Caught By My Black Stepdaddy

I was 19 and had just finished my first year of college and I couldn't wait to get home. It's not that I didn't have fun, I did. But I wasn't able to do my favorite thing. You see, I have a little secret... I like to wear...BLACK PANTYHOSE AND RED SPIKED HIGH HEELS WITH ANKLESTRAPS and dress up as a girl. And after nearly a year without doing so, I was just a few hours away from being able to feel like the sexy girl I knew I was born to be. What made things even better was that my stepfather Marcus, a big and sexy black man who I've found very attractive ever since my mother started dating him, had an isolated lake house that he said I could use for the summer. It was perfect. The house sits on a lake all by itself with no one around for miles. I could be as girly as I wanted to be and explore myself sexually for the whole summer without interruption. So I raced home, said hi to my parents, packed my things and made my way to the lake. When I got there I wasted no time. I unpacked all of my femme things and hopped into the shower. I shaved my entire body so I could be nice and smooth. I stepped out the shower and quickly dried off. before covering my body with baby oil. I started by painting my nails a nice slutty red. Once they were dry I put on my black sheer to waist pantyhose. Slowly easing them over my soft sexy feet, up my long smooth legs and up over my tight little white ass and soft red femmecock. Next came my black leather corset with six garter straps and a pair of black seamed full fashioned stockings worn over my pantyhose. then my black lace see through bra and panty set always worn over my pantyhose , never under for easy access and my tight little silky black dress. i next put on my red four inch spiked high heels with anklestraps, I then applied my slutty black mascara and blue eye shadow with my slut red lipp gloss makeup and put on my blonde wig. I was ready! I went into the bedroom and put on some soft slow barry white music and started to slow dance with my eyes closed while slowly touching my body all over. I pulled out my black real skin rubber dick and slowly started kissing it. I stood in front of the mirror so I could watch myself suck a big black vibrating dick and then fuck myself with it. I was in heaven. I was going to be doing this all summer! And I did for two weeks uninterrupted until that one fateful day. I had just gotten dressed and was getting ready to play. I turned the music on and got out my sex toys. The music was so sexy that I didn't hear the car pulling up the driveway or Marcus come in the house. And there he was, standing in the doorway just as I was putting my big black ruber dick in my mouth. I was mortified yet extremely aroused at the same time. I had been caught. Caught by my black Stepdaddy!
what the hell are you doing was all i remember hearing before i broke into tears...over and over i was being questioned and i had no answers....when marcus saw me crying he sensed my pain and walked closer to consoul me...calm down...i had an i dear that something was going on that's why i drove up here but i had no idea that you were this deep into this lifestyle...i am not going to judge you so relax and calm down and don't worry i won't tell your mother, although she is the one who asked me to check up on you...she was worried you were into d** was so releived that i grabbed marcus in tears and thanked him over and over, until i noticed a growing bulge between us in his pants...we looked at each other and stood silently...we both knew what had just step father had become excited while holding me in his arms...his erection was still growing as we parted and i could not resist looking at the growing tent in his pants....before he could say anything i kissed him...he was stunned and surprised but allowed me to probe his mouth with my tongue...i felt his hands move up my silky leggs until he was holding my ass...we broke our embrace and we both exhaled...once again i spoke first and reassured him tat i wantedto do that ever since i had first met him...i resented the fact that he was fucking my mother when i wanted him to be with me, but i never voiced my thoughts for fear of the ice had been we both knew we wanted each other...this was the first time marcus has ever seen me dressed and it was like he was now looking at my twin s****r...i wanted to do or say something but decided to let him decide if he wanted to continue this my surprised he told me i looked very sexy. when i heard him tell me that i was in heaven...marcus had just told me that he found me sexy...i knew that ment that he also wanted me sexualy...i know how black men like white girls and i was a younger version of my mother in hiseyes now and he knew he had total control over me and unlike my mother i was willing to do anything to please him...i had heard him and my mother discussing how he wanted anal sex and she did not...i also knew that he liked her to dress like a slut during sex but that she would undress as soon as they finished fucking and last but not least my mother was not really into oral sex all she loved was being fucked by a big black dick...i wanted to treat this man like the man he deserved to be treated like...he was my black mandingo man...i wanted to be his private white submissive pantyhose femme slut and serve him when ever asked and enjoy everything he wanted done...he stepped back and took a good look at my outfit and smiled...shaking his head he told me i was the most sexy girl he had exer seen being so young and firm was something he had never enjoyed...he told me i was like a sexy sixteen year old girl and when i told him i was still a virgin he laughed...he said he never though he would ever have sex with you sexy white teen virgin....even if i was special...that evening we sat and talked we discussed how we were going to make this new relationship work and keep it secret...after two glasses of wine and some soft music i felt marcus touching my legg...his strong hands moved swiftly up my inner thighs until i felt him grabbing me inside my pantyhose...after catching my breath i exhaled and marcus quickly told me to open my leggs he stroked me i remained soft and quickly grew wet...i was amazed that i was reacting like a girl with a wet quick as he touched me he removed his hand and told me to kneel between his leggs and unzip his mind was rushing but i knew what he wanted and i wanted it more...i opened his pants and removed his hard wet precumm cover black dick...i looked up like a hungry baby and asked for permission to taste it...marcus just smiled and nodded, my head ropped and my tongue flickered like a butterfly on the head of his dick as i tasted his thick salty precumm.i could not resist putting my lipps on the head and sliding down to the base root of his lovely black dick....i had stopped breathing and was living on precumm...i almost blacked out before cumming up for air...that was very nice marcus told me but i will teach you how to really please your daddy...get me an old stocking and place it over my dick i stood quikly and ran to my dresser and returned with one stocking...i placed it over his still leaking dick and began to suck his precumm through my old was an amazing sensation...i had never imagined sucking a dick inside and stocking but sound thew feeling made my mouth tingle...i slowly sucked marcus like the whore of my dreams living out every dick sucking fantasy in real life...i was going insane and i knew it i was giving my will and my control to my daddy and did it with pleasure...all i wanted was for him to want more...i removed my black dress and stood in my nylons and heels...i turned slowly so marcus could inspect every nook and cranny of my now belonged to him and was his to do with as he wished when ever he wanted...i sucked him until my mouth became raw from the stocking and then placed it over my hand and stroked him until he came in my hand...i licked everydrop from my stocking encased hand and smiled as he leaned down to kiss my cumm covered red daddy loved me and i loved him and this was just the beginning of an intense sexual submissive relationship....we had to stop so he couldreturn and re assure my mother everything was ok and i was not a d**g addict...but he told me before he left that i should wash the stocking because he wasgoing to use it as a condom when he returned to take my cherry virgin ass...
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3 months ago
I'm next for you!
8 months ago
8 months ago
8 months ago
Ooo yeah, you lucky girl
Very erotic so sexy!
Cant wait to read the next chapter
9 months ago
Interesting story. I really enjoyed it.
11 months ago
11 months ago
Yes a good story. So many story on this site in the wrong categories, like male and female on shemale categories.
11 months ago
Thanks you! finally a true intersexed story! Great job, waiting to read more!
12 months ago
that fukin' hott! & totally sweet:)