a quick night

There was this girl back in high school my senior year. apparently shes been stalking me for some time and had a wild crush on me! when she decided it was time she acted she requested me on facebook. i accepted and we started talking on there. a week later we video chated and she told me her fantasies. she said how she always wanted to suck a guys dick just to see how it is. she never tried it! and me as a virgin started to get a little horny now. she contiued to tell me how always found her ass being her sweet spot that she wanted to be spanked there! she was obviously very nervous reveling this to me. then i thought the hell with this let me invite her over and see what happens. sure enough she agreed to come to my house a 6 in the morning.
around 7 she arrived and i quickly led her to my room while everyone was asl**p. you see although i we were 18 i of course still lived with my parents and had to be quite! after we got in my room she layed on my bed and looked at me. she "what now"? and then i moved in and said "first things first" and began to kiss her. her soft lips touching mine was amazing. she was sexy. average sized latina with small tits! her tounge then touched mine. i then lifted her shirt and she lifted mine. we were ravishing each others lips! we wouldnt break away! i took her shorts off and removed her white panties! her hairy pussy was soaking wet! i contiued to kiss her as i rubbed her pussy working in several fingers inside! she began to moan in between kisses. then she threw me on my back and ripped my pants off! she grabbed my dick through my boxers and began to suck it!! Ooo did it feel good!! she tried to go all the way but began to choke! i f***ed her to down it! after several minutes of that bliss i slowly got her on her back, spread her legs and rammed the fuck out of her! i saw the pain in her face with each thrust i gave! i lifted one leg up so i can thrust even harder she began to scream into my pellow! i start pulling on her nipples and sucking them driving her crazy! she then got on top of me and rode me hard!!!! i squezzed and slapped her ass and watched as her experianced pure joy!!! this contiued for an hour and thirty minutes. at which i finally cummed in my condom. which she pulled off and sucked the cum off my dick!
she said she doubted i was a virgin due to my performence. i insured her i was and we layed down.... ten minutes later we began round 2. not bad for my first time
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3 years ago
Great story,hope we read more fun times,,thanks,,