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For a number of years I have used phone vibrators. Originally gifts from my husband which enabled him to excite me when our work took us away from each other.
We live in the countryside and I can wear one in our large garden or when I walk on the footpaths which cross the lane in which we live and cross our neighbour farms.
The vibrator is a bullet shaped one and is connected to a small phone linked unit which clips to clothing or a stocking top. Use of a mobile phone triggers about 20 seconds of powerful vibration, either text or voice calls.
If I am horny, wet and insert the vibrator my husband can pleasure me for as long as he wants. I can text him to describe what happens afterwards or sometimes talk to him.
I simply text him to say I will be wearing it inside me. It is as simple as inserting a tampon; the only diadvantage is trying to keep it inside when vaginal contractions tend to expel it. The noise is fairly low although another person nearby could probably hear the vibrator.
I've only once been near a man when it was working and he did know I was having an orgasm! It was an encounter which introduced me to sex with strangers a few years ago. He was an elderly gent who was a widower and walked regularly nearby. He had seen us walking and in fact had seen us having sex from a distance during a walk. We became friends when he gave me his name and address and he was a sincere lonely frustrated widower who liketo wank and show me his come.
However I digress from the vibrator fun we share. I have used my toy when away from home in a hotel but that is always in private in a room or indeed in bed if my husband is in a different time zone and wants to wake me with an orgasm.
Since I like outdoor sex it is more common for me to go out wearing my vibrator and a large smile!
I am in my 50's and had my menopause a couple of years ago. I have always been wet when aroused and for many decades of sexual activity I have ejaculated during orgasm; this is vaginal fluid and most definitely not urination. I can ejaculate a little or a good deal; depending on time between last orgasm or my fluid intake. I suppose that in some respects my vaginal glands are as variable as the male production of ejaculate. I certainly can wet my legs down to my knees and produce a lot if I have a series of orgasms. I have never peed during orgasm and I participated in research which showed that my ejaculate is vaginal fluid and in no way urine.
My phone vibrator is capable of producing orgasms from first to last operation. I like to place it against the wall of my vagina which touches my clitoris. I have a large prominent clitoral hood which if I expose after insertion almost inevitably causes orgams on first use of the vibrator.
There is a delicious anticipation of any phone input to the toy and being out doors sitting, standing or even walking intensifies this for me. I am almost nervous with anticipation and of course longing for my man increases this even more.
He likes to tantalise and tease me with texts; may be short and repeated or may casually text me minutes apart. I like to concentrate on my body wear no underwear, bend over and recall him entering me from behind or go for a walk a short way from home. It is possible to wear and isolate the vibrator from my mobile but I like the added excitement of potential random encounter with another walker on a foot path and my hidden secret sex.
I have now used 3 different models each more sophisticated electronically and in terms of power surges. I have always come to first/second use of my phone and depending on mood and level of frustration have had single or multiple orgams each use.
This is a delightful addition to the female drawer of pleasure!
I welcome comments but please do not send me friend invites without a PM which says more than "HI", it is very tedious receiving dozens of these. I am not looking for friends here. I am willing to share experiences with other women interested in anything I have mentioned.
Please if you are male I don't have photos, MSN Skype or a webcam and have no intention of them; again it is tedious having to repeat this to hundreds of you!
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1 year ago
Very interesting passage. I've never heard of phone vibrators before, but they sound like fun.
2 years ago
I hate to THINK what my phone bills would be!
And you! My dear? Would be a quivering wreck! ha ha!
2 years ago
this is fascinating and have never heard of it...tells you how much I know....very hot to imagine....
2 years ago
i,d spend afortune in phone calls,lol
2 years ago
great story,i like the part when the old man comes in,i realy would love to masturbate and cum for you,its a fantasy of mine that a woman watch me jack-off in front of her
2 years ago
Wow Amazing! O.O I love how you and your Husband love eachother no matter how far away you are, sounds pretty romantic xxxx

What a lovely story :)
2 years ago