A night drinking leads to unexpected

First story so be nice, but this really happened.

I was out with the girlfriend drinking after work one night when she leaned over saying we need to get out of here, I could tell she was d***k which works to my advantage. I got her home and barely got her to the bedroom before I had her bent over the bed with my tongue shoved in her wet pussy, after a few minutes I moved up to her asshole. She always acts like she doesnt like to be rimmed and fingered but I know shes just trying to keep some things taboo. Since she was d***k she started grinding onto my face and I moved back down to her pussy which was now practically dripping with juices, I love that since she tastes so great. I kept sucking on her lips and clit which drove her crazy, she was bucking like wild horse so I started rubbing her clit and moved back up to her ass. As I started licking she grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled it open more so I dove in deeper which made her scream into the pillow with pleasure.
She leaned back on her knees and told me she needed my cock now, so I drove it into her soaking pussy and started sliding it in and out, she was still pulling her ass cheeks apart so I spit on her hole and started rubbing which made her scream "Oh god!" Shes so transparent about her anal love....
I went back to concentrating on fucking her and then just stopped, she just screamed "NO!" and started slamming back against my dick like a woman possessed, she then reached under to start rubbing her pussy since I was massaging her asshole. I gave her a few minutes then started picking up the pace and raised my leg up to change the position of my thrusts which always hits her spot, she immediately raised her head up while grabbing the sheets and looked over her shoulder at me with lustful eyes. I then felt her thrusting back to meet my thrusts when I heard her moan while trembling and melted under me, I could feel her orgasm on my dick. I thought we were done and she would just lick me or jerk me off but I was wrong.
She turned around and took my dick to the base and rubbed my balls, she kept sucking like a mad woman before pushing me off the bed, I know whats coming.... I moved to the edge while she held her head over to the edge and started sucking my dick, then she reached under and moved my balls/ass over her face then stuck her tongue into my ass! She knows this drives me crazy. Then she changes positions and turns to face me while sliding off the bed to suck my dick and clamp her mouth down to my asshole. After a couple minutes she changes it up and slides a finger into my ass which she rarely does, while saying "I think you like that, so cum for me baby" I was not going to cum since I had drank and taken some pain meds but she was determined.
Then she completely shocked me by sliding out from underneath me while holding her finger in me then while facing me she shoved me further into the bed to finger my ass harder which turned me on beyond belief. She looked down and saw all the precum and built up jizz leaking out of my dangling hard-on and started jacking me off and licking my ass. I finally exploded when she moved underneath me and took my dick in her mouth, after she pulled her finger out two more blasts hit her mouth and face which made her laugh. She rubbed her face off and then came up beside me to kiss me, then looked my face and said "we may need to get a strap on for you" I am sure she noticed my dick start to get hard........

Maybe we will have another story soon.....
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3 months ago
4 months ago
good story
5 months ago
HOT story! So now you know she loves anal play!
2 years ago
That's a great story, You should really get a strap on. My first time a girl used on on my was so hot. I'll have to tell you about it in private
2 years ago
2 years ago
Great action all to a definet point cummimg
2 years ago
good story. waiting for part 2 and 3
2 years ago
Great story, my wife loves to stick vibrators in her ass then mine, then we fuck like crazy.
2 years ago
Great story
2 years ago
lucky guy!
2 years ago
Very very Nice!
2 years ago
Wow! Hot story. Thanks
2 years ago
Very hot
2 years ago
Hot. I've had a similar experience ;-)
2 years ago
3 years ago
you can use a strapon on me anytime got to change my panties there soaked
3 years ago
WOW what a turn on.
Please post more of this adventure.
3 years ago
She's a keeper!
3 years ago
Wow the site edits out the past tense of drink?