwear down and his big black niggrdick sprang to attention. I didn't waste any time. I grabbed his dick and put it in my slutty mouth. My tongue swirling around the shaft and head of his dick as I bobbed up and down. Licking each of his swollen balls. Taking each in my mouth one at a time. Then daddy took my hand away and began to fuck my mouth. I could feel his huge dick in the back of my throat. I began to gag but I didn't pull away. I was his little cockwhore and all of my holes were his to use. He pulled his dick out of my mouth. A mixture of saliva and precum stringing from my lips to his dick. Mascara was running down my face. I look up at my daddy and he began to lightly slap me in the face with his big black dick. Then he rubbed it against my pouty red lips before sliding it back into my mouth. I sucked his dick like it was my full time job.
Marcus then pulled me to my feet and unzipped my skirt. It fell to the floor and I stood there in just my garter belt, pantyhose and black seamed stockings. He asked me if I was ready to become his little sissy bitch and I told him I was. He picked me up and carried me to my bedroom. Daddy laid me on the bed and told me to get on my hands and knees. I licked my lips and asked for daddy's dick back in my mouth. He told me to turn around and face the other way. I did as I was told. I felt his big strong hands grab my thighs and then slowly move up to my ass...i had laid my old stocking that i has washed on the bed....i watched as he picked it up knowing what he told me he was going to use it for....i could see him putting it over his hard black dick and i stiffened as i felt his dick sliding on my ass encased felt so different inside that stocking, perhaps the material caused more friction or it was just the added size....what ever the cause it felt like an electric shock when he found my hole and entered it....i could feel its increased texture as he slowly with a gentle grace entered me...between my lubracation and his precumm there was no pain only the sensation of sparks flying inside my quivering hole....the muscles controling my ass went into a spasmatic mode and began to move uncontrolably as marcus used his great measure of control to find those places when i would enjoy these ne sensation the was like his stocking encased dick was sending messages to my quivering out of control ass tellling it to relax and calm down because daddy was not going to cause any pain or discomfort...only joy and pleasure would be his mind began to drift away as if d**ged by these new sensations and soon my waist was joining in this symphony of sexual joy....i felt my waist moving and relaxed so it could do what it had to do and enjoy what was taking place...i arched my back and began to fuck my daddy back like the wind moves the leaves of a tree and the smoke from a cigerette...i was rolling on my daddy and making unnatural sounds like those heard in the night....i was becomng an a****l in heat and began to sweat as a result....our sweat miixed and became a river for our bodies to swim two snakes swimming in a river of sex we moved with such timing that we never considered sinking...we just glided on each other and fucked....i was in a place i had never been before...i was fucking my daddy like a white whore having a fantasy....i was this black mans wish and all he wanted was more of my ass....he could not fuck me enough or hard enough or deep enough and each stroke made him try to gain more control over my body while trying to find the place iit ws going to be when he returned his dick back inside time and time again....i could hear as we pounded each other...the sound of two lust filled bodies sslamming into each other creating love sparks of a high heeled slut in nylons being fuck by a big black niggrdick on a mission to break any lasting thoughts of anything but being a submissive pantyhose encased femme...we both could hear music that came from no where and we enjoyed a sexual dance filled with more heated fucking....marcus turned me on my back without removing his dick...he held my silky ankles just above the thin red anklestraps of my five inch spiked high a farmer working a plow he turned my to the right and left while moving them forward and back like a captain steering his body responded like a well designed machine and he fucked me like a piston driven motor as we rode down the path into new undiscovered territory...yes he fucked me....and i fucked him back...he called me every nasty name one man can know and i thanked him like a baby thanks her daddy for just holding me....herocked me into submission and back again as a new person...i only existed for his pleasure and called his name over and over begging him to use me to fuck mt to abuse me in any manner he desired...all i wanted was for him to enjoy fucking me so much that he would be f***ed to return for more...i was hid slut and his whore....he was my daddy and my dom....i wanted everything he needed from me an i told him to take as much as he wanted and leave nothing to be left over....soon i was on my side with one legg on his shoulder as he slid up and down my pantyhose encased thighs...he was fucking something unreal....i was feeling like someone never conceived of in the minds of most men....for hours we moved to new places and positions and still we wanted more...i could feel his black lipps as he kissed and licked my leggs....i screamed like a c***d finding a new toy to play with....i swollowed like a mouth tasting food never prepared like this before....this was more then fucking it was also sucking as he quickly mover above my face and began to fuck my mouth as it over flowed with saliva....every inch ofme belonged to my daddy and i begged him to fuck my ass again with a stocking on his dick....i wanted to drain him dry and then some....i passed out as he was fucking me and awoke with his dick drying inside my ass...i dared not move and break this connection...but i did flex my muscles and milked the last few drops of nector he had to offer...just as quickly as it began it was over that night...i remember feeling him as he touched my body with his hands and as he rubbed his niggrdick on my lipps still inside my used stocking....the door closed and he was gone....was it a dream or just a fantasy made real....i found a note he wrote me...tellingmt that we were going to continue this until e decided differently and i better think of new and different ways to please hem or he moight just stop fucking my and allowing me the pleasure of sucking his dickhe promised to return before my mother returned just to check in on me and make sure i had everything i needed....the next surprise was going to involve me being his whore for some of his special friends....i was told to find a cheer leading outfit for the upcomming nba all star game....he was going to become my commissioner...
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