My friends Moms Knickers

I ran into my friends Mom the other day, she still great she is about 55 now. That got me thinking about when I was 14 or 15 and I used to stay at my friends house all the time. I always fancied his mom she was so sexy, short blonde hair, curvy figure, big boobs and a big ass. I remember going to the toilet in his house. I was in the bathroom and I was just about to leave and then I noticed a pair of his Moms knickers on the floor, so of course being a young lad I couldnt resist, I picked them up. Sexy pink knickers with a black bow on the front. I still remember smelling them, I could feel my cock getting hard, i began to lick the inside of the knickers all over thinking of her, inhaling the sexy smell. So i began to rub my cock while rubbing her knickers on my face. I had never been that hard before I could feel I was about to cum so I shot my load into her knickers.

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8 months ago
1 year ago
I get knickers and bra's from friends 50y wanking over pics i have of her too.
2 years ago
I wish i had the chance to do that i wanted to fuck some of my friends mothers so bad! i would fantasize about fucking them all the time in so many dirty ways.
2 years ago
Been doing that since I was 12 too.Every home I Go to ,Be it A Friend Or Family Member.If there were dirty panties laying around My nose would be in them.Sniffed a lot in my day and still doing it,even though I`m 52 years old.
2 years ago
Done it myself :)
3 years ago
Yeah I was about 12-13 vhen I used to play with my mothers panties, and I also loved mostly, her pink panties
3 years ago
ive done it myself ;)
3 years ago