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I met Anthony in the parking lot of a rest stop. I was almost home and just had to go. It was late. As I came out I passed a short but quite handsome man. In his twenties with dark hair and eyes that were piercing as they looked into me. I knew he wanted something. He went inside and I headed to my car. I waited. Several minutes later he came out. I had my window down and as he passed in front of my car I asked, “How are you?” He stopped and came up to my window. “You looking?” I told him that I was but I was not doing anything there. I offered to get a room. Hell, I was tired anyway. He quickly agreed and went to his car. That’s how I met Anthony. I wanted to fuck him, but he was pretty insistent he do the fucking, so that’s what happened. A few times.

Anthony became a regular fuck buddy. I was in my forties, handsome, in good shape with a nice cock. He gave up his ass but usually I had to wrestle him for it and f***e my way in. He liked to be taken. I came to like taking him. I suppose that made him less gay in his mind! Once in he was always a good fuck with very sweet hole he loved to have eaten. One of those with just enough hair around the hole. His dark hair! Fuck.

As our fuck buddy sessions continued we got pretty comfortable. The condoms were long gone. And I’d spend the night, waking up to his morning wood and love having him fuck me.

We talked of adding some fun and another man. The first time was interesting. He kept talking about another regular fuck with a huge cock. So we called him over. He was not wrong about the huge cock. A very thick ten inches. And rock hard. He was not very good looking, and he was definitely on the slow side. We are all naked and touching. I sucked him. He was clean but had a scent I did not particularly care for. Anthony orders me to roll over onto my stomach and so I did. Next I heard him say “fuck him.” Although I threw caution to the wind with Anthony, I always used condoms. The thought crossed my mind but I decided not to say anything and see what happened. Anthony prepares my ass with lube and I feel the large guy rub his raw cock along my crack and hole. He was not very good looking but I wanted that cock. Next thing I know he pushes the cock in with all his weight behind it. “Fuck,” I yelled. “You’re hurting me.” Well to end this part of the story, he did not stop and hurt me again. I told him to get the fuck off me. He looked all hurt which at that moment I did not give a fuck. I was done.

The next time Anthony mentions this guy he met that was traveling though. He was a newbie who was exploring with men. That sounded fine. We made arrangements to meet him in this temporary type apartment. He opened the door and I was impressed. He was actually shorter than Anthony with a small frame, dark hair, and incredibly handsome. He was soft spoken and clearly uncomfortable. We walked to the back to his bedroom, passing a stroller. I asked no questions! Once in the bedroom Anthony ordered him to get naked and he complied quickly and lay on the bed with his boner pointed to the ceiling. The sight made me want to fuck right at that moment. I finished stripping and took my tall body and straddled him and started kissing him. He did not hold back and kissed me back passionately. I just kept going with my cock on his stomach and letting his cock rest up along my ass.

I wanted to be fucked. Anthony wasted no time. He lubed up my ass and I could tell he was lubing the guys cock. This time I knew there would not be any condom. I never spoke to it after the last time. I did not care. I wanted him and it I could feel Anthony guiding his cock to my hole. Again, I did not even know this guy’s name. He started fucking my hole like a bunny. He was a good six inches long but not very thick. He was fucking me fast as I held my weight off him with my forearms and knees. I could tell Anthony was spreading the guy’s legs and I was spreading mine. He loved watching me be fucked. He was standing behind us encouraging the fuck. With no warning I felt Anthony plow into my ass. It happened so fast. His was just under six inches and thin. It did not hurt at all and I was just so shocked. I had never had that done and did not even know I could do it with two. Later he said, “you’re lucky I am the size I am. I could get in there.” He was right about that. I was feeling some lucky as the both fucked me. “Harder,” I encouraged them. And they did. I can’t explain how incredible it felt. My mind was spinning at the thought of these two good looking hunks pounding their raw cocks into me. I just kept kissing the guy and enjoying it while it lasted. I have to say I worried about cum, but stayed silent. Before I had to worry too much they stopped.

The guy was in the middle as we laid on the bed and caught our breath. The guy tried to go for Anthony’s ass. I thought this should be interesting. He lubed him up and Anthony let him try but kept saying “Ouch, ouch.” That ended with the guy laying at the head of the bed next to me with a disappointed look. I knew the feeling! I offered my ass as a consolation prize and he accepted. He pounded it harder with both of us on our side. He was an eager fuck.

After he fucked on me for a while Anthony told him to get on his stomach. Anthony wanted his ass and he let him have it. Soon I told Anthony to move. I wanted some of that! His hole was so tight. Anthony’s cock had not warmed him up enough for mine and he was clearly not comfortable with me trying to enter him. He bolted from the bed and was clearly finished with the fucking. He stood there while Anthony and I relieved the cum from our cocks. With that we walked out with just saying quick good-byes. Clearly the guy was coming to grips with what he was doing and guilt was setting in! I did not care. I had a good and hot fuck. I have jacked off more times than I can remember with the thought of Anthony setting up the double fuck and me wanting it harder.

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1 year ago
That was great reading, thanks.
1 year ago
wow what a fuck buddy wish I had one too